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  1. Everyone here knows Trump. If there was nothing for him to fear in that report, he wouldn't have opened his big mouth about it 7-50 times a day. He's a clown, but we're stuck with him. Could it be time to admit that we all need to find a way to get together and at least not want to kill each other? Just sayin'. Trump does mightily sucketh, and there isn't one person here who believes any differently.
  2. Why are you here? Someone must have said something to cause your pecan-sized brain to react. That must be a huge thrill for yuo! Carry on.
  3. Personally, I no longer see our government as a right or left issue. I see it as a have and have not issue.
  4. As long as you're happy, I can't argue with you. I just hope we don't have to pay so much in the long run that the small gains some made were at their own expense. You know, the 1% or the ELITES, don't have your best interest in mind, so every bone they throw us, I guess, should be appreciated.
  5. I saw where Trump wasn't exonerated. That leads to the question of how to go about impeachment. To me, this seems to be a time in our country where people are thinking in an extreme way. You know... religious people. Yes, they have to be dealt with. So I was under the impression that Congress would now decide what happens to President Lunatic and do the least amount of damage to the country, if that's even possible. BTW: I want to personally thank everyone who had a hand in electing this POS we're now having to deal with. I hope you're so effin' happy that you dream about him and whatever that is on his head every single night for the rest of your life.
  6. I agree. But, at the same time, I don't feel it would be the best thing to do politically. For one thing, what are the grounds for impeachment? Are there grounds in Meuller's report? I haven't read the damned thing, so I'm not sure. I figured that if we gave Trump enough rope, he'd hang himself, and we'd hope and pray he wouldn't destroy the rest of us with him and figured the rest of the world knew he was a lunatic and cooperate accordingly.
  7. We're cursed with him until 2020. I know it's difficult to believe, but there it is. There's nothing honorable about him, and I don't see that changing any because he's just not an honorable kind of guy. Being president to him is just another way for him to throw his considerable weight around, say incredibly stupid things that are lies anyway, and go play golf, which he swore he'd never have time to do. As president, at BEST. Trump is a meh.
  8. That's interesting since when he first took office, the fact that he "wasn't a politician" was the defense for his deranged comments. I take it that now he's a politician and we can go after him as we would any other sucky politician?
  9. There's no Mueller report needed. If there are folks out there who believe Trump is an honest man, then all hope is gone. Everyone knows what Trump is, and know what he's about has nothing to do with honorable, honest, integrity, or having a decent hair-do. So argue for your buffoon all you want. It still doesn't change anything. Apparently, he'll have to be caught getting a blow-job in the Oval Office to inspire the republicans to go against him in any way (no one knows why republicans despise blow jobs, but that's a subject for another post). That being said, one cannot help but feel bad for how foolish and ridiculous republicans must feel for having to defend their POS president.
  10. Mindy09

    who burned down notre darn?

    I see that Beck isn't satisfied with the damage he did with his BS and chalkboards years ago. There were a lot of people who believed his BS, and we had a plethora of teabaggers. What 's it gonna take to get rid of this subhuman?
  11. Yes, well, we wouldn't want to put anyone in danger now would we? Is this a true quote from Trump?
  12. Mindy09

    The report is out - here it is

    True Harry! Putin was on TV when he uttered the words that if Hillary wins, there would be war. I don't believe Putin minds war all that much, but I do believe he'd rather slither into taking over the world, and he did want Trump to win. There's a reason for that, too. Would that be money I wonder?
  13. The guy is a walking joke, Elton. I said the "harm he can do." He's incapable of being truthful and lies about even every-day stuff. I know you support him, but c'mon. You're not blind and deaf. At least be realistic about the guy.
  14. Oh I'm sorry Duck. I didn't mean to offend you. I didn't realize that you were related to the little fella.
  15. Dylann Roof cuts quite a dashing figure don't you think? As he sits there, deep in thought, one should wonder what the hell is going on behind those piercing eyes.
  16. It's a trick by Trump to make people believe he isn't a racist. Anyone can see that. 😁
  17. Trump is a joke president. The fact that he can do so much harm isn't a joke. But, yeah, he's a joke.
  18. Mindy09

    So Who Are We Going To Support In 2020?

    At least we can all agree that Hillary running would probably send me into a very deep depression.
  19. Chiesler, Regardless of all of your carrying on, one fact remains. Trump hand-picked Barr for one reason, and we all know what that reason is. For you to argue against it is ludicrous.
  20. TDS, All of big pharma are peeing their pants daily because they're having seizures over now wanting to control Kratom. heh-heh-heh. May big pharma rot in the most disgusting corner of Hell. Yes, Donnie is an anti-Christ. They picked Pence to try to give Trump some Christian respectability, but it ain't workin'. Christianity just rolls right off of Trump's big ol' back. It won't stick. And to think, all of those good Christians just knew that Obama was the anti-Christ, when most of 'em wouldn't know Jesus if he walked up and showed 'em a miracle. Their policies are so far removed from Jesus that it's almost funny if it weren't so freakin' sad.
  21. I just let you know Chiseler. I can't help it if all you could come up with was a meme. theLion Member 6,112 posts Gender:Male Location:Illinois Posted 2 minutes ago The Lion is right! It was THEIR OWN MONEY, dolt, and it was delivered to Iran UNDER A COURT ORDER. Right, but Fox News and their faithful followers just fell out with outrage coming from every orifice of their bodies. I wasn't certain if Jeanine and Rush would ever be able to breathe in a normal manner again. A friend of mine almost had an emotional breakdown over it. Fox News will never let their poor audience down with their doom and gloom.
  22. Mindy09

    So Who Are We Going To Support In 2020?

    I know. I'm holding my breath that her ego won't get the best of her.
  23. Is that all you got? You're very welcome. You gave your opinion, and I gave mine. Tit-for-Tat so to speak. 😁
  24. Why do you cocksuckers betray the troops by sending them to a useless war, i.e., Iraq, because junior had a score to settle? NO WEAPONS OF MASS DESTRUCTION FOUND, but many lives were lost. We support the troops much more than you do, Chiseler. We fight not to get them sent in the fist place to generate that money, because wars are a great to generate money. That money to Iran was their own money. We're trying to have a peaceful co-existence with them because they'e Israel's greatest enemy. And where did Trump's little move (because he wanted to spite Obama) get us? They're now calling our military terrorists, and we're doing the same to them. Of course, they did start it. Trump makes everything just a little bit worse every day in his effort to wipe out all traces of what Obama did. Trump is a child and a petulant, spiteful child at that. Plus he's stubborn in his crazy thoughts when he doesn't have a clue of the consequences of his actions. He sees himself as better than anyone else on the planet, and no one should dare have a differing opinion from his.