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  1. Aren't you just a ray of sunshine in a world where people don't give a damn about anyone else.
  2. There isn't a person in this country who doesn't know exactly who Trump is. Those that support him don't care what he does. Just ask one if you don't believe me.
  3. Doesn't Mitch realize that there are right-wingers who still believe McCarthy was right?
  4. I like Chris Rock's idea better, and that is that anyone can have a gun, but bullets are $5000.00 each. Now there's a plan that would work.
  5. If Hillary killed as many people as is rumored, Trump wouldn't be breathing. I believe maybe someone paid someone else to look the other way and Epstein was strongly encouraged to kill himself. There are so many very, very wealthy people involved in this disgusting little saga, it could have been anyone, well, anyone of those involved.
  6. His name is Juno, and he has an Instagram and FB page.
  7. I bothered to do a little research, and this isn't the cat with a sweater on. This is a Himalayan mix who just looks angry always and has some awesome hair!!!!
  8. It's a fat, very furry Persian cat whose owner put a sweater on him, I suppose to make him mad, and she succeeded. 😹
  9. They see it. They just hate Muslims, Hillary and Hispanics more than being concerned about his self-proclaimed perfectionism, popularity, and obviously believing his own lies.
  10. COMPLETE ARCHIVE Sign In Subscribe Search HIVE Business Technology Politics The Players HWD Movies Television Awards Reviews VANITIES Celebrity Fashion Beauty Royals COMPLETE ARCHIVE Close Related Items Drawer Politics Trump Prepares for El Paso Visit By Bashing Its Former Congressman BY ERIC LUTZ Leave My Dad Alone! Ivanka Trump: Let’s Focus On the Shootings My Dad Isn’t Responsible For BY BESS LEVIN Hair Bud Donald Trump Versus the Wind BY KENZIE BRYANT Hive “Gaffe Machine” Biden Comes Under Fire For “White Kids” Remark BY ALISON DURKEE Expand Sign In 3 ARTICLES LEFT Get unlimited access + a free tote.Subscribe 3ARTICLES LEFT Get unlimited access + a free tote.Subscribe Now Sign In Already a subscriber?Sign InCreate An Account Levin Report TRUMP HURT, CONFUSED OVER INSUFFICIENT PRAISE FOR EL PASO TRIP The president apparently thought he should’ve been nominated for sainthood for his response to the mass shooting, and reportedly threw a fit on Air Force One over not getting more “credit.” BY BESS LEVIN AUGUST 8, 2019 Donald Trump speaks in the Rose Garden on May 6. (Photo by Cheriss May) (Photo by Cheriss May/NurPhoto)CHERISS MAY/NURPHOTO VIA GETTY IMAGES Here's the rest of the story: Despite no one wanting him to come, Donald Trump traveled on Wednesday to El Paso, Texas, where a gunman killed 22 people over the weekend after posting an anti-immigrant manifesto that could’ve been cribbed from one of the president’s rallies. The purpose of the trip was to gin up some good press for Trump after he was largely blamed for inspiring the massacre, but, of course, the poster child for narcissistic personality disorder couldn’t keep it together and act like a human for more than a few minutes. Instead, he used a trip to the hospital where victims were being treated to lash out at Beto O’Rourke,calling the 2020 hopeful “crazy” and lying about one of his favorite subjects: crowd sizes. We know this thanks to a short video of the episode, uploaded by someone at the University Medical Center at El Paso. But apparently, if the president had had his way, there would have been way more footage of him mugging for the cameras and trashing political rivals as people lay dying. The Washington Post reports that Trump threw a giant hissy fit on Air Force One because news cameras had not accompanied him in the hospital, causing coverage of the visit to be dominated by his foes. According to reporters John Wagner and Josh Dawsey, the president had wanted “pictures and video released immediately” and “asked aides to go defend him,” complaining that he had not gotten sufficient credit for his response to the shooting. (That may have had something to do with the fact that his response was to take zero responsibility for riling people up about an immigrant “invasion,” and to insist his mouth-foaming hate speech “brings people together.”) Yet what Baby Huey hadn’t realized was that the lack of cameras was by design, a plan hatched by nervous aides understandably worried that he wouldn’t be able to go two seconds without, well, acting like himself. My favorite was Mel holding the baby who was orphaned by the shooter and Donny the Dope standing there with that sh*t-eating grin and giving a thumbs up. How does one even describe an AH like that? He's a new kind of AH never before discovered in America. At least there's that.
  11. He gives strange new meaning to "the power of positive thinking," psychotic meaning. LoL.
  12. Old friend, You know good and well that Russia is NOT OUR FRIEND! Why do you persistently defend this monstrosity of a president who cares only for himself, his money, and sometimes, his family? Of COURSE there was collusion. I heard Putin myself saying that if Hillary was elected, there would be war. Now tell me, WTH was that if not a threat? Russia interfered with our election process to get Trump elected for some reason. Common sense says it has to do with money. Common sense also should persevere when Trump and Putin meet and thumb their noses at the rest of the world about what the meeting was about. How old are you? Are you old enough to remember just how good of a friend Russia is to the United States? Hollywood has nothing to do with that. I wouldn't give you 2 cents for Hollywood and everyone in Hollywood. Just because someone is on the left doesn't mean they're a Communist and hate America just as one would hope that everyone on the right isn't a foaming at the mouth racist AH. Both sides have their extremists, and that's what we must fight against, extremism. Hopefully, we'll survive Trump because that psycho will probably get reelected. I know I'm hoping he won't do so much damage to our country that we can't heal from it. And you people thought Obama was a menace? I got news for ya', your boy makes Obama look really, really good.
  13. Well "there was were" according to Trump, I should have said but kinda thought you'd figure that one out.
  14. Heh-heh. I thought trash can man Steve Bannon had decided to build the wall. Didn't his group wait until the U.S. property owners weren't looking and built a half mile or so, just enough to piss the property owners off. These are strange times in the good old US of A, very strange. BTW: Trump went to "comfort" survivors of the shooting in El Paso and instead made it into a campaign visit, bragging about how many people were there and posing with a baby with a thumbs up. Just Dammmaannnnnnnn. What a guy!
  15. But I bet you can put up with those pukes on Fox and Friends can't you?
  16. No collusion. God, if I hear that one more time, I'm going to die. Of COURSE there was collusion. There's always a "crisis" at the border. What I wonder about is what him and Putin are up to.
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