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  1. Always! Donny likes to think he can shut down what he doesn't like on TV or shut down the press when they're "mean" to him. He seemingly never learns that this is America, and we will say what we damn well please!
  2. My God, Tucker Carlson and Jeanine are bat-shyt crazy. So funny.
  3. Yep! That would be Donny! Good one. Except he'd still probably grow that long ponytail and spread it all over his head. He thinks that makes him look like a classy guy.
  4. Hillary has a lot in common with Donny. He's an adulterous, lying dirt-bag. Ain't life funny sometimes.
  5. Heh-heh. Thank you. Now that's darn funny! Really? Trump's never had a pet? What a weird human being he is.
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    From an Old Friend of Mine

    Let's leave cats out of this. 😻
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    Love bad lip reading.
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    I'm struggling with arthritis, too... hands, knees (which is new), hips, back. Thanks for the heads up, and I will definitely try it. Right now I have ibuprofen and lidocaine patches and cream which seems to help some, but I still wake up with my left knee screaming. Sucks to get older.
  9. Thank you. I believe I'm finally starting to understand the male.
  10. I know she called your president an idiot.
  11. Hannity's probably on the phone reaming out Ann Coulter for saying the only national emergency we have is that our president is an idiot. First time she's told the truth in 10 years.
  12. I can answer that the American people will pretty much believe anything their guy tells them. That''s a given, and you know that, as we prove it every day. As far as the other, I'd have to do some reading, and I don't want to do that right now. Maybe later.
  13. YES! Trump lied. Why do you keep repeating that lie? You want it to be true, but it isn't.
  14. Oh, I can follow. I do it every day, though I feel that sense of dread about what this clown is going to say or do next.
  15. History ain't over yet, Elton. If you honestly believe Trump has told the truth about anything, then I suggest counseling. All presidents lie. It's part of the job, but Trump takes it far and away over into LALA Land, and you guys lap it up for some reason. You like his fake "tough persona" when in reality, he'd run like a scalded dog if anyone really wanted to take him on. He's all mouth and no substance and is a disgusting, lying AH. Not to mention he's a child who's emotional development stopped at about age 10, and I'm being generous. I understand why guys on the right identify with him and support him. Hey, it's your choice, but at least be realistic about him. EVERYONE he's had in his admin who understands anything about running the country is G O N E. There's a reason for that, and that's something you have no argument for. It is what it is. He's a clown.
  16. I know you just didn't write that. Trump "exaggerates?" You're very kind; deluded, but kind.
  17. Keep running with it. I know how difficult it is when you support Trump to try to make some sense out of what he does and says every single day. I feel bad for Trump supporters, as they have an impossible job.. Yet, they keep trying. At least you guys aren't quitters.
  18. Any excuse you can think of, huh? Obama didn't have to tell a ridiculous lie about the crowd like the "Maroon in Chief" did. That was just pitiful, pathetic, and downright mentally deranged.
  19. BTW: My paternal grandmother is on the Cherokee Tribal Rolls, so if you want to call me Pocahantas, I'd be honored.
  20. What happened to the visiting Hawaii question? We're now going to Warren and her Cherokee heritage? lol If Warren said an alien space ship landed in her yard, it still wouldn't hold a candle to your president's goofy BS he spews all day every day.
  21. Awwwwwkward! I liked the comment one person made who said at least they didn't hiss. lol.