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  1. Kellyanne has a mental illness that's not yet been identified or seen before. That's the only explanation possible for her. Trump called Trudeau "two-faced" for laughing at him.
  2. No, it isn't proper for psychiatrists to diagnose without clinical examination. That's true. However, Trump does, indeed, display every single one of those traits. He does it every day. Are you saying that isn't true?
  3. Every one of these describe Trump perfectly. Which one does his supporters disagree with?
  4. Yes, he's guilty. You know it. The republicans know it. Everyone knows it. Republicans, what's it like constantly having to try to defend this thing you call "president." I'm just curious because I'd be really tired of trying to make him look like anything except the self-centered, lying, boasting, obnoxious, socially pathetic, laughing stock, mentally ill, delusional, mental instability—including grandiosity, impulsivity, hypersensitivity to ... rage, arrogance, ..severe snowflakeitis, unfortunate choice for "president?." Did I forget just plain crazy?
  5. Just a few things. He said we didn't need judges. He said the press was the enemy of the people. His admiration for dictators is troubling, at least to people who don't worship his dumb ass. He can't tell the truth. Ukraine Self explanatory, as you know the story. Treatment of John McCain His response to the murder of Jamal Khashoggi Everyone he knows is either in prison or headed that way. He's a joke.
  6. Surely you jest. You're part of his base, I'm assuming. He could defecate on the table at a state dinner, and you wouldn't mind. 😁 Jesus, I can't believe you even asked such a thing.
  7. Americans know what Trump is. His base will never turn on him no matter what he does. He's not fit to be president, but I don't believe he'll be impeached because of the deep partisan divide. It's now a partisan game. We talked impeaching him before he was even sworn in because we knew what a corrupt crook he was, and so did everyone else. He was elected because of hatred for Obama and Hillary. We'll have to suffer the idiot for a long time IMO.
  8. That's interesting since you don't believe King Trump has done anything wrong.
  9. Have you been watching the testimony Duckie? It's amusing to me that you and those like you would defend Trump no matter what he did. He's a lying POS. You know it; I know it; and all of the American people know it, except of course his rabid dog supporters. It's quite interesting to watch such a debacle.
  10. Yes, we did rue and still do, but it's over Trump being in the White House where he screws everything up. I do rue the day he was elected. But I don't rue the testimony by good people pointing out what a lying POS Trump is.
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