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  1. In that case, we should be more concerned that Putin put his two cents in our election and interfered. That changes everything, too, doesn't it?
  2. What's wrong republicans, don't you like it that someone is out there actually talking instead of harrumphing?
  3. Mindy09

    Who's your favourite black president?

    Putin is Trump's big pimp daddy.
  4. I can't wait to hear Cohen tell us just how crooked Trump is. His supporters won't care, of course, but it'll be great all the same. Remember, though, Trump is now a "saved" Christian according to the evangelicals, so he's forgiven.
  5. Not without his bestie, and we know who that is. Don't play coy.
  6. Trying to find Mitch, going to all of the places he might be hiding. ha
  7. Yes, we were smiling about this very early this morning at the thought of her trying to find Mitch.
  8. From a strictly clinical standpoint, (since that's the only way I can look at it and not get queasy), Stormy described said penis as looking like a mushroom. One thing about Melania, she earns her money in the worst possible way.
  9. BTW: The only thing Donald knows how to do is make himself look like his usual little petty self. He's quite an embarrassment isn't he?
  10. Singing as Melania was headed to Mar-a-lago at the same time. Maybe you can modify your song to get that in there.
  11. Putin wanted Trump to win, and he made no secret of it. I watched Putin state that if Hillary won, there would be war.