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  1. It's obvious you and those like you who support this embarrassment of a president will excuse anything and everything that he does. i no longer care why because I don't believe you have an answer for that except you hate democrats. When he's your president for life, perhaps you'll see because that's the direction he's headed. He wants to be like his idol, Putin. He'd do anything to be prez for life. If that doesn't concern you, I don't know what else to say except you may just get your wish. If that happens, I hope you roast in Hell.
  2. You first. My questions weren't about indictment. They were about the man you believe is a good president.
  3. I hope the POS dies soon so we don't have to deal with his dumb ass anymore. He's all about himself, not about this country.
  4. Do you really believe Trump is an honest man with any intelligence at all? He doesn't believe in science. Everyone he knows is in prison. Almost everyone who's ever worked with him says he's a fucking moron (traitors and chicken shit cowards that they are because they didn't speak up before). I find it difficult to believe that anyone with any tiny streak of intelligence believes he's fit for office. Why don't you tell us why you love him so much? Asking for a friend.
  5. Now go away, you're an annoyance to normal people.
  6. You're so full of shit, it must be running out of your ears. I feel sorry for you.
  7. Stop bothering me, Mirabeau. Go suckle at the teat of Trump. You'll feel all better.
  8. They must love their lying, immoral, wanna be dictator, POS president. There's no other explanation.
  9. Seems to me you and your ilk are the ones who hate America. Please don't make me list all of the reasons. You'd just deny it all anyway.
  10. Too many of you have NOTHING except "whataboutisms?" Your president is a moronic, immoral, lying, old man who cares for no one except himself and his family, and he'd eat them at a cookout if they spoke against him. That's not my fault. Vote for this wanna be dictator again (as I know you will), but try to explain to me why anyone would vote for him after this last four years?
  11. That's almost funny, especially coming from you. I'm so sorry you can't get past Hannity and the gang.
  12. Trumpsters believe he can/will do no wrong. It's quite amazing to watch them and their "whataboutisms," because that's pretty much all they have.
  13. You may not be a fan of "complaining," but it's still our right under the Constitution to do so. I'm more concerned about those who blame peaceful protesters for looters and rioters and demonize the entire movement. Nothing seems to help stop the few bad policemen who brutalize and kill blacks for any reason at all, and that's a shame. At least protesting brings attention to the situation. Of course, as seen here on this forum, there are those who will never go against ANYTHING a law officer does, no matter how wrong it is. They won't change. Equally heinous are t
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