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  1. Maybe we could give a section of the western US to the neo cons. They can elect Donny as their king. They can have all the parties and rallies in packed numbers all they want. Wonder how long it takes for their death toll to skyrocket?
  2. I bet if you neo cons knew if you had a 1% chance of becoming a Liberal if you did not wear a mask Yall would be the first to wear them.
  3. What if you or your loved ones are in that 1%? Are you willing to die or get sick, or allow your loved ones to get it?
  4. Yep. If the landlords evict, chances are they will never collect back rent, and they will more than likely have an empty residence for a long period of time.
  5. How about a reimbursement from the US stimulus to landlords? That would seem fair.
  6. Why does the GOP never complain about the tax cuts to the ultra wealthy 1% and the corporations that pay zero tax.
  7. He and Romney could do this just to deny Trump his touchdown in his final days. Trump is already pissed at Sasse for his attacks on the Qanon wackos.
  8. Wonder why so many GOP senators are running away from Trump. There are many up for re-election this year, and many more in a few years. Reckon many have to have a "Come to Jesus meeting" Guess Ben Sasse is really on Trump's shit list now. Would not be surprised if Romney and him join Collins and Murkowski to reject Barrett.
  9. Savannah Guthrie really made Trump look like the wacko he really is. First he says he does not know about Qanon. Then he says he thinks he heard they despise pedophiles. Guess ole Republican Ben Sasse from Nebraska might want to school Trump about Qanon and their dumbass conspiracy theories.
  10. Wonder why the Trumpets are not pouring $$$ into his campaign?. Reckon they figure Putin's trolls can persuade the gullible folks their way.
  11. Yep. All the neocons want is Trump as their lord and master. They are willing to die for their king. They lack empathy for anyone else and no respect for law and order. All roads from Trump and his cronies lead to Putin.
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