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  1. It is really sad that many racists were not born that way. Racism is taught at a very young age. When a child questions the reasoning behind bigotry, many are punished by the parents or other authoritarian figures. The infection continues on throughout generations.
  2. I bet ole Rush Limbaugh would rather croak than enter a rehab center that was powered by solar and wind energy.
  3. I have noticed that neo cons despise wind and solar energy. Even if it means they get a small electric bill.
  4. I remember the days when hate and discrimination was not taught in Sunday School.
  5. I wonder if the neo cons are opposed to teaching history about authoritarian regimes, white supremacy, the discrimination of minorities, the petrochemical and big oil kickbacks to politicians that are not interested in clean air or water.
  6. Hate and intolerance regardless of race, color, religion is wrong.
  7. Republicans have done nothing for the will of the people. Obstruction of progress and democracy is not on their agenda.
  8. So happy that not all folks from Texas are as ignorant and racist as Big Tex. However, we will always be infected with pro hate folks like him in all 50 states.
  9. Seems like these psycho right wingers are coming out if the woodwork. No shortage of hate and racism in the "family values" Republican Party of today. Guess ole Franklin Graham and Pat Robertson are mighty proud of Uncle Donny.
  10. Guess the NRA would love to see flame throwers and grenade launchers sold in stores too. In Alabama, a person can get arrested and fined up to $10,000 fine for selling sex toys. However, assault rifles are just fine. Guess sex toys are mighty dangerous.
  11. I think we should set aside all the neo cons in the US a section of land in the western part of the US. They could have their own country that hates anyone that does not meet their standards. They could suspend free speech, unless it is Fox News, then every person could own their own AK-47 rifles with high capacity magazines. They could all be happy then. Wonder how many of them could survive?
  12. Guess the "well regulated militia" does not apply to the neo con belief in the second amendment.
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