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  1. Trumpy plays games with folks heads all the time. Besides being narcissistic, he shows real signs of schizophrenia.
  2. He may be kinda nice to his son-in-law, and Netanyahoo, but he sure is mighty sweet to Stephen Miller, his Neo Nazi sidekick.
  3. Who said anything about unskilled labor? Many can be properly trained. Wonder if the same politicians would rather house prison inmates for $40,000 a year, and let the government take care of them, or put immigrants to work. Most US citizens prefer easy work, rather than more physical labor. Unfortunately, politicians would rather get kickbacks from contractors for construction of new prisons.
  4. The law of supply and demand us what makes everything tick. The US is in need of new roads, bridges, and interstate highways. If you offer green cards for lawful abiding immigrants, with expedited security measures, the illegal immigration issue would be improved. I guess it is easier to blame immigrants than it is to blame politicians for bad policies.
  5. Wonder if Trumpy could post some anti-Semitic stuff on here and his Republican buddies would just make excuses for him.
  6. Guess the penalties on hiring illegals depends on how much money they send to the Republican campaigns.
  7. Share on Facebook Post on Twitter Mail By Miriam Jordan May 31, 2019 LOS ANGELES — The Trump administration’s crackdown on unauthorized immigration has resulted in the prosecution of tens of thousands of people entering the country illegally. But new data suggests that the government has not prioritized the prosecution of employers, whose jobs represent the biggest lure for those crossing the southern border to reach the United States. In the 12 months that ended in March, more than 112,000 people were prosecuted for illegal entry or re-entry, while just 11 employers faced criminal charges for hiring undocumented workers, according to analysis of government data obtained under the Freedom of Information Act by the Transactional Records Access Clearinghouse, or TRAC, at Syracuse University. “Not only are few employers prosecuted, fewer who are convicted receive sentences that amount to more than token punishment,” TRAC said in a statement. Of the 11 people convicted during the 12-month period, only three served prison time despite Immigration and Customs Enforcement’s stated mission: “ICE’s worksite enforcement strategy focuses on the criminal prosecution of employers who knowingly hire illegal workers.
  8. Got these Russian trolls all wound up now.
  9. Bet these neo cons would squeal like a pig caught in a gate if their roofing jobs cost them $40,000 instead of $15,000.
  10. Illegals take cash paying jobs. Usually much lower than minimum wage. If Trump and his cronies are worried about the illegals, why don't they fine their employers stiff fines. I have not heard one Republican complaining about stiff fines for hiring illegals.
  11. Plenty of low paying jobs. You call that progress?
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