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  1. Wonder why Barr is not wanting to releasing the full report. Hiding This report from congress is troubling.
  2. Much of our society had become so pathetic. Many still embrace Trump after all the hateful things he has said lately.
  3. Trump may have got away with the Mueller report. However, he still has to face state charges from New York and Virginia. He will not be around much longer.
  4. pwkbirdie56

    Prediction for Mueller Report.

    Does not matter. The State of New York will not let Trump slither away. Trump will now think he can get away with anything he wants. As 2020 approaches, the Republicans up for re-election will be re-thinking their alligiance to him.
  5. Then how would the GOP politicians get there kickbacks from construction companies to build more prisons?
  6. When I get tired of debating/arguing, I listen to some good ole Grateful Dead music. It sends me back in time.
  7. The sad part us our scumbag president is endorsed by whackos like Pat Robertson, Franklin Graham, and about 80% of the Evangelical Christians. Read the Bible, it warns us about false prophets.
  8. pwkbirdie56

    Trump touches third rail

    Hey. The ole Trumpster might as well piss more people off. The more he pisses off, the more Republicans will abandon him. He is about as worthless as tits on a boar hog.
  9. Maybe Transgender could have their own league, then everyone would be happy. Except for maybe Pat Robertson or Rush Limbaugh.
  10. Three quarters of logic to the power of three equals one half of insanity in a Limbaugh equation.
  11. Does that include Rush Limbaugh?
  12. If the workers produce goods and services to allow the wealthy to prosper, why is it wrong for the wealthy to give back to the worker for a decent living wage?
  13. pwkbirdie56

    Why do people keep posting pictures?

    Neo cons do not take facts and science in their decision making. Critical thinking is not in their thought process. Cause and effect is a scientific process. Scare tactics worked quite well for Adolph Hitler. You can control the masses if you can instill fear into their minds.
  14. To all folks reading these forums. Make sure you study both sides of this issue. The neo cons only feel comforted by the laws that are in place to enable the ultra wealthy. Yes, there exists a thing called corporate welfare which enables the wealthy corporations to avoid taxes.
  15. I am enjoying the benefits of my Social Security I earned over the years of hard work. I am not ashamed. I can also work on top of that for more income. There are limits to what I can make before penalties, however it is worth it.