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  1. This is not what I'm dealing with here. Someone dying in a hospital will not be around to pass his hereditary diseases onto the next generation.
  2. Those who are sick in hospitals may recover. But a fetus if brought to term without a digestive system can only bring misery to itself and to others. This misery should not be shared upon others for the sake of ideology.
  3. Its murder to kill a healthy life in the womb. But those too sick to live must pass on to protect the healthy .
  4. I( think you're reciting from handouts given out at the Yad Vashem memorial.. museum.. What do you mean by efficient.. How can you kill millions in a decade when the war only lasted a little over 5 years? How can you kill millions when the largest camps were not even built until 40 43.. .. No gas chambers . in fact in some cases inmates ate better than Germans. Many who died were euthanized by Jewish doctors and nurses. Did you ever think of that?
  5. Actually if you follow the events that took place before and during the war they were not that different than what the US did to the indigenous or what the Brits did to the Africans and everyone else. Germany has always been an easy target for the less informed.
  6. That's kind of over doing it don't you think. The truth is that very few Germans ever read MK. .. Don't mistake AH's success politically with any book. What did it for Hitler was his unique ability to speak. He was a true communicator . He had the don of political speech. That's what you should be investigating. .. The book was in reality based a good deal on Darwin's origin of the specie.
  7. She's very intelligent but just as important she has incredible political charisma. She's a winner!
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