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  1. Race is the best predictor of what a people group will do and the best analysis of what an individual member of that group is.. ALL ABOUT.
  2. Let's be honest ,when you look at an African American[ can we call him Black} ? is that o.K.? What do you actually see? The easy answer is that you just see a dark skin person.. But there's a lot more than that. You are seeing a veritable biology display showing clearly the various stages of human evolutionary biology. Ever stop to look at a Black person's teeth. Blacks generally have straight teeth because their jaws are actually larger and can accommodate large teeth. This is compensated by the size of the skull which is usually smaller on a negro. For Whites its the opposite. Most Whites have crooked teeth and wisdom teeth which cause pain and must be extracted. The reason is that Whites have smaller mandibles [ jaws] for all you stupid idiots in Rio Linda.. But they have larger skulls to accommodate larger brains.. And you thought you knew Blacks.
  3. If you want to know America's future or how long will it survive you have to look at its racial make up. and then decide.
  4. You know little how evolution works. The apes evolved and do not resemble their former selves. Blacks may not have evolved as quickly. Look, I know more than you do about science.
  5. Look, try not to look at politics as the be all and the end all of anything. You can't find liberals or conservatives in the natural world. Nature has no room for equal rights. Can you find equality in the natural world? Man is part of the natural world. What works in nature must also work for man. Is there democracy in nature. Does nature require a vote before she destroys whatever impedes her progress? thin k about .
  6. Mexicans ,asiatics , and bully boys. All could've been easily done away with had it not been for corrupt politicos. .. But Blacks are always going to be ,,well,Blacks!
  7. We tried that but then we ran into affirmative action..
  8. the big secret , the media loves to hide is the animal size dimensions of the negro genitalia. again suggesting that blacks retain many of the traits of man's animal or simian past.
  9. My point is simply that evolutionary biology is taught in schools and forms the basis in all scientific study. And yet , we never want to apply it to the study of human interaction. Of course blacks invented things etc. But look at the many millions of Blacks in America. On balance they've produced a small percentage of teachers , pastors , doctors . in sum total only counted in low digits. Now look at the murders they commit. look at the rapes they love to commit. Look at how they love to shop lift. Look at how they thrive committing acts of armed robbery. I'm not saying ALL blacks are violent criminals ,only the majority are.
  10. Actually ,we were not allowed to go into this in detail in Anthro 101 but I stated that the Native American is probably the best example of the emerging races developing over the millennia. We can observe Indians that resemble orientals and some even have Afro features. . some could pass for southern Europeans.
  11. Da Vinci discovered the golden ratio and applied it to whites. what this shows is that whites generally ,unless its a matter of dwarfism or gigantism , are more evenly proportioned than other races. This disproportionality easily seen in African Americans is the main reason why they excel in sports Blacks have limbs and hands larger than their bone structure would suggest . Orientals are also out of proportion in their bone anatomy. Come on now ,you know what I'm saying. Most orientals are squatty . small footed , but have wide hips. Makes child birth easier. Fewer Asians die giving birth than white moms. Its all evolution ..
  12. Is it easier to make a billion or invent a camera to photo the moons of Saturn? anyone with a good scam can get rich.. wake up..
  13. Interesting that countries like Colombia , Puerto Rico, Panama etc . where Columbus visited on his journey to the new world and left his dna there as well have never produced a single individual with the genius of a Columbus.
  14. No one should be harmed because of race or skin color. Blacks, it's true, retain more characteristics of mankind's primal past. Hair on whites is also a trait .. The reason why we must judge other races by the sum total of their accomplishments is due to the fact that man's progress came about not by the masses but by men of genius. That's what we should be looking for.
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