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  1. Sounds like some recent impeachment proceedings. I bet that didn't make your little pecker hard.
  2. Another example of a dipshit being elected to office by other dipshits. Democrats must be so proud.
  3. Looking for your posts would be akin to checking the yard to see how many dogs shit in it.
  4. Is she that young? I was thinking it must take someone over 50 years to become that stupid.
  5. I wonder how you would feel if the blacks were portrayed as mentally deficient morons who stole everything that wasn't nailed down. I suspect you would be aghast at the false advertising and fall off your fence.
  6. Tell the dummy to watch the video as the armaments were delivered.......then play it backwards. Maybe something in his brain will get a little spark of understanding.
  7. ImpartialObserver and McRocket see no anomalies. So, I must be crazy.
  8. ....you don't suppose they were deliberately infected with hot doses, do you? I can't discount that theory with the people in power at this time.
  9. You're the ultimate racist.....marrying outside your kind......what are they, not good enough for you?
  10. I think Joe the Moron gave him a position in Strategic Planning.
  11. We know you'd shoot an unarmed woman......we've all read your interactions with female posters here.
  12. I hear they're arranging security now.....Colonel Vindman is the popular choice to head the operation since he looks so good in his dress uniform.
  13. Remember when the Bad Orange Man cancelled your last trip to Afghanistan? You know, the one that catapulted your quest to have him removed from office as you mercilessly attacked him 24/7 every day of his Presidency? We don't know what you were after on your "fact-finding" tour but certainly the opportunities are even much greater now than then, to come home with some real good stuff. You might even come back with some Black Hawk Helicopters or maybe some Tanks that are scattered around like confetti after a parade. Ol' Joe can have you establish some trade agreements with the new government....you could take some of your State's Fruits and Nuts and maybe swap them with whatever the locals are exporting from Kabul these days. No sense in sending over empty planes, load them up with your fellow Impeachment Klansmen and have at it. I'm sure you could convince Joe to reverse one more of the former President's Orders.....it'll be great fun, don't forget to bring plenty of your designer face masks; no sense in not being careful on your journey. Bon Voyage.
  14. Yep, he's a real hit with the stupid people.....gotta admit you have the numbers.
  15. Maybe one day you'll be able to identify shit after stepping in it without having documented proof..
  16. Benson has a foot fetish.......but anything over 10" is OK, too.
  17. The Taliban enjoys working with Joe the Moron.....after all he made them the world's 6th largest army in one fell swoop.
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