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  1. Now there's an answer....the pot heads will pay for it. Nice solution, genius.
  2. Assholes respond to Sanders like alcoholics to booze. I think you must be born of retard parents.....y'all didn't live near 3 Mile Island, did you?
  3. Funny coming from the party of queers.
  4. When do you think he'll be arrested here in the USA? Thanks in advance for answering.
  5. It couldn't be because you're lazy and stupid....could it?
  6. Harry's got his finger on the pulse of Pennsylvania ......or is that his dinger on the Pennsylvania pulse?
  7. My Dad had an expression, " You sound like a man with a paper @sshole," I'm just now appreciating his wit.
  8. I wonder if your mouth is ready to overload your @ss? I'm willing to bet $500 that Sanders or Bloomberg will not be on the ballot come November........roll the dice or STFU.
  9. They target fools that are easily manipulated.....bingo, bullseye.
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