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  1. ....and when it goes no where, a lot of you scum bags are going to jump off bridges.
  2. Would you like to rub his hairy legs, or are you too old for him?
  3. A fag, 2 jews, and a lesbian walk into an Impeachment Bar and say to the 5', 3" Ringmaster, " Orange Man Bad, Orange Man Bad, Orange Man Very Bad". What's next in the big top?
  4. I think the boy finally passed out....it's been a minute since his last post.
  5. Leftspringer sought counseling from his priest but left with a limp and a severe case of stuttering that haunts him to this day.
  6. It's becoming clearer how these fcking thieves can become millionaires on relatively low salaries. Check out every piece of sh!t that lied in the impeachment hearings, same difference.
  7. Leftspringer......Going on 3,000 posts today, even dopelooknow can't get on the train.
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