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  1. I've long suspected you were 007 of Her Majesty's Secret Service.....before that Admiral Halsey. You are........the most fascinating man in the world.
  2. Haven't seen a front bumper like that since our '56 Buick.
  3. One night on the airboat.....pulled up on a hammock with the crickets singing and the gator's grunting.....well let's just you'd be cooking and washing and bringing your man a beer.
  4. You just need your bell rung.....like only a conservative man could do......come over from the wimpy side of the world.
  5. Is it true you made Adam Schiff howl like a spider monkey?
  6. Your boy, Gillum was caught doing Meth and getting drilled in the ass by a homo porn star......do you want to confess anything?
  7. How many SOKS does willfranklin have?
  8. Stay in your refrigerator box, we don't need scum like you clogging up breathing space.
  9. Not working would be an option for liberal tit-sukking parasites.
  10. I've got a WHO link for you.....you're a pinhead wizard....
  11. You voted for Andrew Gillum......that qualifies you for nothing but keeping your mouth shut.
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