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  1. Oh, I won't be coming here again. But I will be watching you from afar. Admiring...and watching. But just remember, be good, Ivan. If you want my advice, fly fly little Starling. Fly fly.
  2. You still mad about this post? Shut the forum down, Ivan. It's over. I ENDED IT. Here Endeth the Lesson.
  3. I've been "banned" several times. Mainly because I dared post in their safe space. The controls for conservative users are severe here. Bluedog doesn't care for my ways. Don't call me unhinged. That's pretty rude, dude. Oh but you're one of the Russians running this craphole. Sorry - didn't realize.
  4. And I'm well aware of the new "IOWA" people. Refugees from California. Like you. Boomers who thought they'd find a new life in Iowa. But you're so stupid you don't even know what you've done to your own home state. Keep pressing, Cali boy. KEEP PRESSING.
  5. I won't leave until IT leaves. It's time to end this place.
  6. I don't need my own. The United States is the Patriot Forum. I'm trying to end yours. Your ideology is a cancer on our society - and it's time your philosophy was purged.
  7. GLORY HALLELUJAH. My father was a civil rights criminal attorney with DOJ for 10 years. Thank GOD. My dad did good. GIVE EM HELL 54TH!!!!!
  8. I attempted to make a poll tonight. Whether or not the Forum's name should be changed to "Patriot Forum." I was blocked. I'm sure Bluedog had something to do with that. But he's a poor excuse for a human being. A passive-aggressive human troll. They will never accept you. They WILL NEVER LISTEN TO YOU. THEY WILL NEVER STOP. IT'S TIME FOR THEIR PHILOSOPHY TO END. ITS TIME FOR THIS FORUM TO END. End it now by never logging in again.
  9. We bought the Virgin Islands from Denmark...cause Socialism creates prosperity and the ability to buy island chains....LOL. Denmark is being obstinate. Just sell us Greenland. You know you need the cash poor ex-viking people things.
  10. Most of us don't want any harm to you folks. We just want peace, prosperity and justice. I for one don't care if you're white, black, or purple - or if you like men, women, or yourselves. We just like the Safety Dance. I wish you all a very good night and best wishes.
  11. Or when they want to spur perceived future growth...you think about that. Then you weep.
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