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  1. Well go ahead and ban me, then. As your world burns around you. You're smart, imgreatagain. You know it's happening. You know what you've done and what you've said over and over again, and you know what's coming. HAIL TO THE KING, BABY
  2. Unfortunately, Mr. Floyd had everything to do with his own death. We live in an ordered society, and he defied the order. It could have been me or you, judging from your comments and my own. Death happens to people all the time - and it usually has multiple causes. If you don't like the fact that society is this ordered, then you and i have common ground. And the cop had a history of being a sociopath. The unions protected him - unions which paid the mayor's campaign fund. Everything is nuanced. Everything is grey. Until you make it black and white. Which has it's advantages, I'll agree. For my money, I'll ignore it. I don't give a fat fuck about George Floyd. I'll look after myself. I'll challenge authority when it's to my benefit, and won't when it's not. There are layers upon layers to this story. They won't convict that cop on murder 2 - unless the Grand Jury defies the judges orders. And then we have even bigger problems. You want a solution? I don't have any. I can point out the problems to your observations, but I can't say you're wrong or right. I could be Hammurabi and tear the body in half if you want.
  3. One of two possibilities - you want an echo chamber for leftists, or you are Russian trolls. I've always been a fan of the latter. You tell me?
  4. What the hell is wrong with you, exactly? You've always been unhinged on these forums. I don't know who made you a mod, but they must be as crazy as you are.
  5. This is the smartest thing you have seen on here. That poor man was a broken person. He was on 3 different narcotics with a chronic circulatory system problem. You can rage your way through this problem, or you can think your way through this problem. You choose. But know this: Rage is the path to destruction.
  6. A lot of people have accused me of being 5x5, who was on his way out when I was coming in to this forum. What the entire fuck did this guy do? What's the story? Elaborate?
  7. Crom33


    https://www.nature.com/articles/ng1435 http://sitn.hms.harvard.edu/flash/2017/science-genetics-reshaping-race-debate-21st-century/ There is no RACE. Read this: https://www.jstor.org/stable/25612783?seq=1 Portuguese started this nonsense. Fishermen from a small coastal society who had never seen black men before. You can imagine Portuguese peasant/navigators who saw their first black man indicating to themselves "geez, they're not even human." Peasants. The early Renaissance. Do the math.
  8. My father was a criminal civil rights attorney for the DOJ for 10 years. He missed some holidays...let's just say that. Trust me, there is no "race." There are just people. When your dad brings home a blood soaked oak riot baton when you're 13, that two white deputies used to beat a 78 year old black man to death, while he was handcuffed to his cell bars, in a Birmingham jail, you learn that people are the horrors. Not the race. We assign the horrors of our species to races because we cannot face the horror of ourselves. Ask me about the origin of the word "race." Then ask me about the genetic diversity between races. I won't lie to you.
  9. I've had nothing but the utmost respect for your intellect here. I thank you. The fight is just beginning. This board has always been the echo chamber for leftists. Their patience has been exhausted as they lose for the last time. The Nazis shot a lot of people in the last days of their regime. Their "resistance" is over, however. IMHO, our job is done here. I'm headed back stateside. I'll leave you, my bruh, with one last cheesy clip:
  10. It's obvious that these forums have changed. I would say not for the better. But that's okay. I am indeed leaving. Most of you are quite delusional. Right and left. Your rage is horrific. It is offensive and is not fit for the age in which we live. It is now the best decision to leave the hate filled, vitriolic, and nasty wretchedness which is this forum. Mismanaged from the start, and now even more mismanaged by people with agendas, and, a specific and unbelievable disregard for political sense, history, and human theory. What astonishes me the most about the people in this forum is how angry you are. Even after COVID. Most of you have the sense of humor of a rock. Very rarely do you crack real jokes in sincerity, or have any sense of comradery as humans. I've never claimed to be far right, but I did claim to be rational. And I have upheld that promise. If any of you are familiar with some of my first posts here, you would see that I wished to see us work together for rational solutions. That, I'm afraid to say, is no longer possible. It wasn't possible when I posted it, but I had to learn the hard way. I've tried to argue science topics with non-scientists and people who really have no idea what they are speaking about, but to no avail. Most people simply come here to rage against the universe. And, I guess that's okay too. Looking back on it, the ultimate personal journey I had here on this board, and in politics, a former passion of mine, was to understand exactly how humans work on a "macro" level in this day and age. I've accomplished that, and now I do understand. I do still strongly support President Donald John Trump, I just think he's a swell guy. I hate to close out on this point, but most of you are just dumb as dirt. You think you're smart, but most of you are operating on a high school level of education - parroting left and right talking points. You're not helping the world. You're just making it worse. If I had one thing to say to all of you who aren't russian trolls - I'd say: Think for yourselves. Nobody is going to do that for you. I do have one message for all of you, Russians, Americans, left and right, communists, druggies and drunks, and those who just want to watch the world burn... Oh, and CalGuy. Come on down to Vilonia. We'd like to have you for dinner.
  11. https://www.foxnews.com/politics/charlamagne-tha-god-pushes-back-biden-you-aint-black-comments-intricate-part-system-dismantled I've never seen such a massive political screw up in my lifetime. He basically told all Black Americans that they are slaves to the DNC. I can't imagine anything more insulting to Black Americans. It's absolutely unbelievable. I predict he'll choose Kamala, molest a girl scout in the WH, and get thrown out. Leaving us with President Harris should he win in November. I think it's hilarious MSNBC posted this on Youtube.

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