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  1. Do you have some kind of pre-existing condition that would make it more viable for her to go instead of you?
  2. My grandmother's first husband was a PBY navigator. He was shot down by the Japanese right before Midway. The Japanese went down below the fog and strafed the crew of the ditched PBY. Only 2 survived. They were picked up by the Akagi (CV) and shipped back to Japan and did not get back to my grandmother until '48 to tell her what happened. Fun fact, my grandmother's first husband was based out of Dutch Harbor in current day Unalaska, AK. They just became my client. They sent me (the other day) some really rare photos of Dutch Harbor back in the day. Another fun fact, my grandmother never got over Sam. She spoke about him on the the day she died.
  3. Sarcasm is hard to pull off on the internet. Be careful. Warning for now.
  4. That's because the site is run by Russian trolls. Notice that I don't say "Chinese" trolls. They run the rest of the internet.
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