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  1. Fight on you savage Authoritarian bastards! CHARGE THE RANKS! We are waiting!
  2. https://www.wnd.com/2019/03/n-y-times-now-admits-border-at-breaking-point/
  3. https://www.cnn.com/2019/04/08/politics/nancy-pelosi-alexandria-ocasio-cortez-twitter/index.html
  4. https://www.nytimes.com/2019/04/11/us/politics/gregory-craig-indictment.html
  5. You can't escape now authoritarian. It's too late. Like you and all your kin, you've made mistakes all your lives. You think you can fix it at the last minute, but you can't. Now we will exploit it and crush you. We're going for the tower regulator on the north tower.
  6. You need to relax, Bluedick. Just relax and it will be over soon. We won't hurt you. Just hush. Enjoy it.
  7. Subscribe to him. I've never seen a youtuber who thought EXACTLY like me.
  8. Crom33

    Verdy interestink.

    Whole lotta folks out there posting on reddit named drvoke...and here ya go: drvoke 1 point · 2 years ago Why should people have to work for what they want? If we had replicators, would you still insist that everyone take on some demanding menial task just so they "deserved" to have stuff? I think you and I just disagree on there being some moral justification for making people work for what they want. I look at work as utilitarian, I do it because I HAVE to so I can do things. If I can go on GoFundMe and get someone to pay for my plane ticket to Europe, I see absolutely nothing wrong with that. They have the money to spare, they gave it away freely, and as long as I haven't lied about what I want the money for... what's the difference to anyone? I wish NOBODY had to work. I wish I was lucky enough that I didn't have to work. And just because I do have to work, doesn't mean that I feel bitter towards the people who get things for free. There's enough Bad word in this world we could realistically implement fully automated luxury space communism for everyone, but I think, like you, people have this really deeply ingrained belief that hard work for its own sake is a moral virtue, so we just don't spend the resources it would take to automate work and provide lives of ease for everyone. YOU'RE A CARING GUY - real socialite: r/offmychest •Posted by u/drvoke 8 months ago Stop staring. You must have some kind of mental condition. That's why you always, ALWAYS stare at me on the bus. You can't help it. It honestly bothers me, I wish you would keep your gaze to yourself. And it disgusts me how you have these boils all over you. You're not the first person with a mental deficiency I've seen just covered in boils. Why? Why do you have to be creepy AND gross? Please stop staring at me, I have to take a different bus or catch rides now because you make me so uncomfortable. So upsetting that I've thought about punching you or beating the Bad word out of you, maybe then you'd learn not to stare at people. Stare out the window, like I do, until I catch your head turning from the corner of my eye. Then I look over and you're staring again. I give you the evil eye and you look away right away. I hate you. I wish whatever disease is giving you boils all over your hands and arms would finally take you permanently. I'm tired of being your morning entertainment. HEY YOU WERE A GREAT KID...always watching out to make sure your parents weren't worried drvoke commented on I'm Really Pissed at my Parents. I Spent my Entire Adolescence Feeling Guilt for not Being Good Enough, but Now I Realize It's My Parents Fault • r/offmychest •Posted by u/The_CollegeDropIn Skwishi 5 points · 1 year ago My parents were similar, not that I was a good kid, I don't care for people, hate homework, and would play video games all day, but they didn't really have my back, just waiting for the report card and ground me for sucking at life. They wouldn't admit I had depression or ADHD because mental issues are frowned upon. I got on meds with help from an ex-boyfriend, and work in IT now, life is alright. I don't talk to them much. I don't hate them but we aren't close at all. drvoke 1 point · 1 year ago not that I was a good kid, I don't care for people, hate homework, and would play video games all day, but they didn't really have my back, just waiting for the report card and ground me for sucking at life. Wow, nostalgia for me....
  9. Crom33

    Verdy interestink.

    drvoke - we all know you think of yourself the most. Need I show the rest of the board your reddit posts again? STFU.
  10. Hi Ivan faggot. Why are you defending (secretly) the most obvious Russian troll on this forum? Why don't you go back to your crap hole of a country and bugger your sister. Cause that's what drunk Russians do.
  11. Well done sir. My legacy lives on. The Russian Trolls on this site are LEGION.