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  1. Of course we would! Are you saying that we cannot start more than 5 topics in 24 hours? Oh here: No more than five new threads a day You guys are little fascists, aren't you? Well, go f u c k yourselves. This forum is a joke. I won't be a part of it. I'm out. Good luck. You're gonna need it. Don't ask me for mercy when the civil war comes - and it is coming.
  2. rrober49 Member 99 posts Gender:male Location:Idaho Report post Posted 10 minutes ago I love Bernie but I think Beto has youthful Kennedy aura about him right now . I think he would gain more points if he made us feel like he was in the race more I do not think Bernie can take Biden but again Beto could OMG HILARIOUS
  3. Ya'll should choose to ignore every last one of them. They will NEVER listen to you and your trolling will not effect them. How is that fun? We should make our own forum here and ban THEM. They listen to NPR for f u c k sake. Ignoring them - all of them, and having conversations regarding economics, politics, and how much they suck - now THAT's fun. And I'm here for fun.
  4. You're now on ignore, too, nuckin futz. I ignore about 5 leftists every time I'm on this board.
  5. That'd be crazy that hip-hop is derived from Mississippi Back Water which came from slave spirituals which came from Africa which LZ loved when they were in America. Cause culture stopped when the leftists say it does - it stopped in 2018.
  6. Racist, culturalist, thinks everyone in West Virginia has no teeth. Yup. You're not wrong.
  7. Crom33

    Liberal Doubts on Pelosi

    I'm just showing them your forums.
  8. BWAHAHA - mostly a conversation amongst home brewers who's main business is home brewing - cause liberals are "winners." God almighty, you people are stupid.
  9. Crom33

    Liberal Doubts on Pelosi

    Don't remember seeing you here in the NHB forum. Just joined the forums?
  10. Believe it. Man, you lunatics really do live in your own stupid little world.