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  1. Nope. but i'm done here.change the password to something I'll never remember. Have a great life.
  2. I don't fukin like it people threatning other people like that, not the god damned address.
  3. Even the mere threats of this type of bull shiit is complete fukin bull shiit. I have serious issues with this. Isabel caused a lawyer to cease and desist here. Don't think these azzholes couldn't
  4. HerkenMcJerkin

    gays are being attacked in public..

    Sup. I think this is total bullshiit people threatening others no matter what a fukin dumb azz they really are.
  5. HerkenMcJerkin

    gays are being attacked in public..

    This is why I have a problem with you having IP addresses.
  6. You didn't read the truth you pos garbage. You can't read it because your whole fukin miserable life is a lie you punk.
  7. Didn't I fukin tell you I ain't no Morrison fan you dumb bastard you. Fukin read first dildo.
  8. Nope. Didn't get to this lying pos yesterday on this. I see all the lies and bull I need to old woman from you absolute liars..
  9. He was near 35 you lying son of a biitch. He had a wife and young kids you low life coward. I ain't no Morrison fan you cheap shot son of a biitch, but why don't you look at the truth you butt fukin creep. Don't like using this as a source but it was all cited you dick faced mother fukin lying pile of festering maggot shiit. Look at his biography on war time you pile of lying shiit. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/John_Wayne
  10. HerkenMcJerkin

    "...and The Horse You Rode In On"

    Of course not!! My tongue and dick are the only toys i ever needed sweetie. But that was funny Lol.
  11. How old do you think John Wayne was when WW2 started?
  12. HerkenMcJerkin

    Suicide and political parties.

    I see you libs don't like the research that most of you, well a lot of you, are just fukin nuts. The evidence speaks for itself forked tongues!