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  1. Your a very misguided person, I feel bad for you. if only you thought for yourself for once, If only you didn't need to rely on CNN for every piece of advice.
  2. Are you blaming trump supporters for this you little spigot?
  3. agreed. This guy is virtually being crucified and you expect him to not be pissed. if this was a democrat, there would br riots in the streets and the media would be calling all this fabricated.
  4. We all got drunk or did somthing when we were young. The reason you never came in contact with a woman is because none of them probably go by you.....
  5. What would I do with your location....... Good Point, It's not like your worth much......
  6. Ignore me too, because I don't want to hear your hissy fit when you disagree on what I say.
  7. Sad, sad day for America, Feelings Rule Facts, And Rumors Rule Truth.
  8. Without a damn doubt, Facebook and other major company's are trying to drive out Conservatives for awhile now. Who Will Google Silence Next?
  9. I have just started ground school, (at this point seems to be a descent investment) and I'm wondering, How many of you Got Their Pilots Certificate?
  10. What another welcoming world. Call me what you like irdk, if it makes you happy calling me what ever the hell your racist mind can think of, I'm happy. My flag is Red White And Blue Too:
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