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  1. Forty-four Republicans put Donald Trump above the rule of law. In an outlandish defense by two defense attorneys, who were at best clowns, they convinced the forty-four that the President cannot be tried for any behavior he has been impeached for, because he is no longer President. What an absurd argument!
  2. Our dog, Roxy, is a 3/4 Border Collie & 1/4 Australian Cattle Dog. She too is very smart, and in terms of frisbee (We use Hyper Pet Flippy Flopper we buy from Amazon, which is soft to her mouth & teeth) she is Willie Mays. By tossing the frisbee I can turn it left or right and when it strays too far I can say, Left Left, or Right Right and she's learned quickly to turn that direction. https://apis.mail.yahoo.com/ws/v3/mailboxes/@.id==VjN-qX9P1sAwgLD6r34CgTawf-Z5_WOSSxWMDoufSGlJyESBEWSeA6VVIQw9ZbO1PFTDOstHGQ2SvOzuBlPC52QM-g/messages/@.id==AInTi2IAAH4HUY0auw7RA3q2BJ4/conte
  3. Q. What makes a liberal? A. An open mind! A simple answer, to a complex and large number of issues. Take the 2nd A. for example, and try to diplomatically debate gun control
  4. It's unfortunate I can't ban someone like you, you are so hateful and clearly a worthless human being.
  5. https://www.pbs.org/wgbh/frontline/film/united-states-of-conspiracy/ The appointment of a Deploy was one more machination by The Donald.
  6. You and the others might as well follow the lead of Donald Trump, who has flipped and flopped several times on the issue of masks, social distancing and snake oil treatments. Me I wear the mask, not because our Governor strongly suggests we wear them, but because a virus is transmitted by air. Thus our Governors Common Sense leadership does no harm.Fortunately I live in a region of mostly well educated and intelligent human beings, and rarely does anyone here disrespect fellow citizens inadvertently passing the virus on to others. The false argument that wearing a mask is an infringement on on
  7. I perused it, and I responded to it. I'd direct you to the Encyclopedia of Philosophy if you really want to know the difference over the years between C and L historically. https://plato.stanford.edu/ The very short difference between the two contemporaneously is: The left is liberal and for the people, the right is conservative and for corporations and the wealthy; The former is democratic and the latter is authoritarian.
  8. These words have evolved over time. Today, Conservatives reject democracy, and liberals support it. Fiscally conservatives kick the can down the road, liberals see a problem and try to fix it. Trumpism and his supporters are faux conservatives, they seek and support Authoritarianism; liberals reject authoritarianism and support rule by the many. Real science and math establish laws based on hypotheses, theories and very rarely laws; politics never establishes anything to approach a law.
  9. So many words, so little substance. Your conclusion: "It is simply party affiliation" is ridiculous.
  10. In a very short order: Liberalism is a political and moral philosophy based on liberty, consent of the governed and equality before the law. Conservatism is inclined to lay down principles as incontrovertibly true. In terms of our Constitution, the view that the former sees COTUS as a living document, and the Preamble as a Mission and Vision Statement left to We the People by the Signers, and the latter supports Textualism / Originalism.
  11. This thread is about former conservatives and Republicans tossing Trump and his corrupt administration under the bus. It has been hijacked by, it seems, the denial of the facts in evidence. It seems the facts expressed in the OP created cognitive dissonance by the few supporters of Donald Trump who actually think. The rest are stuck in denial, a defense mechanism wherein they reject reality, and must attack the messenger, and blame Obama and the Democratic Party for all things.
  12. Yep, and kicked out of the White House and sent packing.
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