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  1. Was the font too small? Do you think arming everyone in prison with assault rifles will reduce homicides in prison?
  2. Do you think arming everyone in prison with assault rifles will reduce homicides in prison?
  3. I agree! Reagan was a treasonous shill who shouldn't be counted as a president.
  4. Hitchens has the best argument: we don't have another planet on which to run the experiment.
  5. He didn't fix the economy but made it worse. I have to pay extra 7% on all internet purchases, for the rest of my life, because of his idiotic supreme court pick, the same guy who voted for the cops to rummage through your phone records without a warrant. Yeah, that's Trump's skill at picking people. He gave the rich a massive tax cut, but didn't give anything to anyone I know except higher prices, stagnant wages, and more taxes. And china doesn't pay the tariffs you moronic imbecile! The american people pay the tariff! It's another tax! And it pisses me off all that big talk about draining the swamp, then he filled it with his banker buddies, who were the very LAST people I wanted in the whitehouse when I was cheering Trump! They were the cronies he was supposed to evict!
  6. Hey was rooting for Trump at the time. He fooled me, but I got smart. What's your problem?
  7. Yes I know that, but did you have any evidence to refute my claim or not? Oh yeah, then can you explain where money comes from?
  8. No one agrees to the division of their own productivity and therefore all employment that isn't piece-work is theft of productivity. Actually it does: if someone else has all the gold, then how are you to take it from them? Precisely!
  9. Return the stolen property, yes. It's obvious you're a typical braindead con looking to defend the exploitation of people.
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