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  1. bowlegged bitch on the left alert!
  2. This thread makes 123IRot, moist! FYI.
  3. My problem is that I am overwhelmed with women begging me to father a child for them. I should be eligible for a sperm depreciation allowance.😃
  4. I didn't say I couldn't find one. It would be a waste of time because you would lie about your lies. My time is worth about $500.00 per hour. Pay me for it and I'll do it.
  5. There is not enough bandwidth to expose your lies, fartbreath. Shove that snickers up your ass to feed the gerbils therein.
  6. We don't need to explain anything. It's well documented by the things trump has tweeted and said on videos.
  7. See what bath salts does to jizz's brain, lol.
  8. Then lindsey affectionately calls trump, piss gums.
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