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  1. Here it is in his own words: "turdzilla, I hope you die from benzene poisoning." He knows you live near the burning Texas refinery. I second his insult to you, you pos.
  2. I gonna go hunt some now. For the sake of this op we will be using pacific coast time for a prolonged experience.
  3. you're still a dick. What's there to be scared about? A cross dresser like you? Naw, not much man bitch, cross-dressing faggot.
  4. You are wrong. You are stupid. You lie. You blow.
  5. Your mama always said yes. She was an equal opportunity whore slut.
  6. I did. Nothing there to see. mission accomplished. Guaranteed by good housekeeping.
  7. No, by ignoring the rule of law and the constitution. That's how Barr rolls.
  8. I'll call for you and let them know your reaching out for help. On second thought. Fukkit, kill yourself!
  9. You're just making that up. It's so stupid and silly.
  10. To obstruct justice and protect trump from his criminal guilt. That's why.
  11. Well, they probably have "big mama" hot sausages in their arses.
  12. No, it sucks for you, YELLOW BELLY DUMB ASS!
  13. No, reagan conservatism is a mental disorder.
  14. Barr supports trump. Therefore, he is a traitor.
  15. In the "Demi-Monde Saga" they are called "nuju's".