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  1. Charcoal grilling causes cancer. West virginians use clean coal instead.
  2. Thanks. That's par for the course for me. That's the way I roll.
  3. The perfect cock/meat holster.
  4. Prostate exams can save your life. Have you had one recently?
  5. That would be gauche this early in the day without a good buzz.
  6. Things go better with coke, I hear.
  7. A heart warming story for a sunday morning. Pis & luv. https://www.dailykos.com/stories/2019/1/19/1827508/-I-discover-illegal-laborers-and-make-the-phone-call
  8. TDS

    Screw it

    how about after they're born? Take away their food stamps and starve them to death?