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  1. For that you will be spared during the purge.😇
  2. that i said. buck rogers, 10-4, over and out.
  3. Git outta here. You are persona non gratis here.
  4. That's for me to know and you to find out.
  5. Well, if you don't go to movies or read books how do you know that?
  6. Jinni is a drunken gin head lush too stupid to have any party affiliation. She was dishonorably discharged from the girl scouts.
  7. I want you to sing the Camptown racetrack song, boy.
  8. You should talk. You're a guy who rides a 10 cc motor scooter.
  9. Trumpbegonesoon debunks another rw lie. OUTSTANDING!
  10. I knew that. Orange man bad, bad,bad,bad.
  11. Don't have to wait a hundred years. It's funny now.🤡
  12. Your life would not be worth a tub of sh*t. Nobody cares about you, you insignificant pissant.
  13. What is wrong with uppity Negroes like you and bigtex?
  14. I don't understand why a porch monkey like you is putting down your black ancestors. Are you that ashamed that your father is a Negro?
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