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  1. OK, bend over, grab your ankles, and assume the position. I'll meet you at the back door.
  2. It's true. You suck dick.
  3. You do it for love, free.
  4. Are you looking for me to thump you again? You better behave.
  5. I meant it as a compliment for your threshold of pain you endure for which you love.
  6. That's because it's true.
  7. Big wheels, motorized, turbo charged VROOM, VROOM!
  8. At least I don't live with a dick in my ass like you.
  9. Stan Lee died as a billionaire.
  10. Yeah, that's all you can say, dumb ass.
  11. You're an example of what becomes of someone like you who was formed differently in an infected womb.
  12. Newbie, eh? I read your 1st post, > Take me to your peter. I know all about you, cock biter.
  13. The commonweal was the origin of socialism in our democratic republic. Lot of nasty stuff about trump here. www.commonwealmagazine.org A must read
  14. https://www.commonwealmagazine.org/print/40451
  15. https://www.commonwealmagazine.org/somewhere-else
  16. That's gibberish. You never read the link(s).
  17. TDS

    Next test question for you guys

    i agree. Balls to the walls is the only way to go.