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  1. This is who you really are, trumptard. An inbred banjo-playing hillbilly. https://youtu.be/gsC4kf6x_Q0
  2. Why is everyone picking on big tex? Because he's a dumb ass texas redneck racist lying hog fuker who spends most of his time jonesing.
  3. Nothing about them. RW strawmen. RW chaff. rw red herrings.
  4. Shows what a kind-hearted animal lover Putin is.
  5. i rated this 10 gold stars plus 1 billion internet dolas.
  6. Here's yours. https://youtu.be/5SmWys4sjfA
  7. TDS is proud of his TDS. TDS is proud to be a liberal. TDS fears no evil. TDS comes in peace. TDS is a stand-up guy.
  8. Ewww! Nasty, but the truth must be told.
  9. TDS

    who burned down notre darn?

    No brainer, Clark Griswald. https://youtu.be/vYy_TcbhcR0
  10. TDS

    who burned down notre darn?

    Hunch? Ho, ho, I get it.
  11. Cockblockers. I hate cockblockers.🧔
  12. and I'm stone colder as a matter of fact. 1st I'd like to bitch about dumb ass wasteful spendthrifts. I'm talking about people who spend $1.59 for a 16 ounce bottle of pepsi when they could buy a whole liter for $.99. Those people at the grocery store who stand in front of the place where you want to buy something. They stand there for 10 minutes and then don't buy anything and give you a dirty look when they leave. What do you got on? Your mind? Eagerly awaiting some bitchen replies.
  13. Oh man, silent farters in elevators. 😩
  14. I saw a woman from the me-too movement getting interviewed on sam jones last night. Every other word out of her mouth was an obscenity. She was dressed like a whore slut who looked like she was begging to get porked by a hard peter while at the same time vilifying every man who ever lived. 👹
  15. I hate drivers who sit on a green light at a traffic stop and I'm behind them. I usually scream at them, What color are you waiting for, bitch?"