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  1. You have a filthy mind and a perverted imagination. Now git back to pornhub, boy and don't let your mother catch you. She's probably a nice lady.
  2. PR moans for the bone. He ain't fooling nobody.
  3. It won't toke long. I'll be back inna minute or so.
  4. She tricked you. She gave it to you and called it multi borscht. You ate it.
  5. I sh!tted in your mess kit and pissed in your wheaties, and shot a wad into your creme pie.
  6. Oh, so now you've become a gay right activist. It figures. Butt bumping, that's the way you like it.
  7. You were fed a leaded paint chip diet while growing up.
  8. realperson's butt bumping buddy^
  9. Guess where he's headed? Hint: the racist capital of america.
  10. Some are heading to chicago. https://video.search.yahoo.com/yhs/search?fr=yhs-iba-syn&hsimp=yhs-syn&hspart=iba&p=going+up+yhe+mississippi+song+you+tube#id=2&vid=2648a3e3f2bd3ecb6e150f8f7fa3a8e5&action=view
  11. Melania has just jumped on the trump pity party band wagon.
  12. "REAL" code word for "no pre-existing illness clause in it".