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  1. I got so many likes and retweets that I got scared away cuz I like to keep a low profile. I had to turn off my cell phone because I was just getting so many 💓 notifications.
  2. 5 will always survive and haunt you 24/7. Hey hey, my my, 5x5 will never die.
  3. Troll fight alert. place your bets, boy and girls.
  4. Five x five told me what you did to him. That was mean.
  5. I speak. you listen, boy. as you were.
  6. No, now get back in your sandbox before you get hurt by a left wing bully.
  7. You have no idea. That's why you have to ask. lol.
  8. That's only a nano version. There's much more. He lives in the cornnucopia of morons.