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  1. You Dems are F'ing Idiots. Grow a brain and get over it. Trump is doing great.
  2. Honestly, What do you want from Dem control. Life is good right now.
  3. Why would anybody want one of these dumb ass Dems screwing it up. This the USA, take your commie liberal crap and move to Venezuela.
  4. Level Palestine, Kill every one of those Terrorists. The world is better off without them
  5. The wall works and the new USMCA deal gets us plenty of Mexican money to pay for the wall.
  6. He's a commie who can't pay for anything he is proposing.
  7. I am all in willing to die to protect the American way of life. Are you willing to die trying to take it away.
  8. Dems = high taxes, high gas prices, crime, and racial divide.
  9. Dem playbook rule no.1. If all else fails call them racist.
  10. He wants $15 and hour min wage, (30,000 a year) and wants the min tax of 52% for anybody making more than 29,000, That commie is an idiot.
  11. Only the stupid Dems throw money at every problem. Obama giving a terrorist country IRAN billions... What a moron.
  12. You will be in poverty and the country will go to shi t under a democrat
  13. What will Democrats do besides raise taxes, crush the economy, let criminals run wild and overwhelm the country with illegals and refugees.
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