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  1. Plain and simple, The Dems can't stand America.
  2. Shut up Liberal, I'm armed to the teeth and a member of the NRA FEAR ME
  3. Criminals will always get guns. Leaving honest people unarmed is the best way to insure mass shootings.
  4. Why would anybody want that, It shows you how nuts the Dems are.
  5. No money or rehab, let the dumb as s die. Makes society a little smarter.
  6. What makes you think they are on your side
  7. Liberals are to blame, they keep pushing their radical ideas
  8. People will only take so much crap before they break, keep pushing more control and less freedom and people will fight back HARD and violent
  9. No Global Warming, Open borders or any of their other Bull Sh it
  10. Don't think a civil war can't happen. Liberals push hard enough and people are going to shove back