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  1. Destroy Gaza and all those terrorists. The world is better without Palestinians
  2. 3 people out of thousands yelled, LOL. Typical lib propaganda
  3. It is offensive and should be torn down. Just like all the statues the libs tear down. If it is offensive to me it should be torn down. Libs started it.
  4. If Liberals were half as smart as they think they are they would not be liberal.
  5. Who did more for minorities, Trump or Obama, Trump by a long shot.
  6. How do you shoot women and children? Easy, you just don't lead them so much. Ain't war hell, lol lol
  7. At the Trump rallies all I see is happy people having a good time.
  8. You sad sack losers are always angry and pissed off about everything. It must suck to be you
  9. The rest of the world is still polluted and the USA won't put a dent in it. We will just be broke.
  10. Being polite and trying to get along with people is part of diplomacy. Something Libs know nothing about.
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