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  1. There are so many dead migrants buried in the Mexican desert they can't even count them
  2. It's not great, But if you think so, Why aren't you living there
  3. You stupid S, Americans stop dragging your young kids through the desert for miles and miles, STAY HOME
  4. Welfare pays better than I though if she can afford to run for office,
  5. Except Russia would fire all their nukes before they went down
  6. Just completely wipe them out, They are a thorn in society
  7. They were raise that way, Everything given to them without working for it. Living at home forever
  8. Democrats fought the civil war to keep slavery. They are worse than nazis
  9. They just want to allow massive amounts of illegals and refugees, raise taxes, add choking regulations and back criminal rights not victims rights
  10. Libs hate the death penalty but love killing unborn kids
  11. Liberals love to bully people
  12. Catch them and immediately throw them back across the border, No water, no food,, no medical, just a kick in the butt
  13. FAKE NEWS. Dems pushing more BS lies.
  14. Move to Venezuela you stupid Liberals and live in utopia, LOL
  15. Stupid High School kids, Who cares