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  1. Impeached by a lying dem congress. It's gonna suck when someday the Republicans do it to you.
  2. They are disgusting and killing America, It needs to be a huge RED wave in November.
  3. When Trump was first elected they said, WWIII would happen, The stock market would crash, There would be a recession, N. Korea would nuke us, He colluded with Russia, They all said they would leave the country and none have, ALL LIES THAT IS ALL THE DEM PARTY HAS.
  4. Trump is doing a great job. Dems just keep making things up because they have nothing else
  5. If you can't make it in this economy, Look in the mirror, You're a dumbass
  6. You are a sick Liberal living off of everyone else. I run a successful construction co. in California and that is not easy with all the F'd up Democrats.
  7. Going good, All my employees are doing well and that make my life easy. I like to see them do well
  8. They always say don't feed wild animals because it make them dependent and lazy and leads to their death. Same with humans, Don't make them lazy and dependent on others.
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