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  1. Cool story bro. You claim Lucifer posted the original, yet he states he posted the edit (see the two top quotes). Are you attempting to tell me @lucifershammer lied? And again, there's always the fact you changed the story. First you said you didn't edit the post, then you claimed you edited the post, but only the spelling. Besmirch your character and integrity? HAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Don't you first have to have character and integrity for someone to besmirch it?
  2. So now YOU'RE changing the story, First it was I didn't change the post, now it's yes I did change the post, but only for spelling. What's the legal axiom? Lie about one thing and you may have lied about everything. Me deceitful? I'm not the one changing the story. YOU ARE. So who's being DECEITFUL?
  3. The only thing Lucifer posted on the other thread was a copy of the post in question, there was no declaration that there were no edits. The post proves nothing one way or the other. As I said, that's the problem with liars, they want a rush to judgment before their lies can be found out. Yes you do. Three people, including myself, have made post referencing you changing posts. Would you like me to repost their statements? Common sense would deem a person who lies about changing posts, a person that welshes bets, and a person who is open
  4. Cool story bro. I see nothing in Lucifer's post stating there were no edits. I only see a copy of one of my post and your response. That proves nothing one way or the other. That's the problem with liars, they want a rush to judgment before anyone can discover their lies. Jay.... I would not consider mere speech as traitorous behavior... you are free to speak all you want. If, however, your speech incites a lawless, violent resurrection - then it would be problematic. I, for example, would never have bee
  5. Cool story bro. You mean you have big balls when you're hiding behind a keyboard. 007, on another board, proved that. You remember 007, he challenged you to a fight, you pulled no show, then threated to show up with a "hockey playing" relative. Seems to me wetting and crapping your pants at the thought of walking down that street. @Golfboy, I can provide links, if you like to see how little balls keyboard commando here really has. @Str8tEdge, it appears he doesn't know about you and his wife yet.
  6. I wouldn't want you to wade through 21 pages. That's why I put the specific post under the request. But, thanks anyway, I appreciate you taking time to respond.
  7. @123urout Could you check the above post in the above quote for edits? I'm specifically looking for the phrase "your speech incites". Thanks.
  8. Again, you try and cloud the issue. The speech to incite violence belongs on the Amy thread, not this one. Why bring it here if not to cloud the issue. I have post of three people that know you change posts. As a matter of fact, the logging editing feature was added because people complained you changed post, then lied about it, That's not what you were claiming a few days ago. So tell me, how do I know its NOT a forgery?
  9. I must be on to something as you're trying so hard to cloud the issue. Yes, my guess, my guess of your motivation. You also know, being a senior member, you have a more than two hour window. Would you like me to make another edit request? You are aware that all the edits you make to your posts are logged and the edits are shown, aren't you? For you maybe. If you thought about things you won't lie so much because you'd realize your lies are obvious. If you're sure Trump is going down, why not proclaim "By
  10. Yes you did. @lucifershammer @kfools I need you to check the following post for any edits. I specifically looking for anything with the phrase "your speech incites". Could you also tell me when the edits were made. Thanx. So then in your book, are the people trying to burn down the federal building, antifa, and BLM traitors and enemies of the state like you've accused people doing no more then exercising their freedom of speech?
  11. Yes you did. You added the phrase "your speech incites". So now you're caught in two lies. So in your book, its okay to burn down a federal building and burn down cities, right?
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