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  1. Projecting again? Check some of the other threads. What do you think withholding medicine will do? Make people feel better?
  2. And this mean what? Trump is still living rent free in your head and Bidumb still gave orders to withhold life saving medicine from people in FL and TX essentially killing people. Do you support that?
  3. It's hilarious that your so full of TSD and having Trump living so rent free in your head, that you're focused on trying to prove Trump's mental state and not liking at the mental state of the guy in office. You know, the guy that just ordered the murder of fellow Americans by withholding life saving medicine to people in TX and FL. Would a mentally sound person do that?
  4. You want to talk about presidential mental states? How about a president that does something that he knows will cause the death of his citizens? You lie-brals are one step away from putting people in gas Chambers.
  5. Naturally, you have proof he was going to start a nuclear was, or is this more lie-bral speculation and rationalization.
  6. So? It always works that way. Reagan was "senile". Bush was "retarded". But OBozo, who was constantly misunderstood, was "the great communicator" and "the smartest president ever in office." Are lie-brals paying attention to Bidumb's senility?
  7. With all this discussion about disobeying a commanding officer (in this case the president), I would ask what did Trump do to cause Milley to make the phone call and where's the evidence? And no vague generalities please, court Marshalls are not based on he acted erratic or he through fits.
  8. And how many of them are carrying covid? And you Lie-brals say antivaxxers are one of the two greatest threats to the country.
  9. Didn't both Lenin and Stalin starve farmers because they wouldn't produce grain? Careful Lie-brals, your mask is slipping, showing the Communist underneath.
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