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  1. Bloomberg is self funding. He will not be asking for money 24/7 if you know what I mean. And that will free the DNC to support down ballot candidates on a level that they deserve. Not to mention all the Senate races that will need funding. This is time for us to focus and remember our first and foremost goal, to remove trump. No other candidate out there will be able to raise the type of cash needed to match what the GOP has already raised. Bloomberg has my vote. Any New Yorker, with a functioning brain, will tell you flat out, Bloomberg could out smart, out spend, and out last trump any day of the week. I hope I've made my point. he is not my favorite, but , I'm want someone who can actually beat trump.
  2. I a vet from the war we had in Nam, got all kinds of problems, physical, and mental. I go to my local VA hospital for treatment, and I am told that they are waiting on funding. Then I see that our Pres. is putting on a show of force. Am I missing something? Use that money to help vets, that's whats really needed. Besides, just what in the HELL does a draft dodger know about the brotherhood? Its called Independence Day, not anything political will change that!!!!
  3. Well, the south has their new gen. Robert e. trump, and we all yankees know exactly how its going down, A joke for a general, and his sidekick ag barr. hashtag ugly fred flintstone! Losers, and more losers.
  4. I hear republicans say, yes trump is flawed, but he gives us what we want. Got some bad news for all you who look the other way, I know you were proud of your man in Helzenki. MR. SELLOUT. I have a little girl with more guts, than your bone spur chicken Bad word man. Glad he finally made it to NAM. My Bible calls what you say is a flawed person, EVIL now try to tell our Lord God he's wrong and see what happens. You so called Christians need to REPENT!
  5. If treasonous trump ran his mouth like he did with bf putin, in my neighborhood, he wouldn't last long at all, period!!!!!!
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