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  1. I think trumps “gatherings” are called rallies because it’s underlying to imply KKK rallies .
  2. I think it’s odd that they are called rallies .. are Biden’s speaking engagements called rallies?
  3. Imgreatagain

    A Serious Discussion about Gun Violence.

    This story has some holes in it . Lol
  4. I’m willing to wait in line to see my president - I’ve camped out for concert tickets back in the day.
  5. Imgreatagain

    A Serious Discussion about Gun Violence.

    Thanks for the info
  6. A gun free zone is like a smoke free zone- just because the sign says it- doesn’t mean it doesn’t happen.
  7. Imgreatagain

    A Serious Discussion about Gun Violence.

    Is it just me, or does it seem that drive by shootings seem to be less covered in the news or is it more that they are on the decline in general ?
  8. Imgreatagain

    A Serious Discussion about Gun Violence.

    Hollywood sure makes it look easy
  9. Imgreatagain

    A Serious Discussion about Gun Violence.

    Don’t police officers sometimes have to fire while driving?
  10. Liberals are mentally challenged.
  11. There are MANY great beers to choose from at local brew houses here in my town. I’ve never been a beer drinker, but my manfriend drinks them all of the time, and I’ve enjoyed trying them. I’ve grown bored of gin and tonics .
  12. I hated the Cosby show. My father used to watch it. He was amazed to see a black person acting white
  13. It’s no surprise you guys on this forum have a hard time meeting woman.
  14. I’ve done that for you before- you’re never satisfied with any response . You hate him just because you hate him. Everything he does, says , wears, etc is wrong. It’s narrow minded
  15. Made up? Really ? So you don’t think there is a serious problem with illegals coming into our country?
  16. I’m not sure I’ve heard a plan that actually sounds reasonable yet. And I find that the greater concern right now is our border- not college educations
  17. That should go over as well as the “health care for all” movement : Obama care. These are great ideas but without a plan that makes sense, they end up costing Americans more in the end.
  18. Chevy Chase is very arrogant and an alcoholic - an awful combination - no one likes him. At best he can hope for a cameo on SNL every once and a while.
  19. Mockery based on hate - as I said before : I hate no one .
  20. The guy constantly bashed trump. Period. I don’t hate anyone . And unlike the left , I do not use emotions to make judgement calls or decisions . I use reason and intellect
  21. I agree with you. As a former southern baptist- they are the biggest hypocrites I’ve ever met. Truly a judge-mental lot.
  22. Tip over? Lol I literally laughed out loud when I read that . Thanks