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  1. I’d like to order a few slaves for some domestic work. no cotton picking . Just housework.
  2. Maybe he used his military power to get young military fellas to do gross sex with him? 🤮
  3. The is a reason that the guy in the warehouse isn’t harassing the chick in the ceo office .
  4. Have you heard of sexual harassment laws?
  5. The status may get the pussy in the door, but you ain’t keeping it if you’re a douchebag. Period I’m not wrong
  6. Omg! I know that guy! đź‘Łđź‘Ł
  7. Monica wanted him pretty bad. But Jesus , he was the president. He should have used better judgement
  8. Women always have options. I think that pisses men off. We choose to fuck them. They are replaceable and disposable .
  9. Scout unglues and shoots her shot anywhere she can
  10. Jesus. That is unfortunate. Maybe all those years of you guys getting your milk for free? idk. I don’t cheat.
  11. No. I can’t say that I recall that
  12. Mostly peaceful how would you feel if I said your wife was mostly faithful?
  13. When one person has all of the power- actually the most powerful person on the planet.. it becomes about much more then that.
  14. Idk . Only people that want to take away rights, guns and freedom seem to find it to be vague
  15. Umm look at BLM what do you call that? Government is in charge and you get this sort of craziness
  16. I have more than enough personalities with imgreatagain. Who needs SOKs
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