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  1. I was at the hospital ER all weekend - without my wallet and phone. I didn’t have a vax card. I was treated like a 2nd rate criminal. Even if I DID have the vaccine- I had no proof.
  2. https://www.marriage.com/advice/readiness/travel-with-your-partner-before-your-wedding/
  3. https://nypost.com/2021/08/02/nearly-a-thousand-illegal-immigrants-held-under-a-bridge-in-texas/ people are United.. they are just illegals under a bridge in Texas
  4. Well. It’s probably easier. not that I would know.
  5. They always say you should get to know someone by traveling with them before you marry them..
  6. Oh. That makes sense. yes I know of a few fellas out there with “daddies guns” seems like a nice, family thing to do- pass down the family shotgun.
  7. I saw that too. Good stuff. Thank God we have him here for these clarifications. smh
  8. Most of the orthodontic appliances are silver in color. I’m ok with that
  9. No. I’ve just treated 52 patients alone because I fired an incompetent woman. so pissy? Yes. Drinking? No. soon .
  10. So. In your mind I’m braver than EJ. lol. I am actually starting to like you
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