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  1. I just said it . Of course it’s true
  2. I don’t want everyone to agree with me. That would make for a boring life
  3. Die that apply to only blacks? The white family is also crumbling. Men are choosing to walk away.. away from good solid principals
  4. Yes . The elimination of derailed political views , but the shear determination to understand women, at the very least , is admirable
  5. I can deal with those mishaps . It’s all the other bs that comes with it.
  6. I’m not sure your comparison is comparable. I do not disagree , however different times. I think it would be fair to compare two presidents that you have experienced yourself. For me : Reagan and trump. Trump uses a lot of the same verbiage that he did why? Because it worked . they are cut from the same cloth This is not by accident . NOTHING trump does is by accident . He may be the smartest man to ever be in office
  7. My tolerance for you and any other bottom feeder , is low. I respond out of politeness. that train has left the station. I’m in an entirely different space that allows me to take pity on people like yourself-but also be unaffected by them. Men are flatheads when you need a philips
  8. Their moral compass changes yearly/daily to suit them. The right had remained true and consistant for decades. We stand for things because we don’t fall for anything
  9. Speaking or writing in Russian isn’t a crime.
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