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  1. Mockery based on hate - as I said before : I hate no one .
  2. The guy constantly bashed trump. Period. I don’t hate anyone . And unlike the left , I do not use emotions to make judgement calls or decisions . I use reason and intellect
  3. I agree with you. As a former southern baptist- they are the biggest hypocrites I’ve ever met. Truly a judge-mental lot.
  4. How’d I miss this? Omg still laughing
  5. Tip over? Lol I literally laughed out loud when I read that . Thanks
  6. He’s not saying anything. His posts consist of dribble and desperation .
  7. Only a true unprofessional would sign this. Any type of mental health worker would want to meet a patient , examine them , and THEN determine a diagnoses . This is more trump hate based on zero facts.
  8. Imgreatagain

    deadbeat don

    I’ve always said that I thought that photo was bs
  9. Bill Maher. Funny and sharp politically . If he only used his energy for good. Meaning if he didn’t trump bash and use his show to breed hate. I would not give him to much credit yet for seeing the light- his hate for trump runs very deep .
  10. By NOT supporting your president - that kinda makes YOU the traitor
  11. Imgreatagain

    Universal Fire Cover Up

    I’m a huge music lover- so yeah, this matters to me .
  12. Funny how you side stepped the question with a question
  13. Imgreatagain

    Universal Fire Cover Up

    I thought I was an interesting story . Sorry it wasn’t deep enough for you
  14. Imgreatagain

    Universal Fire Cover Up

    When the original fire occurred they down played what was in the warehouse. They minimized the gravity of the music that was housed there. this could really affect the music industry because of rights, ownership and the legal conditions involved .
  15. Imgreatagain

    Grizzlies and other Critters

    My father, brother and nephew go to Alaska every year. They are dropped off by helicopter and have to walk up the river for 5 miles. It’s pretty intense. I’d like to go - but they don’t invite me . Being a woman sucks sometimes. I can out fish all of them .