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  1. It’s a mystery to me how the most miserable women have such control over men. he’s a house cat. Declawed . Too old to run.
  2. There is a place in Pennsylvania called the CHOO-choo barn. A model train museum. Very cool. Taking the train into NYC is about all the train travel I want to do
  3. My aunt is afraid to fly. My uncle had to take the train all the way to California. And she said won’t allow him to drink or smoke. can you imagine this trip? how do women control dudes like this? Jesus
  4. He has a preference of other things in his mouth. 🗣🍆🍆🍆
  5. I’d like to order a few slaves for some domestic work. no cotton picking . Just housework.
  6. Maybe he used his military power to get young military fellas to do gross sex with him? 🤮
  7. The is a reason that the guy in the warehouse isn’t harassing the chick in the ceo office .
  8. Have you heard of sexual harassment laws?
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