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  1. Even Danny in the movie “The Shining” new what murder was .. REDRUM!!!!
  2. She has about as much intellect as that ball in her dogs mouth.. squeak squeak
  3. I’d like to see the numbers on how many black v/s white police officers there are.
  4. Meh.. is it REALLY worth celebrating? Retail stores are really cashing in on old Columbo
  5. Let me explain something to you- I do not have much of an opinion about mentally ill people, until they begin to abuse drugs, commit crimes, and become a nuisance. Misdiagnoses , lack of treatment, and essential care is what is lacking.. NOT my willingness to cry for the mentally challanged.
  6. You were the one who said “later”. I think it’s dandy that you stay, it allows us to see you unglue .
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