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  1. Imgreatagain

    You dug your own grave.

    I’m sincerely frightened of them
  2. Imgreatagain

    You dug your own grave.

    Great song
  3. Imgreatagain

    You dug your own grave.

    Yeah and “toldya” oozes open minded
  4. I posted a thread yesterday. I sincerely wanted to give liberals a fair shot to speak, share convince me ... but sadly you guys dug your own grave. In a span of 24 hours I went from having an open mind, to be in total disgust. I was trying to give liberals the benefit of the doubt. I REALLY REALLY was hoping to hear anything that would help me understand you . The insanity I’ve witnessed just in the last day or so - here, on tv, on social media and even personally - can’t be put into words. Most of my conservative friends have seen this for a long time- and I just am now understanding what you’ve said all along : liberalism is a mental disorder I couldn’t be more proud of my president, and I will never waiver again. MAGA
  5. Imgreatagain

    Codename: Mackadamia

    this one goes out for Jesus on Good Friday
  6. Why do I have to google every time you quote me? Last time it was split tails and now snowflakes. You annoy me
  7. So you’re saying it was professor plum in library with the candlestick? Lmao
  8. Imgreatagain

    Another Four Years

    For the record - there is a difference between hearing and listening.
  9. Imgreatagain

    Another Four Years

    I’m not trying to attack you by any means or make this personal please know that
  10. Imgreatagain

    Another Four Years

    I said it a long time ago to you and I’ll say it again :You were need to be right And to win prevents you from hearing anything else but what you think
  11. Imgreatagain

    Another Four Years

    See above post “winner”
  12. Imgreatagain

    Another Four Years

    What does it mean to win on here anyway? No one changes their mind it seems - people give up or get worn down. But from what I’ve seen - their isn’t much accomplished . The ability to look at things from a different perspective or through another persons eyes is a stepping stone to insight
  13. I can’t stand the past present or future HER. Maybe all versions of her can visit her like Scrooge had - help her get her head out of her ass
  14. Imgreatagain

    Another Four Years

    There is a great deal of emphasis placed on winning not listening