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  1. Imgreatagain

    Abortion as a philosophical issue.

    Hahaha ! You put me on ignore! I love it.
  2. Imgreatagain

    Abortion as a philosophical issue.

    I wonder why you have so much hate? Its not healthy
  3. Imgreatagain


    Btw- I still steal your playlist- best mixtape creator ever #eltonknowshismusic
  4. Do you think Obama or Hillary is more dangerous? And why?
  5. Imgreatagain


    Nice thanks. I’ll have to get some earbuds today. Haha
  6. I love how you try to make a point of “togetherness” while also using the word redneck . Total hypocrisy
  7. Hillary hat? Lol lol did they even make those? Was that the pussy hats? The right will always laugh at anything that the left tries to make mainstream. They just can’t seem to get anything right. (Pun intended)
  8. You get someone like trump in office - who speaks freely- doesn’t shuck and jive and they have heart failure. I identify with trump because I say what I think and feel- I’m transparent like my president ❤️
  9. Imgreatagain


    My boss plays ozzy - every day- all day. Its the only thing I really hate about working there. I’m Ozzed out
  10. Imgreatagain

    Abortion as a philosophical issue.

    Yeah - so why is it such a hot button? You can’t be this naive to believe this?
  11. I will add that I’ve had to speak in front of 50-75 people on many occasions. I’ve never butchered my speech, fallen over my words, or sounded as stupid as Obama has. And I’m just a nobody . he was the president . Come on