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  1. beg all you want. there will be zero pardons . i'm giving you a hard time . god knows you all do it to me enough.
  2. I'm just checking the block man. don't hurt yourself trying to analyze me. you won't figure me out
  3. Chris Pratt is amazing on this show. The entire cast, politics, humor.. it has it all
  4. an entire thread about how to be a man, and given the opportunity no one prevails. sad beat her mwith a wheelchair, semen jokes, and lackluster jabs at eachother. not shocking. Oh. for those that need this to be political.. TO BE A MAN-MUST NOT BE A LIBERAL MAGA
  5. Nick Offerman /ron swanson is a God. you have lost your mind
  6. that is one thing that I have all day long.
  7. I'll ask him. it is under construction. He even built a model of it before he got started. Pretty amazing craftsmanship .
  8. ok. So, you are persistent. and that is the only thing you have going for you. think of everything that you do, and do the opposite. You may have a shot at someone like zaro. or her feet
  9. If a woman hits a man, its fair game. The moment you begin to get physical..things are pretty much done.
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