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  1. Imgreatagain

    Impeach or Trump will be re-elected

    Yeah today I finally decided to put a few people on ignore too.
  2. Imgreatagain

    Impeach or Trump will be re-elected

    The next days , weeks will be interesting to say the least. I have a feeling it’s gonna get very bad for the left .. NOT
  3. Imgreatagain

    Libs just admit it.

  4. Imgreatagain

    Impeach or Trump will be re-elected

    Not much chit chat about those bone spurs anymore either lol
  5. Imgreatagain

    Impeach or Trump will be re-elected

    What the American people watch and decide to be truth or not is on them. Clearly all media tv , magizines , newspapers, have lost all credibility after this 2 year investigation. TIME magazine had the White House painted red at one point implying the president had collusion with Russia THIS WAS BEFORE THE INVESTIGATION WAS EVEN OVER !! how can the media ever come back from this ?
  6. Imgreatagain

    Impeach or Trump will be re-elected

    I read local and national papers ( not nearly as much as I’d like) and gun magazines and health. Sometimes design and travel. The fact that I don’t watch tv doesn’t make me ill informed
  7. Imgreatagain

    Impeach or Trump will be re-elected

    Ok so let me ask you.. what do YOU see as a solution to all of it? I mean we all want good schools, paved roads, healthcare and some type of national securtiy .. you have to admit that splitting hairs and investigations aren’t going to get us there.. right?
  8. Imgreatagain

    Impeach or Trump will be re-elected

    I do not watch tv . At all. Zero. I read ALOT-
  9. Imgreatagain

    Impeach or Trump will be re-elected

    Really? Do me a favor and just google trump.. now tell me how many unbiased fact sites pop up.? It takes effort to find the whole story about anything. I feel like a researcher . But I go to different sources not just from the right . I want to be informed . Please .. before this investigation ended he was found guilty before he was tried. Pathetic how patriotic is that?
  10. Trump is what I call a “ straight shooter “ He doesn’t shuck and jive for the American people . Nor should he. Patriotism is defined by respecting the president of the United States what do you like him or not. For two years Democrats have sh:t all over this man - but want him to protect and serve them at the same time .
  11. My entire life I’ve watched , listened and taken in what we call the “government” I’m talking about federal , state and local. The sh;t show of incompetence is not just at the WH . Try going to a local social security office MVA post office . On every level it’s Horrific. Our government went off the rails a long time ago - and yeah our motto is MAGA Sometimes when things are so broken they can’t be fixed
  12. Imgreatagain

    President Dirtbag was NOT exonerated.

    OH MY GOOOOOODDD .. I have to tap out .. If you repeat it long enough it doesn’t become fact
  13. you Mean ongoing witch hunt
  14. Hahahah .. good one! It takes a real man/woman to admit when they are wrong. Don’t hold your breath
  15. Wtf is factually false ?