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  1. So. What exactly have you offered to THIS forum besides insults? Do you know anything about politics? Ill say again, it would be better is you circled the drain at your old forum.
  2. I’d love to see you use the same mentality about shootings
  3. No way. It’s important to see / read what the left is thinking. This is a time when the libs are really coming unglued.
  4. I always said it would be great to use the theme song as a wedding song. Freak people the fuck out. I’m a dark person .
  5. Yes. I’ve said before - he adds much to the forum.
  6. The level of panic among the dems is staggering. This is their last ditch effort to try to ruin trump. They know November is creeping up. ANYTHING that he does or doesn’t do from this moment on is going to be magnified , smeared , and turned into a catastrophic media frenzy. smell the desperation
  7. Twin Peaks was another great one - mini series - but still very good for it’s time
  8. The problem is - tv has significantly gone down hill over the years netflix and other on demand services have given the viewer the control of what and when they want to watch. no longer are you a slave to getting home by 8 to watch your show.
  9. Abort your baby, adopt a Mexican. That way you get the vote, they do your yard work , and you have a housekeeper. sounds pretty smart to me
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