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  1. No it doesn’t . And no he isn’t . People bitch and moan about things all day every day - I’m glad he said it .
  2. “Don’t even have a parking lot” apparently your McDonald’s “don’t even have a bright owner”
  3. What a bonehead thing to say. She’s a model. Now she’s the First Lady. She has more power to fix things by being here.
  4. Oh happy day. ! I forgot about this nimrod and his billions from McDonald’s . Thank you
  5. Oh if you’re white- your racist if you support trump - racist republican - racist conservative - racist the list goes on and on .
  6. How can that even be possible ? How many presidents enforced segregation ?
  7. So annoying . You post that when you have nothing to say . It doesn’t have any depth or weight to it. Get over yourself .
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