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  1. "conservatism" has destroyed capitalism, $100 gets you $1.80 instead of $5.36 Jimmy Carter got you $5.36 for a $100 INVESTMENT. Trump gets you $1.80 for the same INVESTMENT. https://www.multpl.com/s-p-500-dividend-yield/table/by-year Jimmy Carter was probably the last fiscal responsible POTUS of America. Back during Carter's time, companies were expected to make products and provide services. When they did that, they made a profit that they distributed to the owners of the companies. Distributing the profits to the owners of the companies was called declaring a DIVIDEND. DIVIDENDS are a concept that modern "conservatives" probably don't understand. Modern "conservatives" are convinced that capitalism means GAMBLING on the price of the stock. Old fashioned capitalists knew that even if the PRICE of the stock dropped to $1, but they still received a $5.36 DIVIDEND, that they would be able to pay their bills during their retirements. The terms Big Blue, and Widows and Orphans stocks were popular, prior to the destructive influences of "conservatism". This is because BEFORE "conservatism", IBM always paid a dependable DIVIDEND, that widows and orphans could count on the income from an INVESTMENT to pay their bills. With the advent of modern "conservatism", people who are caring for those who are unable manage their own affairs, realize that there is an extremely high probability that whatever they do for those they are attempting to protect, will probably not endure. That the great "investment opportunities" are affected by the company manager's manipulation of the stock prices, meaning, there is zero security to "investing". In the days before the disaster of "conservatism", people could put money in the bank, and expect to live on the interest paid. Banks would INVEST the money that depositors gave them for safe keeping in the stock market, and then pay maybe $3.36 for that $100 that the depositor put in the bank. This is because the bankers would judiciously invest the depositor's money, and receive that $5.36 per share. Then the banker would use the $2.00 difference to cover his costs. It was a great system, that had worked for many years before "conservatism". Capitalism has been replaced by what might be called Corporate Socialism. Corporate Socialism is funded by massive amounts of government borrowing. Company managers are no longer required to pay dividends to the company owners. Instead, they take the difference between the $5.36 that they used to pay as a result of Jimmy Carter's fiscal responsibility, and the $1.80 that "conservatism" endorses, and uses the $3.56 to "buy back" that company stock. The actual technical description for buying back company stock is PUMP UP. The difference between dividends and stock pump ups, is that the pump ups will never be paid out. The corporate manager is paid with stocks, and a salary. That gives the manager the opportunity to sell the stocks right back to the company for an inflated price, and receive that cash that should have been paid to the share holder. The share holder is the owner. The manager is the employee. "conservatism" tells the middle class shareholder that this is a good system, because his 401K is "making all this money". If the middle class shareholder were to attempt to think about it, he would realize that giving away his share of the dividend to the corporate manager is rather stupid. It is stupid, because by the time that the shareholder attempts to collect his 401K winnings, the market will have crashed, and the stock price will have come down to where it should be. "conservatism" has turned capitalism into Corporate Socialism, in which the executive managers take home most of the profits NOW, while the actual owners get "paid with promises". This is curiously similar to Russian communism, in which the Party Members lived the good life, and the "voters" had no say in the situation.
  2. In other words, he is on the take by the tax cut crooks.
  3. The FOMC continues to face a slowing economy with some downside risk due to ongoing global trade regime uncertainty, Bullard said. He also pointed out that inflation and inflation expectations continue to fall short of the FOMC’s 2% target.
  4. Because Trump told some FED commissioner in St Louis he wanted it lowered.
  5. When computed, the laughter curve has no common comparison between different countries.
  6. The Laffer curve is typically represented as a graph that starts at 0% tax with zero revenue, rises to a maximum rate of revenue at an intermediate rate of taxation, and then falls again to zero revenue at a 100% tax rate. However, the shape of the curve is uncertain and disputed among economists.
  7. Somehow, do you think that you can document where the national debt dollars went, since the disaster of the Bush administration? The dollars went to the banks, then to the corporations, and then to WHERE? SO, "SAY WHAT NOW"?
  8. My source is buried in the millions of business balance sheets that the companies won't release. You source is still "conservative" crapola.
  9. The deficit is Trump spending to attempt to pretend that we aren't in the RECESSION. IF THE GOVERNMENT IS SPENDING THE MONEY THAT EMPLOYS 1 IN 5 JOBS, WE ARE IN A RECESSION!
  10. Source? Where is YOUR SOURCE for the claim on tax cuts? The "conservacrap" from Fox is NOT A SOURCE. Remember, Trump claimed that the deficit would be gone by now. If the increase in revenue IS LESS THAT THE TAX CUT, THE GAMBLE IS A NET LOSS.
  11. Didn't see any time estimates, nor any estimates of the other impacts, such as; "how much water will be required, and how will the water and land be left"? Again, if you don't have the technology, YOU DON'T HAVE A RESERVE.
  12. "conservatives" will kill their grandchildren with coal, before they will ever stop listening to the crap that the oligarchs push. If you don't have the technology, it is not a reserve.
  13. The economy is borrowing $1trillion/year just to keep operating. $1trillion/year pays for 1 in 5 jobs. If we were not borrowing to pay for 20% of the people employed, people would understand that WE ARE IN A RECESSION. If we reactivated the WPA, and have the government employ the people directly, IT WOULD BE CHEAPER. IF YOU ARE IN A RECESSION, AND YOU CUT TAXES, AND GIVE ENOUGH TIME FOR THE "job creators" to "create jobs", and they DON'T, IT IS TIME TO REPEAL THE TAX CUTS. OR, in the case of the company that you work for, since they invested the money and created jobs, you give them next year's cuts. AND, in the case of companies that used the tax cuts to pump up their stock prices with "buy backs", you back charge them for the cuts that they received.
  14. Repeat after me: "conservatives" believe that the earth will never run out of fossil fuel "conservatives" believe that the earth will never run out of fossil fuel "conservatives" believe that the earth will never run out of fossil fuel "conservatives" believe that the earth will never run out of fossil fuel "conservatives" believe that the earth will never run out of fossil fuel "conservatives" believe that the earth will never run out of fossil fuel etc.
  15. All of that "conservative" crapola is based on the fact that TAX CUTS RESULTED IN JOBS BEING MOVED TO CHINA. Once the oligarchs deceived the "conservafools" into thinking that tax cuts would create success IN AMERICA, they began building new factories in China, and moving American jobs there. The oligarchs were then faced with the decision of what to do with all of the Americans that had lost their jobs. Instead of setting up gas chambers, they decided to put them on "public benefits", and blame the "liberals".
  16. Why don't you quit your job, then take a lower paying job, without cutting your spending FIRST? The anti-"conservative" math is called arithmetic. The "conservative" math is called "deceive the fools". If "conservatives" actually believe that tax cuts RESULT in investment, why don't they tie the cuts TO THE INVESTMENTS? It is called INVESTMENT TAX CREDIT. If money is invested into creating jobs, there is a TAX CREDIT ISSUED, AS A PERCENTAGE OF THAT INVESTMENT. If a Republican Congress actually believes in tariffs, THEY WRITE THE TARIFFS INTO LAW, NOT LEAVE THEM UP TO THE WHIMS OF THE POTUS. Do the damned fool "conservatives" expect the few honest executives that are left to build a new factory, when the tariff might disappear BEFORE the factory is finished? TAX CUTS WITHOUT INVESTMENT CREATES DEFICITS. IT IS CALLED ARITHMETIC.
  17. That was back when Democrats realized that tax cuts that resulted in $1trillion/year deficits were really stupid. Just like now.
  18. While idiots may dispute climate change, very few claim that we will NEVER, EVER run out of fossil fuels. Some of most severely gullible have claimed that the earth "spontaneously" generates gas and oil, but they are (hopefully) in the minority. Since the solutions to climate change and the eventual depletion of fossil fuel are pretty much the same, a genuine solution is to have a government research program, many times the size of NASA, find energy solutions. With the government currently in control of the fossil fuel oligarchs, it is doubtful that such a research program would be funded NOW. HOWEVER, if the electorate actually took control of the government, this type of research program could happen. ADDITIONALLY, looking at the capitalistic products and services that were generated by the NASA program, it can be seen that alternative energy solutions and capitalism COULD INDEED BE COMPATIBLE.
  19. OK, I confess. My parents lived through the FDR years, and I am old enough to have heard and remembered the stories that they told. A few years after I graduated college, I "proudly" told my father that there could "never" be another Great Depression, because people "weren't that stupid anymore". He laughed.

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