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  1. Some of the automated process lines that I had designed FOR USE BY AMERICANS, IN AMERICA, ARE NOW OPERATING IN CHINA.
  2. Retired from project management for manufacturing at multiple companies for automation of processes, new products, and new factories. I have designed robots into systems a few times.
  3. "conservatives" sent their jobs to China. Do "conservatives" plan to build gas chambers?
  4. CDs at credit unions and banks. (not Taylor Swift, but the grandchildren would like that) My senior citizen wife still has a lot in what she believes is a "safe fund". I don't know what it is. She is still working, and seldom listens to my ramblings, but it is her earnings, and we are already receiving more than the average household income from Social Security, and live like we are in the poverty level, so I don't much care. I won't outlive my money. We are happy. My 16 year old car may soon turn over 85,000 miles,
  5. Buying any stock is gambling. No one even understands the expressions; Widows and Orphan stocks, or, Big Blue, anymore.
  6. People believed then, and now, that the pill works by causing an abortion. https://aaplog.org/birth-control-pill-abortifacient-and-contraceptive/
  7. That is stock market gambling. Investing is a dignified word. It means buying a stock with the expectation of the share of the profits from the business called dividends.
  8. We are in a recession/depression. Government spending is hiding that fact. Sometime in the future, the politicians/banking industry will find it advantageous to advertise that fact, which is when the panic will begin.
  9. You did say; "at the sign of any downturn". THAT IS THE DEFINITION OF PANIC.
  10. What would John Dillinger do? Do the employees store their lunches in the vault, if there are no dollars taking up all the space?
  11. The FED may consider PAYING BANKS to take their dollars. The banks may not have sufficient space to store the currency.
  12. Abortions became legal as a result of the development of the birth control pill. The SCOTUS obediently found a non-existent Constitutional reason to insure that there would be no restriction to the sales of the pill. The drug companies will decide this issue.
  13. Insulting others WON'T keep you from losing in the coming crash. There is ALWAYS a coming crash.
  14. I am retired, and hoping not to die while lying in the street. I have enough saved to live the way that I have lived in the past, for the foreseeable future. I only hope to hang on to it.
  15. I didn't miss any "gain", because it is all borrowed government dollars. I am more concerned with failures of the diverse economic institutions that it was distributed into. My mother lived through the Great Depression. In the mid-1960s, a local bank failed/closed. I remember standing in line to get our deposits out. The panic that my mother showed WAS REAL. SHE HAD SEEN THIS BEFORE.
  16. When thousands/millions of transactions are in the que, do you expect the same treatment? Remember the stories about the secretaries signing the foreclosure orders, because the bankers couldn't keep up fast enough?
  17. When the panic starts, there won't be much left by the time the individuals get processed following the institutional "investors".
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