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  1. Borrow and spend is always popular until the economy crashes. Then, "Who ya gonna call?" A Democrat
  2. But living high on borrowed money is so much fun. Just ask my ex-wife.
  3. Most of the people that went back to work. Dollars don't just float off into space.
  4. If Americans understood the economy, they would throw Trump out of office.
  5. A $1trillion deficit pays for about 33 million jobs at $30,000/year. Arithmetic
  6. But 20% of them would be unemployed if Trump stopped the deficit spending.
  7. I get my internet from AT&T. I think that I have 4 different email addresses from AT&T. I cannot get any email from AT&T. When I went to the AT&T office, they told me that they couldn't find my email addresses in their system. I pay an additional $16 or so a month to a company named Earthlink to provide my email. Their system actually works, and I have been on it so long, EVERYBODY has my Earthlink email address. I would switch to Comcast for the internet, except that their wires fall down when it rains. AT&T's wires seem to stay up. My
  8. If Americans understood the economy, and how the phony economy is being propped up with the deficit spending, Trump would be removed from office. But, the average American doesn't understand the economy, so, we just don't know what might happen.
  9. Those who believe what they are told to believe, instead of what they see ….. possibly don't have a 160 IQ.
  10. If the Senate is loaded with crooks, the voters need that shown to them.
  11. The voters are more likely to remember the testimony in the voting booth, the closer that it occurs to the election.
  12. The deficit spending of borrowed dollars will pay the salaries of 1 in 5 working people, in other words, there would be 20% plus unemployment. WE ARE IN A RECESSION. THE SPENDING IS HIDING IT FROM THE PUBLIC, WHO DON'T UNDERSTAND THE ECONOMY.
  13. No, I don't claim that I do. Those definitions change depending on who is doing the defining. I only know the type of crap that I observed while I was working in corporate management, and the claims that the biggest scumbag dishonest turds made to describe themselves as "conservatives". The extremely religious VP, who claimed that he was "finally going to be compensated for his past work", who took part in the $1million bid rigging kick back scheme.
  14. Leverage? The leverage was a CEO who was way out of his league. The assets were up to 35 year old production lines that would only make a specific specialty product, that had been put on the books at about 80% of replacement cost. Liquidation was at maybe 15 cents on the dollar. The specialty equipment would only be sold to competitors, who didn't need it, so they didn't bid on much of it.
  15. Take a job back? Did you read, and understand what I wrote? The people who took the jobs away were Venture Capitalists. No the owners, not the shareholders. They swindled the company managers, who didn't know what they were doing.
  16. "conservatives' may think that they are voting for religion and capitalism, but this is what they are getting. THIS IS NOT CAPITALISM, AND IT IS NOT MORAL.
  17. And 99% of those calling themselves cons ….. are neocons.
  18. The last consulting job I did was just last year. I liquidated the assets of a GOOD company that had been raided by Venture Capitalists. The assets had been re-capitalized and borrowed against. The loan went to the bonuses of the Venture executives, and they defaulted on re-paying. About 250 genuine hard working Americans lost their jobs. That is what "conservatives" defend as the "free market". It was all legal. It shouldn't be. That is disgusting.
  19. No, the machine technology isn't the same type of magic that most people think that it is. I see things coming to market that I worked on 45 years ago. Just because they are finally here, doesn't mean that the development started a week ago. Since I have been retired a while, yeah, the machines I installed were new a number of years ago. I designed the entire process normally, including new factories. I saw "conservatives" insist on installing crap that would not work BECAUSE THEY WANTED TO STAY ON BUDGET. Stuff they knew WOULDN'T WORK. I saw a group of "conserv
  20. I am not "you guys". The technology that I developed was sent to China by financial managers. It took a little longer than they had planned, because they fired me for refusing to move the factory to another country. It took me 2 weeks to find another job. I had a good reputation in the field.
  21. Management bonuses are killing jobs. Money that should go to modernization goes to management instead. The companies hire illegals to operate antique machinery, instead of investing in the company. Then they blame costs on the union, and move to China.
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