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  1. Doesn't she need any drug? Yes, it sucks, but what is the alternative? If I could buy my prescription in Canada, it would be cheaper than what I pay for the insurance company premium. But the government pays about 5 times the Canadian cost. The insurance company just spends the government's money. I am on Medicare Part D.
  2. The conversation is a complete waste of time on a political forum. That is my contribution.
  3. You have defined human behavior. By definition, people do what they believe is moral, or in their best interests. If others force them not to do what they want, it does not change their moral beliefs, or what is in their best interests.
  4. The point is that the politicians aren't going to make abortion illegal. They will make a little change here and there, to keep the fools hooked, but if there are suddenly 9 "conservative" SCOTUS justices, it will still remain legal.
  5. You can't dry them and fly them. Well, maybe the small ones.
  6. I have completely avoided discussing MY MORALITY.
  7. Since the legality will be determined by the drug companies, there is no reason to discuss it politically. I do not discuss MY MORAL BELIEFS.
  8. An associated subject, is WHY DO PEOPLE BELIEVE THAT THE PILL IS A CONTRACEPTIVE? Who did the research? Who had the equipment? THE DRUG COMPANIES?
  9. LAWS ON ABORTION The laws on abortion were determined by the drug companies. The drug companies had introduced their new product, the BIRTH CONTROL PILL. Early on, they had not had the opportunity to claim that it did not work by causing abortions. So, they found some poor fool, and got abortion made legal. If you want to dispute the laws on abortion, you will need to take it up with the drug companies, and the Republican legislator who will defend them.
  10. And that they have the same right to force theirs on you?
  11. May I infer that you believe that you have the right to force your moral beliefs on others?
  12. If he believed it was moral, he would not have done anything immoral, IN HIS OWN MIND. Doesn't mean that it was legal. He would probably be sent to a mental facility, if they had any. Probably wind up being one of the many people with mental problems in a "for profit" jail instead.
  13. Well, cats at least. great book 1001 Uses for a Dead Cat
  14. No, I said if she does not believe it is immoral, it is not immoral, implied TO HER. What others believe is moral, or immoral, is implied TO THEM.
  15. YOU don't know what I think. You mentioned morality. Religion is normally accepted to be a group of people who have decided to agree on what they consider to be moral.
  16. MORALITY The question of morality is the question of the imposition of morality, or, the imposition of religious beliefs on another. If the mother does not believe that abortion is immoral, then she has done nothing immoral. If someone else believes that abortion is immoral, and attempts to stop the abortion, the immoral act is the stopping of the abortion, which is the imposition of one's religious beliefs on another person. It is a freedom of religion issue, both morally and legally.
  17. Political Parties are not attempting to get votes by claiming that they know how aspirin works.
  18. The issue is HOW the pill prevents pregnancy. The drug companies make LOTS of money because people believe it is a contraceptive. Because the drug companies told them it is. And that is how it works, EACH AND EVERY TIME. And it is just SO MUCH EASIER to believe the drug company.
  19. And you believe that because the people who make money from them told you that about the pill. And you are OK with abortion, as long as they are small, and you can hardly see them.
  20. Back when the birth control pill was first introduced, people thought that it worked by causing abortions. The drug companies found some stupid shill, and anonymously got the pill declared legal, thus removing any impediments to making a fortune by selling it. They are still making a fortune selling it, so they will continue to spend lots of money buying the politicians. So, there is zero chance of abortion ever becoming illegal again. The Republicans are the traditional "defenders of business", so they will never go against the wish
  21. Abortion is legal because the drug companies want to keep the birth control pill legal. The Republicans will do anything the drug companies tell them to do.
  22. Carbon pollution will not begin the massive war that will occur when gas and oil begin to run out, and there is nothing to replace them.
  23. Was it the Koch brothers who declared that coal could never be made clean burning? And everybody said; "Yeah, must be true!"
  24. The college used to have 20-30 story high rise research towers, I was told were operating on government research dollars. The income from the research offset the tuition at the time. Just by coincidence, I recently had the opportunity to speak to the business manager who runs the research complex. The one that I was very interested in was the one that had been attempting to develop clean burning coal. A friend of mine had been working there. He was very upset when the development was shut down about 30 years back. He was convinced that they were so VERY CLOSE.
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