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  1. You could always just admit that you didn't realize that some people were born rich, and never earned a paycheck.
  2. If you inherit $1million, you don't pay taxes. SOMEBODY ELSE DID IN THE PAST, BUT YOU DON'T.
  3. Not if it was taxed as capital gains. Earned income and capital gains are two different things.
  4. Inflation is a phony mechanism to pay off debt with cheaper money. For 100 years before GWB, dividends averaged about 4.7%, which averaged better than average inflation. Of course, now that the "market" is simply manipulated dollars, all that history goes out the window.
  5. Yes An investment is measured by the income it produces. Speculation is gambling. If a $100 stock produces a $5 dividend, it is an investment. If that stock price falls to $50, and the dividend is still $5, it is a better investment.
  6. You apparently don't understand that some people are born wealthy, and that their income comes from capital gains, but was never taxed as earned income. You really should get out of the basement more often.
  7. Investors buy stocks FOR DIVIDENDS. Gamblers buy stocks FOR PRICE INFLATION THROUGH MANIPULATION.
  8. Jobs It is what "conservatives" do, because they weren't born rich enough to live off of capital gains.
  9. You mean when it was dollars made as capital gains, and taxed as capital gains, that were invested in another investment, and again taxed as capital gains, but was never actually taxed as income?
  10. Stock buybacks The company pays executives with stock options. When the options come due, the executive buys them at a bargain price. Then the company buys them back at a "market" price. Except, whatever they pay, then becomes the "market" price. The total number of shares doesn't change. The cash comes from reducing the amount of dividends. LOOK UP DIVIDEND RATIO FOR THE LAST 20 YEARS, COMPARED TO 100 YEARS BEFORE THAT. simply STOCK PRICE MANIPULATION. The laughter curve LOOK UP THE LAUGHTER CURVE FOR COUNTRY TO COUNTRY COMPARISONS.
  11. The laughter curve? Produces inconsistent results, according to the economics of the country.
  12. You do realize that dividends are actual value earned by productive work. Stock price inflation through buybacks, by definition, lowers the rate of return of the investment. Meaning that the stock price must eventually correct according to rising interest rates.
  13. Those richest Americans own far greater amounts of stock. As of 2013, the top 10 percent of Americans owned an average of $969,000 in stocks. The next 40 percent owned $132,000 on average.Mar 1, 2017 ref: google
  14. It won't disappear when the market crashes because the stock prices are so high compared to the dividend return.
  15. Retirement accounts would be better served by higher dividends, instead of stock price manipulation.
  16. Strong unions Tariffs on the products from companies that have sent their jobs to China. Repeal the tax cuts that went to the billionaires, spend the money on infrastructure.
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