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  1. Reagan was the father of borrow and spend. He killed capitalism. FYI, Clinton and Obama were not very good either.
  2. Fair for all? An economic system that would totally collapse without massive government spending and lending? Capitalism died many years ago. Reagan killed it.
  3. But the "conservatives" worship the wealthy. They seem to be convinced that wealthy people are "better" than other people. People's value systems are not always in sync.
  4. People go to Las Vegas to enjoy themselves. Gambling is THE CONSUMPTION of goods and services. It is not WORK.
  5. Work, by definition, produces GOODS and SERVICES. Stock market gambling does neither.
  6. Investing is looking for LONG TERM RETURN, AND DIVIDENDS. Capital gains tax would be 95% on anything held less than 1 year, and a sliding scale from there. Most people think that "investing" is what is really gambling on stock market prices.
  7. Trump's FED policies dictate that all investment dollars come from the government, anyhow.
  8. You stated "people who don't work". It was YOUR idea.
  9. Yes, the government will increase the capital gains tax.
  10. A unique, anti-"conservative" idea. Pay for what you get.
  11. The rich and powerful receive the most benefit from the government, and therefore, should pay the most. No foreign government would ever attack America, to acquire the net worth of the minimum wage workers.
  12. Hey, the "conservamopes" are SO HAPPY, why burst their bubble? Trump will resign, rather than have his tax returns exposed. His ego is so BIG, and his net worth is so small, he will work out a deal, and they will let him concoct some stupid excuse, as a cover story.
  13. There was a cartoon, with an enormous statue of the letter N on a pedestal. And a crowd of people bowed in adoration, when one guy looked at the other, and said; "Is Nothing sacred?"
  14. There were a few rumblings, way back when, that Trump's real goal, was to do such a bad job, that it would totally destroy the Republican Party. Of course, possibly, even he didn't understand how degenerate it was, and, that even trying to trash it, he would appeal to the base. Ya never know?
  15. Since government has become a "reality show", you would think that some politician, who wanted to do the best for America, would figure out how to sell the media rights, to help balance the budget.
  16. I remember reading that one of the mods DIDN'T want to suspend people for being crude. Don't know which one. I used to post elsewhere. The mods changed the rules to clean the place up, but the number of members slowly dropped. Eventually, there were actual discussions, but, only among a very few people.
  17. Possibly because there are about 100 foul insults to every honest thoughtful post here.
  18. Place I was at converted to gas about 45 years ago. I am saying; Think long term.
  19. Because of all the government research that has been done, you are convinced that making cheap clean coal is not possible? Or, because the oil and gas lobbyists said so? You think that refineries are cheap?
  20. Have thousands of scientists declared that coal cannot be made clean burning, like they have about global warming? Has the government done extensive research and testing in an attempt to make coal clean burning? So much of technology of the entire earth is based on oil and gas power, that when the supplies run low, there won't be a "gradual transition" to solar, wind, renewable, etc. power. There will be wars. If anybody gave a crap about their grandchildren, they would want to spend research dollars on coal, which will be the "bird in the
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