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  1. The employers of the illegals guarantee that the politicians will keep the cheap labor protected. The politicians guarantee that the employers of the illegals won't be arrested. Lots of money changes hands. Anyone who believes anything else is a fool.
  2. The most important thing about having "liberals" versus "conservatives" paying attention to the illegal's situation, is that they may never figure out that being a crooked politician, is an equal opportunity profession.
  3. Somewhere in the 1960s, after I had graduated college, I told my father, who had lived through the Great Depression, that people "were too smart, to let another Depression happen again." My father laughed at me. Somehow, I bet he is still laughing.
  4. Biden understands that almost half of the country thinks that, this economy, running on borrowed money, is successful. And that those fools vote too.
  5. Maybe the FED should be renamed after the old communist Central Bank? Since Russia appeared to fail since its economy was based on borrowing, how long does America have left?
  6. And since there doesn't seem to be any plan other than continuing to borrow, shall we officially name it; Government Subsidized Capitalism?
  7. Seems as if the guys criticizing the last POTUS for borrowing to keep the economy going, haven't noticed that the current POTUS can't keep it going without borrowing either.
  8. The economic genius president that complained that the rates were raised TOO FAST. The economy that will fall flat on its face without massive government spending.
  9. So the decision to create the term "anchor babies" dates to Reagan's time? Reagan, the guy who decided to make millions of illegals into citizens, and decided NOT TO ENFORCE the laws to jail any employers of future illegals. Why can't "conservatives" ever see the forest for the trees?
  10. There is no chance of this happening. There is too much money to be made by hiring illegals, and some of that money finds its way into the campaign funds of ALL the politicians, BOTH POLITICAL PARTIES. There MIGHT be a few honest politicians, but, anyone who believes that the majority of politicians FROM EITHER PARTY, are willing to give up these bribes to enforce the laws, ARE JUST COMPLETE FOOLS.
  11. The type of person who would opt out of SS, is also the type of person who does not buy health insurance. When that person gets older, they do intend to buy health insurance, so that, instead of paying into the fund for years, they get the benefit of health insurance when their probability of health problems increases. If they happen to get sick before they buy the health insurance, they are the ones in the emergency rooms, and the ones who skip out on paying the bills. The type of person who opts out of SS also knows that the type of person who diligently pays into
  12. The right wingers like to criticize blue states, like Illinois, for having poor financial records. In truth, Illinois, for some reason, elected a Republican controller to manage its tax dollars. The controller shoveled the tax receipts into the market for years, AND, told the legislators that they did not need to contribute to the state pension fund. And, then along came Bush's 2008 crash, and there went all the tax dollars. Illinois was not the only state to lose funds in the crash, but, to my knowledge, there is still no law prohibiting put
  13. The "rational" explanation, is that when the Baby Boomers retire, and begin selling out of the market all at once, and there aren't a sufficient number of younger workers to cover Social Security payments, those same workers WON'T be buying the stocks that the Boomers are selling either. So, to keep the stock prices from slowly sinking, the stock brokers will use the continuous INFLOW OF SOCIAL SECURITY DOLLARS, TO COVER THE OUTFLOW FROM THE MARKET.
  14. Wall Street desperately wants the CASH FLOW OF SOCIAL SECURITY. When the Baby Boomers begin to retire EN MASSE, the market will not be able to find enough BUYERS to satisfy the "investors" who will be cashing out. Meaning, the market will begin a slow downward slide. If Wall Street gets access to the Social Security cash flow, they will be able to maintain the hoax a little longer.
  15. The Bush, Obama, and Trump economies, HAVE ALL BEEN SUPPORTED WITH MASSIVE GOVERNMENT BORROWING, SPENDING, AND LENDING. They are ALL just a hoax. We are STILL in the middle of the Great Recession.
  16. An interesting discussion is the sugar farmers lobby versus the candy and cookie makers jobs.
  17. They pay virtually everything that they earn. When you voted to send their job to China, you voted to support them, or, to propose some sort of "final solution".
  18. As long as those receiving the MOST from the government PAY the most for what they receive.
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