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  1. But, you forgot to mention their most noticeable asset, tall, blond women. Just like my wife.
  2. Outlaw executive bonuses via tax laws. Most executives were honest before Reagan. I know, I was there.
  3. I spent 50+ years, designing, and building new factories, production lines, developing new products, investing $millions of corporate dollars. Watching the investment dollars dry up, as the executive bonuses went up.
  5. China has the newest design steel mills. American mills are ancient. THAT would be a FOCUSED tariff, that would force executives to invest in NEW MILLS, and eliminate their bonuses. ALL EXECUTIVE BONUSES MUST BE ELIMINATED. THEY TAKE THE PROFITS AS BONUSES, INSTEAD OF BUYING NEW EQUIPMENT.
  6. The businesses that closed and moved to China, financed with "trickle down" dollars, throwing millions of African Americans out of work, are what destroyed the black community. I spent years helping provide jobs in the black community, until my equipment designs were moved to China.
  7. Years ago, supposedly the Japanese TARGETED certain industries that they felt they could excel in. And, the money that was lent, BY THE GOVERNMENT, was directed to those industries. Now that the government is propping up the American economy, without any great outcry from the voters, maybe the same tactic should be used.
  8. Support from the rest of the Republican Party would also. The Democrats would fall in line IF it looked like it wasn't just a sham.
  9. And the rest of the Republican Party ignoring it. Tariffs are 30 years too late, and not focused on specifics, like they should have been over the course of time. Like slamming the barn door shut AFTER the horse has run off. The rest of the Republican Party, and the Democratic Party, have screwed the country for years. As soon as it looks like a losing issue for Trump, he will bail out. All of the CEOs of the companies know that, and they ARE NOT going to invest IN AMERICA, unless they are assured that the tariffs won't disappear before the new fa
  10. So, the Republican Senate is going to write the tariffs into law? To insure that they don't disappear as fast as Trump's "decisions" do?
  11. You probably don't realize that Chinese businesses are owned largely by Americans, who have invested "trickle down" dollars there. So, the Congress has no desire for the tariffs to continue, since the politicians are owned by the "investors". The politicians will "play along", since Trump's re-election will help them to be re-elected. But, they are not going to go against their owners.
  12. Actually the best time. Then China would understand that he actually has the power TO MAKE IT STICK.
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