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  1. I did. No matter what an elected official believes, they still must do their duty according to the Constitution.
  2. Trump will need emergency medical care in some other country, and he won't come back.
  3. The ethical thing is to listen to the evidence. The un-ethical thing is to declare that you won't listen to the evidence, and that you will block the introduction of other witnesses.
  4. They listened to the evidence. That is the definition of being impartial. You make up your mind AFTER you hear the evidence, not before.
  5. The deficit pays for 1 in 5 jobs. Without BORROW AND SPEND, we are technically in a DEPRESSION.
  6. But, as my first boss used to say; "Never assume logical behavior, on someone else's part." Hitler was still quite popular, supposedly, even after losing the war.
  7. After hearing only PART of the evidence. And NOT being able to hear the evidence from the witnesses that Trump refused to allow.
  8. They listened to the evidence. They DIDN'T promise to disregard the evidence BEFORE it was presented, even though they took an oath to be impartial.
  9. Supposedly, they all take an oath to be impartial. McConnell has basically promised to commit treason.
  10. A deficit of $1trillion pays for 33 million $30,000/year jobs IN ADDITION TO THE OFFICIALLY EMPLOYED. The "booming" economy is a pile of crap. Just "borrow and spend" until the election, to make the fools think they are in pig heaven.
  11. The booming economy is being supported by the deficit. 1 in 5 jobs is paid for by borrow and spend. The "conservatives" will notice when the BOOM (as in explosion of the bottom falling out) HAPPENS, like it did after Bush.
  12. Granny won't die of hunger. Her grandchildren will be out sticking up gas stations and shoplifting. Whatever the money "saved" on not providing food will be spent 100 times over, providing jails. But since the privatized jails pay off the politicians, it will be fine with the "conservatives".
  13. Steyer and Bloomberg have the KNOWLEDGE to straighten a lot of things out, but so few people understand the economy, no matter who wins, I think we are in for a rough ride.
  14. Agreed Then we need to get ready for double digit inflation, which will decimate the retiree's savings, but lower the deficit.
  15. Things went REALLY out of whack when GWB was elected. For 100 years before, dividends averaged near 5%. Look at them now. 1.8% or so. https://www.multpl.com/s-p-500-dividend-yield/table/by-year
  16. Look at the dividend ratio for the stock market. The market is living on buy backs, not profits. Unemployment is low BECAUSE of the deficit. Traditionally, the deficit DECREASES when the economy is "good". EVERYTHING IS OUT OF WHACK. THAT IS NOT A GOOD THING.
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