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  1. All true, but I was thinking more short term. I see the deficit supporting 1 in 5 jobs NOW. The stock market inflated with money that should have been paid in dividends used for buy backs, which just pumps up the prices. THESE ARE MAJOR FAULTS IN THE ECONOMY, BUT I DON'T THINK PEOPLE ARE REMOTELY AWARE.
  2. Only if they vote to approve a secret ballot. Then the few Republicans with a sense of duty, but the fear of being "primaried" would vote him out.
  4. Years ago, maybe many years, they were interviewing low income shoppers at Kmart, asking them about buying foreign made clothes, instead of American made. The interviewer was honest and civil, pointing out to the buyers that the American made clothes were made by people just like the low income buyers, and stating that buying the foreign clothes MIGHT cause somebody to lose their job. Virtually all the lower income buyers said; SO WHAT.
  5. Yup If a medium sized company spent $50million to put up a new factory somewhere OTHER THAN AMERICA, they are going to get a return on that investment. A factory might last 30 - 50 years, assuming it makes a lower tech product, or uses lower tech equipment. How much of a tariff is going to make them abandon that investment?
  6. We may have sent so many jobs to China, that there is NO COMING BACK FOR THE ECONOMY IN THE LONG RUN.
  7. The trick that will eat up all the retirement savings through inflation. Kiss your 401K dollars bye.
  8. What is the difference between socialism and deficit spending to keep people employed? The government is borrowing and spending $1trillion/year to keep the economy going. $1trillion pays for 33 million jobs at $30,000/year salary. If the deficit spending stopped, 1 in 5 people would lose their jobs. We are in a recession, and we are spending borrowed dollars to keep people from selling apples on street corners. What is the difference between now, and the 1930s?
  9. The "real world" will collapse without Trump's deficit spending. What is the difference between deficit spending and socialism?
  10. Does she plan on retiring on government deficit spending?
  11. Listening to the media's characterizations of groups as reflected by the most radical members of those groups, while carefully avoiding the basic issues that those groups' main participants actually stand for, has given us REALITY SHOW GOVERNMENT.
  12. Way back before Trump, I took a business trip with a staunch right winger. He proclaimed that he was teaching his kids about how the "liberals" were all bad, and the "conservatives" were all good. Of course, his definition of "liberal" and "conservative" was 100% media myth, and had nothing to do with manipulating the economy with deficit spending. Media myth - gays, illegals, religion, etc., nothing that would ever effect their suburban lives. He was 40ish. We were sitting in the college bar that he had frequented years before, in the college town that he insis
  13. You can't get over the fact that history shows that dictators have been popular. Can't change the facts of history, unless the dictator orders the books to be re-written.
  14. Do Americans understand the economy? Many, or most people think that it is great, and that not re-electing Trump will damage the economy. So, a simple question, does the average American, (not necessarily someone on this forum, who pays attention to politics) understand the economy, and think that it is as good as Trump claims, or just a house of cards being held up with massive deficit spending? Can/will Trump be re-elected because the Democracy is too complicated for the average (maybe lazy) American to understand?
  15. They interviewed German soldiers after WWII. Adolf Hitler was still popular among many of them, according to the History Channel.
  16. Which is the equivalent of the judge in a criminal trial refusing to let the prosecutor present the witnesses.
  17. The leader of the jury is refusing to allow the jury to listen to the witnesses.
  18. A member of the Congress has an ethical DUTY to act in a certain manner, WITHOUT REGARD OF THEIR PERSONAL DESIRES. And no, I have never called anyone a racist, unless they have told me that they were.
  19. I do not claim to be able to read anyone's minds. Only the ethics of their actions. Do you claim to read minds?
  20. When I see something I want, but don't act to get it if getting it would be unethical.
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