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  1. Which part? The BORROW AND SPEND economy crashing and burning" Were you asleep in 2007-8? It's OK, they will be doing a replay of it.
  2. Need to build up the deficit, so that when the economy crashes, the rest of the world will laugh really hard.
  3. Well, I am not going to vote for him anymore, unless he runs for something. Says the Christian racist?
  4. Could you specify that as SOME, NOT ALL Americans.
  5. And the BORROW AND SPEND economy will go on forever, or, until the rest of the world adopts the Chinese currency.
  6. Can't impeach Joe Biden until you elect him. You going to vote for Joe, so you can impeach him?
  7. Does this mean that you are not going to vote for Joe?
  8. You do realize that there is a section of the Constitution that says the POTUS shall be removed if he is too stupid to do the job correctly. Pumpkin head didn't used the correct procedure.
  9. On a scale of 1 to 10, SO WHAT? You will need to elect him before you can impeach him. If that was the REAL motivation, there are government agencies that do that investigating. If Trump had done it ABOVE BOARD, we wouldn't be talking about it.
  10. Until we see THOUSANDS of the employers of the illegals sent to jail for employing them, which is a crime, we will know that BOTH THE REPUBLICANS AND THE DEMOCRATS ARE COOPERATING IN PROTECTING THE CHEAP LABOR. The local landscaper just told me that he can't do my job right away, because many of his workers go home for the holidays. And "home" isn't in the U. S.. There was recently an article about the illegals crossing the border. They said that they are paying the coyotes a little more per trip now. Wake up! Don't believe everything
  11. The only way that blacks suffered was from jobs being sent to foreign countries. I was in management in the ghettos. I am proud to say that I was fired for refusing to move the factory to a foreign country. Unfortunately, I only delayed the eventual move. But, I tried.
  12. 83% of all evangelicos in the United States support Trump.. The problem with the evangelicals is that they didn't understand the plot of "Crime and Punishment". They figure that they can tolerate some immorality "for the greater good". But, they don't seem to understand that SOME GUY TOLD THEM IT WAS OK. God didn't tell them that. It was some guy that is living pretty well, with nice homes, fancy cars, and private jets. And when they get to see God, what if he says; "Are you that stupid?"
  13. You are just towing the Party line. Just like the Republican Representative did on TV. The local Rep has been doing the two step for months now.
  14. You really believe that? Morals, or ignorance?
  15. Proving only that Americans know very little about an economy that is being propped up with BORROW AND SPEND DOLLARS.
  16. If it was, or wasn't criminal, should be decided with ALL of the evidence presented, not selectively withheld.
  17. Again, if you attack the whistleblower, WHEN there is a Democrat in the White House, He/she will have free reign on EVERYTHING.
  18. Except that Trump went about it the wrong way. Had he used one of the government agencies that have the responsibility of investigating, it would have gotten some bad press, and have been over with.
  19. Eisenhower would be labeled a flaming "liberal" for building all those roads.
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