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  1. An economy supported by massive BORROW AND SPEND DOLLARS, that will fall apart if the $1.4 trillion deficit spending is eliminated, because it keeps 47 million people employed at $30,000/year jobs.
  2. New economic records? A completely inflated stock market? Inflated with money that should have been paid out as dividends, but was diverted into stock buy backs? And executive bonuses that were paid out with stock, that was re-purchased with super cheap FED borrowed dollars? Unemployment? $1.4trillion deficit pays for 47 million jobs at $30,000/year. The economy is a pile of corporate crap, supported with BORROW AND SPEND dollars. Without the deficit spending, WE ARE IN A RECESSION.
  3. Austerity Reagan saw that people didn't like paying down the debt, so we got the BORROW AND SPEND economic philosophy. And now we are living with it, with no particular plan on how not to.
  4. All based on a BORROW AND SPEND economy, that will crash when the rest of the world decides not to lend anymore.
  5. The debt will be paid down with double digit inflation. The retired people will be screwed.
  6. Obama attempted to solve the crisis like a Republican would have, instead of like FDR did. The result was a pile of crap. And Trump is piling on the pile.
  7. Lots of people like to claim that they read minds. Then they can simply repeat their canned replies for stereotypes, that they heard on the radio.
  8. Yup, some of the production lines that I designed are operating in China. I used to work 60-70 hours a week ON SALARY, in the ghetto, figuring that my work was creating GOOD PAYING JOBS for the people living there. The equipment made product like crazy. The Republican politicians worked out a price support deal for the raw materials, that made manufacture in America result in higher product prices, so the accountants relocated the factory.
  9. Since I wasn't on this forum when Obama was POTUS, you didn't watch me do anything.
  10. But most importantly, it is almost time for college bowl games.
  11. $1trillion = 33 million jobs at $30,000/year. More than 20% are employed because of the deficit spending. We are in a giant pile of lies.
  12. If Americans understood the economy, they would understand that we are still smack dab in a recession/depression. That $trillion+ deficit is keeping the house of cards from falling down.
  13. Because "conservatives" haven't been fiscally responsible since Reagan. Remember when everybody hated Carter for not spending enough government dollars?
  14. But the truth that everyone wants to know? Is anything more addictive than Christmas cookies?
  15. You do realize that Capitalism DOES NOT NEED GOVERNMENT SUPPORT. Capitalism died in America about the time that G W Bush was elected. Look at the history of dividends. https://www.multpl.com/s-p-500-dividend-yield/table/by-year
  16. Unless the BORRROW AND SPEND economy reverts back to Capitalism, that is exactly what will happen.
  17. Trump thinks of it as a public service. For those who missed the 2007-8 economic disaster, he will be doing a replay.
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