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  1. Your hatred for minorities is "christian", I assume? You do understand that Jesus was a Jew? And, given the era, and the locality, probably dark skinned.
  2. It is people like you that completely reinforce my disgust for "conservatives".
  3. I spent about 12 years working in the high crime areas in Chicago. Believing that the capitalistic system could solve these problems, I designed, built, and supervised high speed, high capacity, low labor cost production lines. I was rewarded for my efforts with bullet holes in my car. But, the unkindest cut, is that many of the things that I worked on, are now operating in China. I was fired for refusing to move the equipment to a foreign country. These were the type of investments that are supposed to keep America competitive. The type of stuff that "trickle down" economics is supposed to finance. Instead, the "conservative" financial geniuses decided to move equipment that was designed for high productivity with low labor cost, to low labor cost countries. Based on my life's experiences, I find that I am NOT a necessarily a Liberal, but, I am fiercely anti-"conservative".
  4. But possibly, attempting to change that situation, (an attempt does not guarantee success), is better than continuously crabbing about it.
  5. After WWII, they did move there to get jobs. Then the "conservatives" moved the jobs to China, so the 2nd, and 3rd generations have nothing to work at, and no where else to move to, because the employers hire the illegals, and ICE won't arrest the employers of the illegals, because those who have money are "sacred", and shall not be disturbed.
  6. Started up a large production line years ago. It was 3 levels (stories) high. A water pump let loose. Flooded the entire line. Shut down for an entire day. Had a staff meeting. The guy in charge of the pumps said; "We had a slight balancing problem." Twenty other people at the staff meeting went laughing hysterically for the next 15 minutes. Do you mean, that level of inaccurate?
  7. Actually, the $600 would be in the Czech Republic. You could buy an old communist condo for about $2,500 in Czech. They were SO UGLY. Switzerland was what one of the other managers was looking to buy. I spent a couple years working in Europe. Got to know a lot of people, and their points of view.
  8. We need to remember, OVER, AND OVER, AND OVER AGAIN, that close to half of the voters in this country, ARE IDIOTS. It is like swimming for your life, WITH AN ANCHOR AROUND YOUR NECK. The propagandists will lie about almost EVERYTHING. On the CBS nightly news, I saw the video in which the Democratic Senators from Illinois said; "Replace ICE". Less than 10 seconds later, the CBS reported claimed that they had said; "Eliminate ICE". That would be a major corporate owned news network, in the Chicago market, a Blue State market. While we can reach for the stars, we may need to climb in little bitty steps.
  9. There has not been a non-"conservative" as president since Jimmy Carter.
  10. Since Reagan created "conservatism", there have been NO fiscally responsible administrations.
  11. Jimmy Carter was very unpopular BECAUSE CREDIT WAS HARD TO GET. Because the FED wasn't giving away dollars, like Reagan started to do.
  12. Remember, SS and Medicare were paid for. The employers of illegals won't be touched by "conservatives". Abortion is legal because the birth control pill manufacturers paid for it to be made legal. "conservatives" and communists believe that government borrowing is success. Miss anything?
  13. Carter didn't borrow like Reagan did. You know, the fiscal responsibility that "conservatives" pretend that they want.
  14. If you claim that your economy is good, but you are still borrowing to keep it from crashing, YOU ARE A LOSER.
  15. Only communists and "conservatives" are convinced that the government MUST support the economy.
  16. Not long before Reagan created "conservatism", the theory that government borrowing was success. Jimmy Carter was the last fiscally responsible POTUS.
  18. The phony economy, supported by government borrowing, spending, and lending? The one that Trump is screaming needs MORE lending by the FED? The one that will collapse without MORE government dollars being poured into it DAILY. That economy?
  19. Wall Street desperately wants the CASH FLOW OF SOCIAL SECURITY. When the Baby Boomers begin to retire EN MASSE, the market will not be able to find enough BUYERS to satisfy the "investors" who will be cashing out. Meaning, the market will begin a slow downward slide. If Wall Street gets access to the Social Security cash flow, they will be able to maintain the hoax a little longer.
  20. Get real. The employers of the illegals OWN the politicians, and the courts. Ain't nothing gonna change.
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