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  1. Prove that the economy is running on Trump's deficit spending? Where the hell do you think that the money is going? Flying off into space? If the country was operating with a capitalist economy, do you think that it would need to be subsidized? Communism is the economic system that needs the government to continuously print money.
  2. In the blue state of Illinois, my relatives are being covered by Medicaid in a private nursing home. Their assets will be sold off, until they are broke, and used to compensate the state. The state provides a public guardian to administer the arrangements. It is probably an equitable arrangement. Because they are mentally "some where else", we have tried to assist with their planning, but have given up, since the laws allow them to rescind power of attorney at any time, even if there is little chance that they comprehend what they are saying. None of these decisions have been easy, and have taken an emotional toll on my sister, who has finally accepted that there is nothing that we can do. Understand that things may never get any better, and you may feel drained and helpless. Good luck to you.
  3. The country would be just a few unemployment points away from a full fledged Depression, if it wasn't for Trump's borrow and spend. What if that tax cut money had been used for infrastructure rebuilding instead?
  4. So, how is this any different from any other insurance? You have no idea what they will pay for until you file a claim. You have no idea what a medical procedure will cost until you receive a bill. "Hello, I'm having a heart attack, can you tell me what it will cost if I go to your hospital?"
  5. Why do you think that Medicare for All won't be like Medicare? When Medicare began, some people collected without having paid into it for life. That is what happens when you begin a program. Isn't that what happened with Medi-Share? When you joined, did you need to wait 30 years before you made a claim?
  6. There was recently a television news story about a small/medium sized home improvement store chain going bankrupt. The employees paid their insurance premiums to the employer. None of the claims were paid after the bankruptcy. The owners of the stores didn't appear to suffer any financial effects.
  7. There are THOUSANDS of self-insured companies. Do you actually believe that you know how they all work? Estimates range that 50 - 70% of insured people are covered by self insured companies.
  8. Medicare advertises their overhead at 3%. Private insurance struggles at 25%. Medicare is efficient. Private insurance has hundreds of negotiated fees, and may require the same form to be sent to 3 different offices.
  9. If a company is self-insured, they can make a profit on the premiums that they charge their employees. While they may do it through a subsidiary, they may present it to the employees as a benefit, but, it isn't.
  10. I like Biden's proposal, assuming that I properly understand it, to let people buy into Medicare. I am on Medicare. I was hospitalized for similar problems a few years BEFORE Medicare, and a few years AFTER Medicare. With the private insurance before Medicare, I had a 3/4 inch stack of paper. With Medicare, I had one sheet of paper. I believe that once people began buying into Medicare, word of mouth would trump all the myths. And, the companies could exit gracefully, albeit slowly.
  11. Am I proposing that? I propose that there are too many hidden factors, such as "self-insured" companies, that have too many secrets that they will not want to reveal, to attempt to make a change, unless it is a gradual change.
  12. You are double counting. People who already are paying for private insurance, are not going to continue paying for that same insurance, when they have government insurance. It is cost shifting from the insurance companies, to the government. No sane person is going to pay for the same thing twice.
  13. Another factor in establishing healthcare costs, is the fantasy billing. Healthcare providers usually settle for about half of what they bill, after the insurance company discounts.
  14. The larger question is; that is what we pay NOW. It is not what we RECEIVE, since insurance reduces that by about 25%, so your projection should show that 25% savings.
  15. Sorry, I only saw the other one first. Your basic flaw is the $10,000/year expenditure. That is based on OLD PEOPLE HAVING HEALTH PROBLEMS NEAR THE END OF THEIR LIVES. If younger people had those kind of expenditures NOW, nobody would ever go to a doctor.
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