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  1. If all of the professional umbrella closers were sent to the death camps, any of the elite citizens that were left, after the purge, could charge a fortune.
  2. Identifying a problem is a good thing. Figuring out how to eliminate the problem is the better thing. Just like the weather, everybody talks about it, but nobody does anything about it.
  3. And the weak minded "conservatives" couldn't resist.
  4. We obviously need to remove all the people on the lowest rungs of society, because, it would be hysterical to watch all of the "conservatives" attempt to do all of the things that the "worthless" people do for them.
  5. Sorry, don't understand what that is supposed to mean. If it means that no more politicians will be elected, then fine. If there will be politicians, how will you control their relatives?
  6. Your sister's husband will get that promotion if you vote for the proposal that will benefit his employer's subsidiary in West Nowhere, on the other side of the world. How the hell would any government agency figure that out?
  7. Not important what is seen. What would be the corrective measure for what is unseen? Prohibit all politicians relatives from working at a job? It would be virtually impossible for ANYONE to work, even if self employed, that would not have some business connection to something that would benefit from a politician's decision.
  8. I have worked for some companies that have a branch or office in just about every country in the world.
  9. All political campaigns must be publicly funded. Eliminate all political campaign contributions by private parties, corporations, etc.. With multi-national companies, it will be very difficult to police the behavior of family members. In other words, how would you keep a family member from influencing a politician's vote that might affect a subsidiary of a company, with a branch in some foreign country. Would a politician agree that his relatives cannot take certain jobs? If the politicians "recused" themselves from voting on something that might affect the employer of a relative, you might wind up with 3 members of Congress available to vote on an issue.
  10. MIGHT do, is tank the ability of government to borrow, cause INFLATION OR a taxation on the people that TANKS the economy, but over all, there isn't much effect RIGHT NOW Yes, you appear to understand that there is a problem, but, in "conservative" fashion you want to LIVE FOR THE MOMENT, AND SCREW THE FUTURE.
  11. decency, honesty, responsibility Maybe if you go all the way back to Eisenhower. For the Democrats, maybe back to Carter. those are noble words, that you haven't seen much demonstration of
  12. Assume that you are changing the tire on your car with the lug wrench. You grab the end of the wrench, and push down with a 10 pound force. The wrench is 2 feet long. The torque applied to the lug nut is 10 pounds acting at a 2 foot lever length = 20 foot-pounds. Torque, by definition, is only a rotational measure.
  13. Are there any biblical passages about laying down with dimwitted hypocrites?
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