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  1. Most likely, when the economy does crash, the next Democratic president will need to tighten credit (like Jimmy Carter did), which will result in massive inflation, and high unemployment. Because the general public does not understand economics, after the Democratic POTUS sacrifices his legacy by doing the right thing, just like Jimmy Carter, another "borrow, spend, and lend" pretend to be "conservative" will get elected, and we will start over again.
  2. GWB caused Obama to attempt to correct the disaster by additional borrowing. Trump is continuing the GWB mistake. The stock market is artificially inflated, because half of the profit that should be dividends, is diverted to stock buybacks, which drive up the price. The market will crash, and the government debt will be impossibly high, so additional borrowing will be discouraged. The future isn't rosy.
  3. Reagan created the scam. GWB brought it to the disaster stage.
  4. Without government support? He didn't borrow, spend, and lend out government dollars? Isn't that the way that the economy has worked since G. W. Bush was elected? Isn't that the new definition? "Government Capitalism"
  5. Economies that need "government borrow, spend, and lend", to continue their make believe "success", are not capitalism.
  6. But, have you ever been to Dayton? Maybe some of them had been. If you ever get the chance, don't go.
  7. Trump will soon start a war with some country, somewhere, and the fools will rally around "the Commander In Chief". Nixon was in the bad position of winding down an unpopular war.
  8. Even G.W.B. knew that.
  9. Some, probably not enough, are aware that the economy is completely dependent on government borrowing, spend, and lending. And that it will quickly fall apart without even more government dollars shoved into it. WAR is the best way to get those dollars shoved into the economy. Hitler knew that, after he borrowed all the money to build his war machine.
  10. My experience was that the women who had the worst luck in their lives, who never had the advantages that an average middle class woman might expect, and made something of themselves, in spite of their background, and, seemed to be completely unaware that they were very attractive, were the "keepers".
  11. When we attack Iran, or somewhere else, to insure Trump's re-election...………..
  12. Never been out of the county that you were born in, huh?
  13. During years of dating, I realized that some very attractive women have no room in their lives for anyone but themselves. They are quite available to the guy with the right sized paycheck. On the other hand, there are a few, a very few, who are actually capable of a 50/50 relationship. I had the right sized paycheck. Finding the 1 in 5 who had an actual personality, wasn't that easy.
  14. Stable Genius Hangs around with the horses? Do they have private stalls?
  15. Hitler was successful in making the people believe that he was the "only one", too.
  16. Evidence suggest that fools are impressed with a big show. P. T. Barnum knew the game.
  17. An honest man wouldn't be ashamed to admit he is broke.
  18. The evidence suggests that Jimmy Carter was the last honest POTUS.