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  1. No, YOU said that I want that. You claim that you read people's minds, in order to debate the issue, that you made up.
  2. Government likes those high executive salaries. Some of that money comes right back to the politicians.
  3. The other day on this site, some "conservative" dolt showed a picture of a VW factory in Germany, compared to a VW factory in America. The German assembly line was all robots. The American assembly line was all people.
  4. Corporate executive bonuses are based on profits. Reinvestment of profits DECREASES the executive bonuses. The executives received higher bonuses by moving to cheap labor areas, rather than updating the factories. FINANCIAL MANIPULATION
  5. I was getting out of college, and fighting off job recruiters, because during the LBJ years, it was impossible NOT to find a job. Then I spent the next 50 years watching those jobs being sent to China, and other places, because of the GOP financial manipulators.
  6. Yes, lots of people think that it is a good idea to waste tax dollars on Government Subsidized Capitalism. An ever increasing National Debt, and no working plan to pay it off. Massive deficit spending can go on forever, and ever, and there will never be any consequences.
  7. The old FDR style WPA and CCC government provided jobs would at least get workers trained, and something built for the government money being spent. Probably much cheaper than the Government Subsidized Capitalism that we now have.
  8. If the unions cannot afford a seat on the Board, then they do not have the opportunity, de facto. Likewise, the minority stockholders do not have a say in the operation of the business. Only the majority shareholders are running the companies. The majority shareholders are not necessarily interested in anything except inflating the share price, so that they can dump the stock on the 401K fools before the crash.
  9. Robot programming and maintenance are highly paid jobs.
  10. That "all time low" unemployment is being paid for by government deficit spending, supporting Government Subsidized Capitalism, which wasn't covered in any economics class, because theoretical capitalism, doesn't work that way.
  11. Again, if the politicians artificially kept the rates low, or, the medical treatments improved over time, meaning that they cost more, it is still not the recipient's fault/problem. Since they probably paid for the best of medical care (at the time) for some person 50 years ago, who is a long time gone, they deserve what they paid for.
  12. Just because the government didn't collect enough, it is not the insured person's fault. THEY PAID FOR IT.
  13. You think that you deserve it? Just because you paid for it? In a Government Subsidized Capitalist economy, anything is possible.
  14. Having worked as a consultant, I had walked into many factories where maybe a hundred or more of the employees didn't APPEAR to be legal. At least, they didn't speak English. This was in "sanctuary areas". One of the VPs of one of those businesses, was appointed to a high level position by Illinois' last Republican governor. (Not something that I read about, or heard about. Something that I saw.) The whole "illegal" issue is just a bunch of crap, to get people worked up. ALL of the politicians are in on it. Anybody who believes anything different is a fool.
  15. It works for them. They throw it up in the air, and it trickles right back down on them. That is what they mean, isn't it?
  16. Remember the movie "Rainman", about the autistic with talents that the average person didn't have? Met a kid like that once. Not the same talents, but similar. Someone has always something superior to someone else.
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