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  1. Of course, if the employer's records were ever audited, and cross referenced, that would come out. The FBI supposedly started out as a bunch of accountants. Time to revisit the past?
  2. E-Verify is not required in all states. Doesn't work for cash business. Not sure if it works for 4 guys claiming the same name, and the same SS number, working at 4 different employers, and never filing a tax return.
  3. If the employers pay the taxes to the feds and state, instead of a cash payment to the illegal, the illegal doesn't file a return, and get a refund, so the illegal pays MORE in taxes.
  4. Because their employers hide their wages, and pocket what they should have paid in? Seems like a good reason to arrest the employers?
  5. If the illegals are costing us $200billion a year, where are the mass arrests of the employers of the illegals? If they arrest 6-700 illegals a week, the Trump policies will take care of them all in maybe 100 years? 200 years? 300 years? ????
  6. That would make you the second "conservative" that I helped persuade to buy an American nameplate car. The first one died on 9/11 from the plane that hit the Pentagon. He was a Naval Officer. I sincerely hope that my advice is not the kiss of bad luck.
  7. Running an economy by propping it up with borrowed money, and then telling the fools that it is "success", will kill this country.
  8. Business decisions that foster growth and success FOR CHINA AND OTHER COUNTRIES. Again, proudly stated by an un-American.
  9. An engineer with a college degree in Europe, proudly has that fact displayed on his business card, and, he is driving a company provided car.
  10. Years ago, on a business trip, the guy that I was with rented an un-American car. When I got in, I felt my skin crawling.
  11. When they move the factory to China, they owe the American taxpayer for roads stable government a dependable power grid sewers etc. etc. that the American taxpayer provided while the business was being established. When they don't pay that debt back, they should be jailed for fraud.
  12. The market decides that the salary is too high. The government SHOULD throw them in jail when they hire illegals, or, move the factory to China.
  13. The executives decide their salaries. The market decided that the salary is too high. The operating cost becomes too high to make a profit, so the executive hires illegals, or moves the factory to China.
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