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  1. Bush already did that. We simply haven't dealt with it yet.
  2. It will take a while, but this guy is going to be rich. They will find him not guilty, or just dismiss the charges. Then, he will sue them for not providing enough officers to actually do the job, and win, and collect a really BIG settlement for his pension.
  3. WASHINGTON — Republican senators sent the White House a sharp message on Tuesday, warning that they were almost uniformly opposed to President Trump’s plans to impose tariffs on Mexican imports, just hours after the president said lawmakers would be “foolish” to try to stop him. https://www.nytimes.com/2019/06/04/us/politics/republicans-mexico-tariffs.html
  4. When those dollars were "trickled" south of the border, they expected to operate those factories for maybe 40-50 years, just like they did in America!
  5. And, what about the dollars that have been sunk into the new Mexican factory, just a few years ago?
  6. Ashamed that your party is stringing along the rednecks with Trump's promises, but not actually going to go against its ownership?
  7. It takes $millions to move jobs OUT of America. It will take more $millions, to move them back. But since the movers and shakers received their tax cuts, they should be willing, if not eager, to bring those jobs back.
  8. The thing about businessmen, is that they don't invest $millions on a whim. And the thing about Trump's tariffs is, they can disappear as fast as they appeared. But, If the Congress writes them into law, then they won't be a whim anymore. So, are we talking about bringing jobs back to America? Or, just talking about talking?
  9. He was "ineffective", BECAUSE he was fiscally responsible. It is called austerity. "conservatives" talk about it, (fiscal responsibility), but they don't really want to live by it. Tight money policy, high interest rates, paying off the war debt Reagan came along and began the "borrow, spend, and lend" disaster, and he was hailed as a "great man". Americans know NOTHING about what they think that they want.
  10. The proper term is FISCAL RESPONSIBILE PERSON. We have had plenty of "conservatives" in office. Jimmy Carter was the last fiscal responsible person in office. Lord Reagan, of the GOP clan, created the "SUCCESS" of borrow, spend, and lend, and people have been bowing to his memory ever since.
  11. The economy is running on the "National Credit Card", of borrow, spend, and lend. Sometime in the future, just like with G. W. Bush, there will be a "loss of confidence", followed by a crash. But, even though the Bush recession wasn't that long ago, people didn't learn. So, no, they will never learn.
  12. At which point do politicians stop "going along", and start to do what is right? In the 1930s, did the Germans just "go along" with Hitler, until it was too late?
  13. It is not necessary to watch Fox to see what they said. It is much easier to look at forums (like this one) to find out what people "think that they said". All of the 24 hour "news" programs need to spend about an hour to simply say "yes". They need to fill up the airtime. Heck, I saw the CBS newscaster misquote a politician 20 seconds after they played the tape of the politicians interview, on the evening 10 o'clock news. At least they lie quickly, instead of taking an hour to do it.
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    The election "season" is still more than a year away. The goal is to get rid of Trump, and as many Republicans as possible. And, as with so many things, the more people see them, the more they accept them. So, that leaves a long time for people to continue to see INVESTIGATIONS. The Fox morons still believe that Hillary was responsible for Benghazi. People don't necessarily pay attention to the facts, they just know that they heard it OVER, AND OVER, AND OVER. I suggest that between now, and the 2020 election, people should hear about the unpunished obstruction by Trump, OVER, AND OVER, AND OVER.
  15. The most important thing about the global warming issue, is that it keeps people occupied, so that they won't notice, what is really going on.
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    Justin Amash

    What do you tell your grandchildren about America? It only exists in the movies?
  17. Most likely, when the economy does crash, the next Democratic president will need to tighten credit (like Jimmy Carter did), which will result in massive inflation, and high unemployment. Because the general public does not understand economics, after the Democratic POTUS sacrifices his legacy by doing the right thing, just like Jimmy Carter, another "borrow, spend, and lend" pretend to be "conservative" will get elected, and we will start over again.
  18. GWB caused Obama to attempt to correct the disaster by additional borrowing. Trump is continuing the GWB mistake. The stock market is artificially inflated, because half of the profit that should be dividends, is diverted to stock buybacks, which drive up the price. The market will crash, and the government debt will be impossibly high, so additional borrowing will be discouraged. The future isn't rosy.
  19. Reagan created the scam. GWB brought it to the disaster stage.
  20. Without government support? He didn't borrow, spend, and lend out government dollars? Isn't that the way that the economy has worked since G. W. Bush was elected? Isn't that the new definition? "Government Capitalism"
  21. Economies that need "government borrow, spend, and lend", to continue their make believe "success", are not capitalism.
  22. But, have you ever been to Dayton? Maybe some of them had been. If you ever get the chance, don't go.