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  1. We have all seen people who "drop out". Modern life is a lot more complicated than it was when the Constitution was written. The truly evil people in the society, are the ones who actually understand the systems, but then use that knowledge to mislead those who don't. On the other hand, years ago, the same type of people used to sell snake oil, to "cure" everything. They will always be with us.
  2. Absolutely! The "conservatives" have declared her to be the easiest target of "liberalism" for them to focus on, and the media needs her to fill in the 23 hours, 57 minutes per day when NOTHING happens, so the forum will be filled with all kinds of "conservative" intellectual drivel.
  3. All of the sites that show up on a google search are fringe of reality, SCI-FY channel quality.
  4. The part where you say; "I do not try to predict the future ….."
  5. Most everything that Tesla came up with is fun to look at. If nobody has actually USED the technology for this long, it is probably not worth looking at.
  6. Engineering/management/project management with 50 years experience. And, yes, I still get offers.
  7. Couple of years ago, before I finally decided to stay home all the time, I hired a really good engineer, about 30, for a lousy $30K a year. There ain't no research effort, OF ANY REAL MAGNITUDE GOING ON.
  8. It is called that law of supply and demand. When the government sucked up all the engineers to work in the space program, all the rest of us were in great demand. Could have gotten a job ANYWHERE, in any INDUSTRY, making big bucks.
  9. Getting approached by a head hunter in a restaurant while having dinner, because ALL the people with my background were in short supply, during the space research era of the 1960s, was all that I needed to know about massive government research efforts.
  10. One of the bigger problems is that many people just don't give a crap about their children, grandchildren, great grandchildren, and so on.
  11. If there was research OF THE MAGNITUDE OF THE SPACE PROJECTS, my sick, tired old self, would be getting lots of job offers, just like I was during the space research era.
  12. So, you are claiming that we will NEVER run out of fossil fuel?
  13. Since you claim that there is secret research, that would be your job. My only background comes from a friend who was working in the energy research area, and was very upset when they cancelled his project.
  14. Glad that you agree that in a few million years, we will be in great shape.
  15. So, you just give up? Or, attempt to find politicians who will back a NASA type research project on alternative power sources? Are you convinced that American scientists have been lost, and that only accountants run the country?
  16. The alternatives that you know of. Are you convinced that there are no others? Do you remember, that it was the government that went to the moon? Not the "market"?
  17. So, you are convinced that we are just out of luck? We should sit back and do nothing?
  18. So, the government will be backing research projects to develop alternatives? After hell freezes over?
  19. The market is going to create more dinosaurs? Jurassic Park, the movie, was only a movie, you know.
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