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  1. Re-capitalization As performed by Venture Capitalists 1. The book value of a company's assets are simply raised. A $100,000 machine last year, becomes a $200,000 machine this year. 2. The company Venture Capitalist executives take out a loan, pledging the company assets as collateral. 3. The Venture Capitalist executives pay themselves bonuses with the loan dollars. 4. The company defaults on the loan, which it couldn't afford, and didn't need. 5. The company assets are liquidated for 15 cents on the dollar. 6. The bank, which borrowed the dollars from the FED, is holding a "toxic asset", just like the mortgages years ago. So, how long before there is another "Too Big To Fail" bailout?
  2. None of the financial laws are at the top of the list. All of the people are affected by the financial laws. That is why there is so much attention payed to gays, illegals, religion, abortion, etc., because most people UNDERSTAND those issues, but will NEVER BE PERSONALLY AFFECTED by those issues.
  3. You do understand that the Republicans were opposed to Obamacare, because the Democrats received the payoffs from the insurance companies, that the Republicans had always received.
  4. Do you believe that the Democrats are that much less crooked than the Republicans?
  5. "fair" Again, you don't expect someone who has manipulated the system, within the laws, to change those same laws.
  6. The client that I liquidated the assets for, had declared bankruptcy a number of times.
  7. After the next crash, there will be more interest. But so few people understand business and economics, there still probably won't be much change.
  8. Luckily, my Senators are Democrats, so, there is a slight chance that could happen. Slight Very slight
  9. Since I feel that the laws must be changed, I cannot vote for someone who I feel will never change the laws.
  10. Someone who has manipulated the system, is not going to be the one who will change the system.
  11. The laws are written by corporate executives, for corporate executives. Just like the practice of letting in illegal labor. Ain't going to change.
  12. Someone would need access to a company's internal accounting. It is all perfectly legal, so there would be no charges.
  13. I am not claiming that Trump did this. I am stating that I just liquidated a company that this happened to. Google "recapitalization", and you will find that there are many companies offering this as a service to other companies. There was a prediction on this site that the next crash will be sparked by defaults in commercial and industrial loans, which will be similar to the mortgage crisis, but much more difficult to resolve.
  14. Bankruptcy protection is legal. Manipulating a company into defaulting on a loan, knowing that the money ultimately comes from the FED, is also legal. Defaulting on that loan becomes the National Debt, that WILL NOT BE REPAID. Is that a good business man, or a grifter?
  15. Meaning that you are comfortable with financial manipulation, that has nothing to do with the health of the company? Would YOU recapitalize a company, take out a loan, funded with borrowed FED dollars, using inflated "values" on a asset list as collateral, default on the loan that you probably had no intention of repaying, and then liquidate the assets for about 15 cents on the dollar, leaving the bank with a toxic asset? Would a person who did that be considered a "good" businessman, or a grifter?
  16. https://www.washingtonpost.com/politics/2016/live-updates/general-election/real-time-fact-checking-and-analysis-of-the-first-presidential-debate/fact-check-has-trump-declared-bankruptcy-four-or-six-times/?utm_term=.5ed91afcc755
  17. Small government at work. WASHINGTON — The cost of holding migrant children who have been separated from their parents in newly created "tent cities" is $775 per person per night, according to an official at the Department of Health and Human Services — far higher than the cost of keeping children with their parents in detention centers or holding them in more permanent buildings. https://www.nbcnews.com/storyline/immigration-border-crisis/trump-admin-s-tent-cities-cost-more-keeping-migrant-kids-n884871
  18. Those who believe in hell, will probably get the hottest seats.
  19. Somehow, the Republicans think, that staying at a building with your name on it, will make the government security detail "better". So maybe, golfing at your own golf course, makes your score better? I am sure that the security detail will let Trump cheat on his score card, no matter where he plays.
  20. Maybe he was afraid that some of the "conservatives" might notice that NO EMPLOYERS WERE ARRESTED, and, as gullible as the "conservatives" are, EVEN THEY MIGHT THINK THAT IT IS A SHAM!
  21. No, they will all quit work, and live off the inflated stock market dollars. If you borrow FED dollars, and buy your own stock, you become rich, don't you?
  22. So you believe that Bush was just a fool? He had no other resources to verify Frank's opinion?
  23. You mean the programs that people paid into? You can't seriously consider those programs to be debt. They produce income to the government, every working day.
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