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  1. Hey, the "conservamopes" are SO HAPPY, why burst their bubble? Trump will resign, rather than have his tax returns exposed. His ego is so BIG, and his net worth is so small, he will work out a deal, and they will let him concoct some stupid excuse, as a cover story.
  2. Unfortunately, there are still lots of women who marry for "security", who want nothing to do with being equal with the men they plan on living off of for the rest of their lives. Yes, they take orders from their husbands, and they are completely SHOCKED when the guy takes off with a younger woman.
  3. They have forgotten Bush and the Great Recession already. Lots of borrowing, spending, and borrowing cheap money from the FED, and they will think they have gone to pig heaven, until the next crash.
  4. They are part of the Deep State. Brown shirts and all.
  5. You forgot the Boy Scouts, too.
  6. But just wait until the pros get to work. Be careful what you ask for, you may get it.
  7. Melania has been fooling around with the butler! So much redaction! So little time.
  8. And poor Jerrod is broke! Straight out of redaction!
  9. Did ya hear about Don Jr's love child? It's in the report!
  10. The law says that they can't make up news? Wanna buy a bridge?
  11. Better get used to it, unless the report is released.
  12. With all of the leaks out of the White House so far, Trump would be better off if the whole thing is released. But, if you prefer the "fake" news...
  13. Might be more fun "not to get it". The leaks could be far more politically damaging than what might be actually in there. Best thing about "leaks" is that they can be made up as you go along.