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  1. They send their good paying jobs to China, and borrow against the future to get McJobs. But they get to keep the guns that nobody wants to take away from them.
  2. An economy based on borrow, spend, and lend. Trickle down tax dollars going to China, to build factories, to send American jobs to.
  3. If voters understood business and the economy, no Republican would ever be elected.
  4. People who love their country can be a powerful group.
  5. Hitler put people to death, for writing notes that opposed him. But, they still did it. They loved their country more than their lives.
  6. Ya gotta figure that they are counting on the fact that there is no God. If there is, there are in really deep dodo.
  7. The Electoral College is necessary because it takes so long to get to the Capital by horse and buggy, that only a few representatives can go.
  8. Well, you know, it takes so long for the horse drawn carriages to get to Washington, that only a few people can go to represent the states.
  9. Your comment would make sense, IF, I actually asserted ANYTHING, as opposed to, RELATING AN EXPERIENCE. Someday, if you spend less time on the internet, you too may have experiences with real people.
  10. The question about the death penalty should be; IS THE DEATH PENALTY A PUNISHMENT? EVERYBODY DIES, but; How many people would really want to spend years in prison?
  11. Years ago, I met a young lesbian at a party, where the guests were in all age groups. She was interested in woodworking, a kind of traditionally male thing. I am also a woodworker. As she, I, and my wife talked, I got the feeling that she was enjoying the attention of someone old enough to be her father, who was interested in what she was doing. Actually, she mentioned that her relationship with her father was quite strained. Eventually, her girlfriend appeared to be quite upset with our conversation. Heard that they broke up a few weeks later. Just my 2 cents worth.
  12. Hitler was a borrow and spend "conservative", who put his country back to work by building up his war machine, to create jobs. Just like Bush and Trump.
  13. Jack Ryan was a sexual deviant, who was married to Jerry Ryan, who became a semi-successful actress (Star Trek). They didn't need to unseal divorce records. She needed the publicity. So, the Republicans brought in a "carpetbagger", from Maryland, who barely established his residence long enough to run for the office, who was generally considered to be so weird, that he received 27% of the vote, for an office that had been previously held by a FISCALLY RESPONSIBLE REPUBLICAN. When the Party REFUSES TO SUPPORT THE RE-ELECTION, it is known as not allowing him into the primary election, or, "primaried" As I stated, THEY DON'T BREAK THE CODE.
  14. What I DID write, was that he was fiscally responsible, which was why he voted against Bush, and why he was pushed out of office.
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