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  1. Your concern for your fellow man is ………….
  2. So, you agree that the stock market is artificially inflated. Which does not indicate a "healthy" economy.
  3. Hopefully, you realize that Trump DOES NOT CONTROL THE FED RATES.
  4. We are probably in what is known as "uncharted territory". Theory says that the Great Depression was the result of a tight monetary policy. However, currently, we have a monetary policy that is too loose. The Great Recession was caused by too much credit being available. But, it was countered by Obama issuing even more credit, and now Trump, doubling down on that. Trump is afraid of raising interest rates, because some stock market prices are based on borrowed dollars. If interest rates are raised, the companies will start losing earnings, because of the interest payments.
  5. And why Trump is against raising the interest rates. He realizes that the balloon will burst.
  6. Massive inflation essentially devalues the currency, which effectively, reduces the national debt.
  7. It may soon be paid back. Dumping boatloads of dollars that were generated with a computer keystroke, instead of actual labor, into the economy, will probably generate another bubble, like the real estate bubble, that will bust the economy, like 2008. Borrowing from the FED may not work the next time. Consider hearing the expression; Great Depression II
  8. And for a nation, with a segment of the population expecting to retire on stock market dollars......
  9. Reagan is the tollway. It merges with the Eisenhower, which is an expressway. But, you knew that, because you worked there.
  10. The Eisenhower is not a tollway. Hope you didn't pay to get on it. It is .9 miles away.
  11. They moved it, just for you?
  12. The tollway, the limited access road where you never needed to actually drive through the hood to get to work.