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  1. Do people ever wonder where they would be in the socio-economic order, during Charles Dickens time?
  2. The two greatest political minds we have. How did this country get so screwed up?
  3. Agnosticism isn't the worst idea. If there is a supreme being, you won't find him in a church. Churches are organized to hate other churches. If there is a god, he wouldn't tolerate the hatred. If you lead a good life, and go to a judgement, god isn't going to send you to hell because you thought that the people killing each other, in the name of god, were evil.
  4. If there is anybody afraid of the next crash, it would be Trump. He is the one criticizing the FED for not spending money that they need to borrow, FASTER.
  5. trickle-down Is that where all the stores are filled with stuff that nobody has any money to buy?
  6. Since the economy will collapse without the massive government spending, we are smack dab in the middle of a depression. Since the word "recent" refers to the past tense, there hasn't been one "recently".
  7. Good thing that the oil pipeline will never leak, and contaminate the underground water, so that irrigation can keep another "dust bowl" from occurring. All good "conservatives" know that mechanical things NEVER fail.
  8. Good thing that the world and American economics haven't changed since 1929.
  9. About 50 years ago, after I got my bachelor's degree, I proudly told my father, who had lived through the Great Depression, that people were "too smart now", to let another Depression happen again. He laughed. He probably still is.
  10. Republicans are convinced that they will be able to retire on the $trillions of borrowed government dollars that are propping up the market.
  11. A "one room" company grows big. This could mean that somebody had a truckload of C-notes that they dropped off in the back one night.
  12. Those without medical insurance simply don't pay their bills. So the costs are simply added to the "overhead" charged to the people who do have insurance. Meaning that requiring everyone to pay into the medical care costs, should reduce the costs of those who have insurance.
  13. Just because the Democrat starts out 100 yards behind, and all the Republicans keep tripping him while he is running, it is still supposed to be a fair race, isn't it?
  14. The most important thing about having "liberals" versus "conservatives" paying attention to the illegal's situation, is that they may never figure out that being a crooked politician, is an equal opportunity profession.
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