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  1. We haven't seen capitalism for years. Capitalism does not run on government financial support.
  2. The last time, the only reason it went back up, was $trillions spent on QE. During the coming Trump depression, there won't be a Democrat to take the blame for QE.
  3. Hopefully, you understand that the market is based on promises to pay. Social Security, on the other hand, collects ACTUAL CASH.
  4. The transfer of tax dollars to "investments", that will crash in "value".
  5. The right sells fantasy that is easier to believe than reality. If you buy stocks, you will be better than your brother-in-law, and you will live happily ever after, because the market will never crash. And, if the market does crash, some Democrat will figure out how to put the economy back together, so you will still live happily ever after. But, Social Security is stupid, because actually working for years, and then depending on the government to give you the money back, won't work, because the "conservatives" will figure out some way to take it away from you.
  6. Why the tax cuts are not producing tax revenue. Giving more money to lower income people means that those people will most probably spend it soon, on something. Giving more money to billionaires means that because they understand that the lower income people probably won't have money to buy their products or services, they don't build new factories, or develop new products. Instead, they just set their increased income into old line "investments", which drive up stock prices. Oh, they probably will hire more people, to fill up the factories, where there is still plenty of capacity to add workers, but they are not foolish enough to commit the really big dollars, knowing that the tariffs, and the economic "boom", can disappear quite quickly. The billionaires know that an economy that is running while totally dependent on government spending, is just not a good bet. The Trump economic stimulus was simply given to the wrong people, if it was expected to pay for itself in increased tax revenue.
  7. You dare to question the "conservative" god Reagan? He is looking down from Mount Olympus, preparing to strike you with a lightening bolt!
  8. I am retired, in my 70s. My health doesn't permit me to get around good enough to go out for a job, but I still get some work from old clients that I can do on the computer from home. My wife, in her 70s, doesn't want to quit her job. Also in IS, for a hospital system. She is involved in new technology development and implementation for the hospitals, and loves it. Complains about the management, of course, but loves the job. I worked in various corporate manufacturing companies capital expansions, for multiple companies. I spent $millions on designing and building new factories, production lines, developing new products, etc.. While I spent many, many corporate dollars, and got somewhat involved in the financing and tax implications, I probably never really got the "big picture", of who got what, and where the dollars were coming from. I can verify that the "conservative" image of the "all knowing, and capable" CEO is laughable. I have dealt with multi-billionaire owners and executives who were fools. I remember one poor (physically) billionaire being let into a board meeting. He was possibly senile, but was surrounded by a group of executives, who were directing his fortune (probably into their pockets). Some of the various movie portrayals of business dealings are just not that far off the mark. There must be more corporate "spies" who were disgusted by what they have seen, and let the screen writers in on what really happens.
  9. The U.S. government, for its part, owned $5.73 trillion in debt, mostly via Social Security and federal pension funds. The Federal Reserve owned $2.38 trillion in debt, but it trimmed its holdings by $85 billion since June 2017.Aug 23, 2018 It shows up as part of the National Debt.
  10. Look at historical inflation rates. High debt (such as following a war), is usually followed by high inflation.
  11. Any comparison to the Obama economy is ridiculous. The Obama economy started out completely out of the realm of the "conservatives" often quoted economic textbooks. Now that it is supposed to be "normalized", it isn't. History shows that we should have experienced double digit inflation, with so much debt, and FED lending, but we haven't. We are in a territory that does not appear to have historical precedent.