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  1. Do you actually believe that none of the Republicans have been paid off to keep the illegals here?
  2. What the hell does that have to do with politicians being paid off to ignore the illegals since, and including Reagan? Like I said, "conservatives" are fools who can't see the forest for the trees. ALL the illegals SUDDENLY SHOWED UP WHEN TRUMP DECIDED TO RUN. Is there anything that "conservatives" won't believe if Hannity tells them to?
  3. You just really WON'T get it, will you. You will believe whatever they tell you. You missed all the years that Bush could have attempted to do something. You missed all the years that NOBODY enforced the laws against employing illegals. You missed the Bush/Gore debates, when they both did a wonderful job of avoiding saying anything about illegals. Wake up, will you!
  4. Yup US company, setting up a subsidiary in the Czech Republic. Came home every few months. Needed to keep track of the days that I worked there. Came in a few days short of needing to pay taxes there.
  5. Took a night train from Germany to the Netherlands many years ago. Customs stopped the train ONLY ONCE in the couple dozen times that I took it. Vendor had given me 2 bottles of wine in a cardboard carrier. Bottles were clearly visible. I had been sleeping. We had to take all our luggage from the train, walk through the station, and declare any goods. I was sleepy, and annoyed. Agent asked if I had anything to declare. Wine was clearly visible. I yelled "NO" at him. Walked back onto the train, and went back to sleep. End of story.
  6. Democratic politicians WANT illegal immigration, because they are paid to want it. Democratic voters DON'T want illegal immigration, but understand that politicians are crooked. Republican politicians WANT illegal immigration, because they are paid to want it. Republican voters DON'T want illegal immigration, but don't understand that politicians are crooked.
  7. Granted it was 10 years ago, but in the two years I worked in Europe, we drove and took the train from country to country, and never showed a passport. Only at the airports.
  8. I am in my 70s. My opinions have been shaped by the people that I have met in my life. I have only met two types of people. People who believe "conservative" crap, and people who believe that "conservatives" are fools. Those people who should be called anti-"conservatives", not "liberals". There are other types, of course. People who understand the scam, and realize that they can profit from it. And people who understand the scam, and despise those who profit from it. Why would you say that Democrats WANT illegal immigration? What the hell would their motivation be? They are simply fulfilling the requirements of those who have paid them off. When the Republicans were in power, they WANTED illegal immigration, because they were paid to want it.
  9. Democrats oppose the border wall because the Republicans were voted out. Republicans opposed the border wall when they had the political power to attempt to pass it. ALL politicians oppose the border wall because ALL politicians are beholding to the people who employ the illegals. NO politicians will encourage the prosecution of people who employ the illegals. Anyone who actually believes a politician is a complete fool. The "conservatives" versus the "liberals" is a scam that those who own the government want to maintain. The only goal that the politicians have is to admit the illegals that won't cause too much trouble.
  10. Not much that can be done. Grew up living down the street from the Chicago mayor's cousin. Had seen enough political crap by the time I graduated college to fill a lifetime. Haven't believed in government since. Only thing that anybody can do is to try to minimize the crap in their lives. Biggest problem that people have is that they assume that others are telling the truth. If they simply assumed that everybody else was lying, and waited for them to prove themselves to be truthful, they would be much better off.
  11. Wake up bubba. The people who employ the illegals are not going to let the orders be closed. And, they have plenty of money to spread around to the politicians to insure that their steady supply of cheap labor won't go away.
  12. The "conservatives" will BE SURPRISED, WHEN THE GREAT RECESSION II BEGINS. The Republicans have already composed their "ways to blame the Democrats for the crash handbook".
  13. You have seen illegals holding signs saying eliminate ICE. You have seen a few of the crackpot politicians saying eliminate ICE. You have seen the media FOCUS on the few crackpots, and portray them as THE ENTIRE DEMOCRATIC PARTY. You have been scammed by the corporate media, WHICH IS ALL "conservative" BIASED.
  14. The executives get nice yachts.
  15. The biggest problem will be the "self insured companies". While they offer healthcare insurance to their employees, AS A BENEFIT, they are probably making money by charging their employees. Meaning, if the employee gets government healthcare insurance, the companies WON'T GIVE THE EMPLOYEE A RAISE EQUAL TO WHAT THEY WERE DEDUCTING. Maybe a partial refund, but not the whole thing. So, even though Medicare for All is cheaper than what is currently spent, there is a lot less than what is spent, that actually goes to pay for healthcare.