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  1. The best sole results are from this recipe. Don't forget to squirt the lemon juice on it. https://healthyrecipesblogs.com/2013/03/25/fried-sole-recipe/
  2. I don't think sole made it. He was lousy swimmer when he was a tadpole.
  3. That's always good to know when attending one of her fudge packing parties. Maybe I'll meet tom there, too.
  4. G whiz kids, it's a triple, no outs 9th inning, bases loaded. NEXT! https://twitter.com/search?q="Rudy Giuliani"&src=tren
  5. OMG, it's a double! https://twitter.com/search?q="Trump Tower"&src=tren&data_id=tweet%3A1022658383361454086
  6. Trump is getting pulverized by the heavy hitters tonight. Did I mention Rachel?😉 https://twitter.com/search?q="Michael Cohen"&src=tren
  7. I have never missed a rachel maddow show and she never said that. And hear I thought you were an honest mod. Don't let the dog eat your clipboard.
  8. I hate, hate, hate, hate that pos. https://twitter.com/RepMarkMeadows
  9. I've done maintenance work at holiday inns. They are full of cockroaches.
  10. His fans are like my brand of coffee: Chock Full Of Nuts.
  11. I always wondered what fois gras was. I always thought it was about eating grass.
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