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  1. Do you know if thereĀ  is anyway to post my picture on my profile GeorgeĀ 

  2. I have never missed a rachel maddow show and she never said that. And hear I thought you were an honest mod. Don't let the dog eat your clipboard.
  3. He never stopped in the first place. Trump lied about that.
  4. I notice that trump looks like he aged 20 years since the first time he threw his hat in the ring. That's nice. I like that. Trump does too wear a wig. It's glued on with crazy glue.
  5. This video of trump stalking hillary during the debates is the most disgusting political debate in american history for him being the biggest douchebag that ever lived. This video will live in infamy for his vulgarity.
  6. I've heard from reliable sources that US intelligence agencies are withholding info from trump for national security reasons.
  7. Why are you not holding putin accountable, komrade?
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