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  1. GorgeousGeorge

    Read What 1,000 Scientists Say on MMGW HOAX

    Especially the ones that claim that the world is not flat.
  2. Yeah and what Peter Fonda tweeted recently. Then Melinia gave marching orders to her personal gestapo.
  3. Even George Will, a staunch republican, said, Trump is a mistake of nature.
  4. Beautiful song of truth.
  5. They probably eat a lot of raw monkey brains too.
  6. Neither. They are war propaganda shows financed by the military/industrial complex. The Dick Cheney and James the Baker love them all. Snort!
  7. He left out the part that soon they will be fondling the milky white breasts of our women.
  8. GorgeousGeorge

    Paint by Number Black and White

    Whack their pee pees.
  9. GorgeousGeorge

    Paint by Number Black and White

    Feed them saltpeter.
  10. GorgeousGeorge

    Trump IMPEACHMENT Watch

    What an asshat! lol.