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  1. ^ ^ ah another worthless childish post from the pussyboy retard ^ ^ 11,000+ and counting
  2. I doubt most police officers carry a spare extra long handcuff rig just in case they happen upon a one armed criminal. Occam's razor is the problem-solving principle that the simplest answer tends to be the right one.
  3. How does life exist? People screwed. Some of the females got pregnant. Wash-rinse-repeat. DUH
  4. Is that guy she's with Italian or French? Well, she won't be brushing HIS hand away, will she??? LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  5. https://www.usatoday.com/story/life/tv/2018/07/25/melania-watch-whatever-she-wants-tv/836363002/ Captain Bone Spur, the coward in chief can't do a damm thing about it. She's ready to bolt that sham "marriage" of convenience. Melania in a year... donald in a year...
  6. and what will trump look like when his tax and financial records are revealed...
  7. the correct spelling is actually sycophant noun sy·co·phant \ ˈsi-kə-fənt also ˈsī- & -ˌfant \
  8. Reagan Sr. is the one with an epic amount of scandals. Not as many as trump, but lots. The people who don't want to talk about that are the same white trash losers that deny the holocaust happened.
  9. He's a pretend intellectual. His pretentious bvllshi! doesn't fool anybody. If he was a graduate of Cornell or Dartmouth or M.I.T. - he wouldn't have countless thousands of posts on this waste of time "politics" forum.
  10. And to live up to the "tree hugger" stereotype... I'll enjoy a cold Arizona Green Tea while on the lake. The official summertime going to the lake beverage of non-rednecks.
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