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  1. CDR, I'm taking some extended shore leave from this place until things change.  The new CO and his crew are total arseholes.


    If you choose to stay here, I wish you the best.  Fair winds and following seas sir. 

    1. maineman


      Enjoy your liberty call..... keep in touch!


  2. Of course. I'm not gay and I've been around world multiple times. Again, where are you from and when were you born? I'll check my travelogue and see if I know anyone close to you. 🤣
  3. I might be your daddy...where are you from and when were you born? As a Sailor I've been all over the place. 👌
  4. You've made it perfectly clear you are far more inclined to wear a hood.
  5. Speaking of Mexicans...when is Trump going to build his Great Wall and make Mexico pay for it?
  6. I'll take your word for it. I'm sure you're an expert on such things. 👏
  7. Only a southern "man" would readily eat "mayonnaise" if you know what I mean? 😏
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