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  1. Thank you. I am not a fan of AC/DC. I am straight. ac/dc suggests bisexuality. J/K
  2. Save your lunatic spin for your fellow Dimocraps. Hillary knew she was breaking the law when she committed the felonies of mishandling government info. And this is all about her not wanting to go to prison. Oh, and Obama is guilty, too. The Russia Hoax by Greg Jarrett will sink them both.
  3. You put personality ahead of accomplishment. That does not bode well for America. But what do you care about America? LOLOLOL
  4. If they are not American, only Dems look favorably on their voting in our elections.
  5. LE BRON is trying to create more little (or not so little) Leftist Zombie Mush For Brains, like himself. He doesn't understand what is going on and believes he has the answers. Well, he's got money and talent and acclaim. He should STFU and leave thinking to others cause he ain't got the knack for it yet. But if he wants to step out on THIS court, he had better get ready for some schooling.
  6. Not all Trump voters are racists or even White. MAGA
  7. No, he screwed my mom then went elsewhere. Yes. Yes.
  8. Why? Do you believe he would try to persuade me to give it a try? I'm resolutely straight.
  9. RaymondMcKigney

    Why humans lost their penis bone

    Ty, regrets.
  10. RaymondMcKigney

    Why humans lost their penis bone

    I lost mine when I saw a picture of an inebriated Hillary looking like she was feeling amorous. Yuck.
  11. Be sure to wash your feet well before your prayers.