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  1. Because whatever words we use the right will attack we can't call ourselves Liberals now we have to call ourselves Progressives. I'm sick of the right setting the ground rules I want a Socialist liberal Like Bernie to get up and say yes I'm a Socialist and here's why.
  2. Love this duo they made some great vids
  3. I agree with you was trying to respond to rrob just didn't do it the right way and if you follow this conversation back it started with rrob replying to something I said. Anyway sorry for the mistake
  4. Why don't you question the Republicans lack of answers for social problems they have 1 answer to all Americas problems give tax cuts to the rich.
  5. A lot of people have gotten mad at speaker Pelosi for including a PayGo rule in House rules. If Rep Pelosi hadn't included an easily circumvented PayGo rule the Rs in the Senate will use the current PayGo law to stop House Ds from funding programs they want. The new House Dems that didn't understand why this had to be done showed why we need an experienced politician like Representative Pelosi . This lack of respect for age, experience and knowledge seems to be normal for millennial's.
  6. No you have reason for hope just don't go to States like Idaho or any other red states. With the 7nth largest economy in the worlds Ca is a great example of how people of all races can work together. Racists like tRump choose to highlight the crimes of minorities while denying crimes of white people. According to FBI crime stats of murders committed by politically motivated groups Right wing extremist groups have killed 54 police since 1990 Left wing extremist groups 11. Also Americans are 8 times more likely to be killed by a police officer than a terrorist.
  7. The fact according to the FBI crime stats since 1990 more Americans have been killed by right wing WHITE hate groups 54 than left wing groups 11
  8. The Rs are just waiting to see what comes out of the Muller report and other investigations there will be a tipping point when absolute proof of Trumps criminal activity will force the Rs to act. Same as with Nixon no politician is going to give up their career to defend Trump. Trump seems to think some bunch of Nazis are going to storm the White House to keep him in power I truly hope that happens so the government can lock them all up.
  9. what about all the GMO animals raised on factory farms to satisfy the blood lust of non vegetarians. Those animals sleep on concrete floors and never see the sun it's evil. If these were dogs cats or horse we'd be up in arms. Pigs can recognize themselves in a mirror and will defend their young to the death.
  10. If Putin thinks there's a danger of Trump exposing money laundering for the Russian Dictator Vlad will take care of his buddy #benidictDonald permanently. Might just be a bone saw in Donny doll hands future I Hope
  11. Every time I see Melinomia on t.v. it's the same old pity party does she really expect anyone to feel sorry for her. Oh poor thing go to one of your penthouses and cry me a river she's pathetic. My gosh the Obama's had so much class then we get these grifters.
  12. The question is have we become a terrorist nation my answer is yes. The terrorist boarder security murdered a 7 year old girl that was sick and dehydrated they threw her in a freezer to die. Every time we tear gas woman and children WE are the terrorists every time we kill a innocent herder or bomb a wedding in Afghanistan WE are the terrorists. The Military Industrial Complex ex General and President Eisenhower warned us about is in full control of our nation. We are going broke supporting our global terrorist network of 900 military bases with troops in 17 nations and a racist NAZI in the White House WE ARE THE TERRORISTS
  13. If the house can find over whelming evidence so the Republicans will be forced to go along with impeachment, as was the case with Nixon, yes.
  14. I agree about The Wall not on dime for tRumps wall should be oked by the Dems in the house.
  15. Without knowing what Chuck is getting it's impossible to make a judgment. Seems like attacking Chuck and Nancy is the new favorite past time with people that don't know how the game of politics is played.
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