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  1. Listen, I live across the pond, but I can smell the stink from here!!! My opinion is that Rumpty Trumpty will bring the Republican party down, FOREVER, I also believe that Republicans on the intelligence committee will face indictments. I hope Nunes likes stripes and muscular men!! LOL. He, I believe is a traitor to America and he needs to pay.
  2. Oh, listen, you un- educated piece of human excrement> Leave Obama out of it!! It seems the Republicans pick and choose, listen clever dick, where did Rumpty Trumpty get 400 million from? I presume you are a blue collar worker without even a ged, that is his base as well as frustrated good Christian women who have wet dreams about him!! It is so sad that the Republican Party will never be voted in ever again. I know for a fact that the whole of the intelligence committee will face indictments. If someone loves America they do not sell Americas secrets to Russia. THIS IS THE END OF THE REPUBLICAN PARTY, you will become pariahs.