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  1. I am not saying I agree with the Proud Boys and their like, but in order for the military to get involved, two things have to happen: First and foremost, Trump is still the Commander In Chief. If he gives the green light to the Proud Boys and the red light to the military, the military has to stand down. But then their is also the second thing, which is the military can only be used to put down an insurrection. If the Proud Boys actions don’t count or won’t be counted as anything outside the duties of Law Enforcement, then the military can’t legally get involved.
  2. It will be never hold up at SCOTUS, forcing people to hand over their expensive guns, if they can’t or won’t pay the $200 fee per item to register it under the National Firearms Act. And even if they voided the fee, the compliance rate would be worse than the compliance rate with the New York Safe Act. We won’t register our semi-autos for the Dems to know where they are to take them later down the road as they did with gun owners dumb enough to register their “assault weapons” in California. My state of Missouri has already passed legislation to ignore a future ban like
  3. Red states will ignore it the same way blue states ignore the federal drug laws they don’t like (marijuana). And wouldn’t you know, but gosh darn it all I had a tragic boating accident and lost all my guns and magazines. Shucks.
  4. He lied a long time ago. He said AR-15s only belong on the battlefield, but his bans will let the police keep theirs. Last time I checked, the cops are not soldiers on a battlefield.
  5. We still have a 6-3 court that would likely be a 5-4 to strike down all assault weapon bans. And if you live in a red state, like I do in deep red Missouri, ignore any ban he passes and don’t register your guns with him. Your red state will ignore it, won’t enforce it and will point to blue states ignoring federal drug laws for weed as precedent for states ignoring federal laws they don’t like. I have a shit load of guns and magazines. Since I paid my money for them, that makes them my property. I won’t register them, pay taxes on them and they aren’t for sale. Anyone t
  6. In a way it is similar to acting differently online than one would in person. Not completely, but with everyone in a mask it does have a video game NPC feel. I wonder if crime will go up based on the perception change of a masked society.
  7. One of the best New Rules in a while. Though until Democrats stop trying to ban commonly owned semi-auto rifles from everyone but the state, I hope they never get the votes to pack the court above 9. No way do I want the same cops the left protest to have all the firepower worth a damn in a shootout.
  8. Do these idiots realize we have 6-3 top court? We will destroy gun control over the next decade case by case.
  9. Oh, good to know. For a minute I thought he wanted to stop the sale of new semi-auto weapons to everyone BUT the same cops people protest for being violent (as does the current assault weapon bills in congress do) and have the rest of us register our current ones so the left knows where they are located and then swing by and pick them up (no missing excuse allowed) later on like the state of California did to gun owners stupid enough to register their guns in the state. Wont be registering mine, ever, for that exact reason. I’ll wait until any ban passed gets voted down by the Supr
  10. If they didn’t wear the hats, you know since you are saying that would identify them, that would sort of throw a monkey wrench into your plans.
  11. Anyone wearing a MAGA hat will likely know they are a target and be armed and ready.
  12. Feinstein is against expanding the court as well. Which in her case makes no sense. The woman has literally dedicated her entire political life to gun control. Her life long goal stands no chance in hell with a 6-3 court. If anyone should want to expand it, she should. But she is old and stuck in her ways and stuck in old thinking; which makes her my new best friend next to Manchin. If you don’t pack the court, passing an assault weapon ban will be a waste of time; as it will be challenged and will be shut down. So even with Biden in office, you all that want to forcefully disarm A
  13. So that will help stop the Dems from getting a cheated ban on semi-autos by first expanding the court, then passing legislation that their court would rubber stamp. By the way, the Republicans did not pack the court. The court still has 9 justices. Packing the court means increasing the number to get decisions you would not otherwise get with the 9 current justices.
  14. The market loves stability. In two months, we will get that.
  15. We missed out on a repeat of the golden age of Jon Stewart. What he did with Bush would have been so much better with Trump.
  16. What are the betting odds that Melania divorces him next year?
  17. McConnell got what he needed from Trump, so expect the GOP to walk away from him. The Supreme Court won’t help him, besides his lawsuits are getting laughed out of court. It’s over.
  18. Being so mad that Obama made a joke about you never being President, that you con your way into the job, but in a four year time your entire fraudulent, criminal lifestyle gets exposed, leaving you open for criminal investigations and bankruptcy for your actions in life before and during your time in Office. Had Trump let it go, he would not be facing mountains of litigation, criminal charges, prison and bankruptcy as soon as he is booted out of office in two months. So when you really sit down and think about the why and how of Trump’s future of financial ruin and poss
  19. You fucks have been burning and looting all year long. Goose/gander
  20. What is the problem? Let people decide for themselves if they want to mess their life up. If they want to do meth and have all their teeth fall out, let them.
  21. There are a bunch of old Dems that are against court packing. So they don’t have the votes even if they won the Senate. And they clearly didn’t get a mandate, which would likely cause anger in the general public if they packed the court to get the decisions they wanted.
  22. The ultimate racism is to believe that a person’s dark skin color obligates them to vote for a certain party or they are a race traitor.
  23. This is not going how the Democrats had hoped and what their “awesome” polls were telling them. Hotel California comes to mind: ”They stab it with their steely knives, but they just can’t kill the beast.”
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