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  1. Hmm hmm, boy does that sound good! My two best black friends, Mantan and Sleep N’ Eat, would love that meal. Of course those two are always hard to find. I go out to my barn and yell for em, but all I get in response is “ain’t nobody in here but us chickens.”
  2. A guy followed that advice and was arrested. The police didn’t drop the charges when he said he followed Biden’s advice. Guess Biden is too stupid to know warning shots show you are not in fear for your life as well as firing into the air in town to scare people away is another crime as well.
  3. This one was legit use of deadly force. She was trying to stab someone as she was being shot. BLM would do well to stay clear of holding this one up as police overreach. Clean up the mess and tell the parents they can try again, then give the cops a call in 15 years and we’ll see if they learned anything. Make feed and walk the new one a little better; the old model had a lot of fat aggression.
  4. We just saw an example of that with a 13 year old being shot for complying. Killer cops will soon not have qualified immunity and will be sued into bankruptcy.
  5. I like how they showed us how the cops think. If you struggle to breathe, pressure applied harder, which will cause you to fight for your life harder, which means you are resisting harder (any movement is considered resisting), you then die; which now makes you compliant. Same with a taser. Your convulsions cause you to move, movement equals resistance, which means more taser until... well you get the picture. And now we have cops shooting as they are saying “stop, hands up.” They are also shooting as you put your hands up. Works like this: Cops says hands up, cop then shoots suspect for moving their hands up. Just like “keep your hands up and get out of the car.” A trick request that is impossible to follow. You will be shot no matter what you do. Gotta love our cops. Good thing qualified immunity is starting to get struck down so killer cops can be bankrupted.
  6. That ain’t good. They cornhole ya in there, if ya don’t watch your pucker.
  7. This breaks the irony scale; Final Destination grade irony. I don’t normally entertain simulation theory, but this is the kind of thing that makes me wonder.l. https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.nydailynews.com/news/crime/ny-filmmaker-shot-killed-gun-violence-documentary-20210330-tduhpnt4bbcrbhuhsph4mjtsjy-story.html%3foutputType=amp
  8. Or my .500 S&W Magnum and .50AE Desert Eagle; those are range toys, I don’t keep them loaded for the house.
  9. https://mobile.twitter.com/HuffinCats/status/1376181219608522754 Two things on this, a comment from each side of the isle: 1 - I find it interesting that he is getting mocked as a Rambo for his comment. Millions of Democrats own guns specifically for home self defense from intruders; are they all Rambos? 2 - Lindsey has this cartoonish idea in his head of a slightly lesser armed and bad shot or just armed with brass knuckles and bats gang making its slow way toward his home for him to mow down and show them; as if they are a gang out of a musical or something. I think marauding gangs would also have AR-15s, the numbers and use tactics such as set buildings on fire to get armed people out or they may have SWAT or military experienced members. “Free AR-15, only dropped once”, comes to mind.
  10. Heller also says you can’t ban weapons in common use. Semi-autos are in common use. You lose. Trump’s court will stamp it. And the fact that they overreached and said no carry at all, open or concealed, will not pass this court. This will lead to all states being required to recognize other state carry permits.
  11. In other words, if one infringement is ok, all are ok. And if all infringements are ok, there is no right to own guns. That is what you are getting at. Sorry Charlie, as soon as Biden stepped in office, I suddenly lost all my guns in a tragic boating accident. I don’t own any to register or turn in, and Missouri doesn’t require registration, so there is no proof they may or may not exist.
  12. The Supreme Court has already ruled there is an individual right. I’ll take their opinion over yours. I’ll also take the soon to be 5-4, maybe 6-3, opinion on this in our favor. Likely followed closely by another win striking down assault weapon bans. Kavanaugh is my man for that one.
  13. When you all lose this 5-4 (6-3 it Roberts votes correctly), you’ll be bitching and moaning about expansion. And we will do the same to an assault weapon ban. You set them up, we will knock them down.
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