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  1. The right hand had no idea what the left hand was doing.
  2. A 6-3 court will never allow an assault weapon ban. Roberts can vote for or a against and we will still win. Besides, Biden does not know where all the guns are. In Missouri we don’t have registration. We don’t have to do background checks for private sales and there is no law that says we need to make sales recipes and keep records on selling our guns privately. That means that even if you have photographs of our gun collections, we can say we sold them. You can’t lock us up for contempt of court, because you can’t prove we didn’t sell them. Since it is impossible to p
  3. You better win well in the Senate then, cause as of right now you can’t count on her vote for getting rid of the filibuster for legislation, which means you can’t expand the court, which means your legislation that does pass will get shit on 6-3. Love me some DiFi.
  4. Yes, she is the worst when it comes to wanting to ban guns, but she is our new best friend for two reasons: 1) She likes the filibuster and will likely vote against getting rid of it. 2) She does not want to expand the court; another vote against that. She is so stuck on precedent at her age, that she doesn’t realize her vote against getting #1 and #2 will keep the her from ever getting the gun control she wants. Without those two things, our 6-3 Court will destroy their gun legislation and a lot of other stuff. I am proud to call Diane Feinstein
  5. Your answer would essentially be admitting he lied about them ONLY belong on a battlefield. That is my goal, to get the left admit when they say these rifles are only good for war, what they really mean is they want the state to be the only ones with them, making it harder to fight back again police abuse. Which is why I will never give up my semi-autos. If the armed state gets to keep them, I’m keeping mine.
  6. It would have to be a townhall question, because a moderator at a debate would never ask it. ”Senator Biden, you have repeatedly said AR-15s and other so-called assault weapons only belong on the battlefield, yet the bans you support leave exemptions for law enforcement. The last time I checked, the police are not on a battlefield at war with the public. Could you please clear up why you would allow the police, who are being protested for violent tactics, to keep weapons the left regularly say are only good for mass murder? Can a weapon that is, as you say, only for the battlefield
  7. The leftwing state governments are only that way about rioting and looting protesting they agree with. They have no problem activating military units again those they consider political rivals. Just look through the online posts on various media about how they wanted government sanctioned murder against legally armed protesters in a state capital. They were not doing anything illegal. They were within the limits of open carry law, but the left wanted them murdered in the spot.
  8. That is probably a hint at what they plan to do the night before the vote. Get someone to claim she molested them or something like that. They think they can Kavanaugh a woman.
  9. That is pretty clever, but it needs some armor to protect from the bullets flying toward you.
  10. Saw a leftwinger actively want a civil war. They figured they would sit back and watch it on Netflix. A one day event where the military just stomps all the fat rednecks with guns. I guess they have never taken a look at how a country looks when our military takes on enemies using insurgent tactics. It won’t matter who controls the military, because it will likely be fractured. They would still have the upper hand, but insurgent tactics would be the way the other side would fight. Kinda hard to sit back and watch tv and order delivery when the power station
  11. They sure do! Just look at the wives and daughters in the Muslim community across the world! They have the right to cover up completely, they have the right to stay away from all men but their husband, they have the right to be stoned to death if they get raped; while good golly gee, they have a lot of rights under Muslim law!
  12. That fucking cunt from Hawaii tried to Kavanaugh her by bring up sexual assault. She’s a woman!!! Good luck trying that same trick!
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