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  1. Commando body Arnold could rip all your limbs off. But senior Arnold could still mangle a MFer.
  2. Even at 70 he is still tough, that or his attacker is really weak. Arnold didn’t even realize it was a running double kick; he thought he was bumped into. That’s gotta be a downer for the attacker to have to explain to their victim that they are physically assaulting them.
  3. Don’t forget another team that can ban them, lesbian porn. There have been issues in the porn community with trans women, who have a penis, demanding to be allowed to film lesbian porn. Since the lesbians only like vagina, they don’t want a swinging cock to fukk in their filming.
  4. I remember when a transgender fought in MMA. “His” first couple of opponents were not told about “him” being really a man, and he beat the shiit out of them. He finally did lose to a woman, but it was because he had no real skill and would have been demolished in the men’s division if he had fought other people who were born with testosterone. So we frown on domestic violence, but we are supposed to cheer a man dressed as a woman beating the crap out of a woman as progress?
  5. A trans the other way, female to male, would be insane to go to a male prison. After all that male anal, she “he” would be vaginally raped to death.
  6. They get shamed into staying quiet (now why does that sound familiar). If a 5th grade girl complains that a floppy dick was around her in the YMCA locker room, according to liberal logic, the little girl has the problem; which goes against everything we are supposed to teach our kids about what is appropriate and what is not. Strange man in the mall pulling out his cock in front of preteen girls = bad. Same man claiming to be trans and hopping into the locker room to get naked with preteen girls = the girls must accept it as normal or they are intolerant. Thanks lefty for all the psychological damage you are inflicting on the youth; including the ones you goad into being transgender.
  7. This transgender thing started too late. Wish I had this back when I was a senior in 97. I could have called myself gender fluid and hopped into the girls locker room and showered with them in the group shower. All those naked asses, g0ddamn that would have been awesome. Would have been blowing loads left and right. #borntoodamnearly
  8. Nope, because I believe it is Georgia that wants to file conspiracy to commit murder on any resident that would get an out of state abortion. Which brings up a few questions: 1) Is that constitutional to punish someone for doing something not against the law in another state? Do we arrest people for smoking hash in Amersterdam? 2) What if the person moved first and then had an abortion. Would the state assume the reason for moving was abortion and then have a warrant out for them? Could they have them extricated back to the state?
  9. Nope. They don’t have to go straight to one when finding out they are pregnant.
  10. There are only two ways: 1) Get abortion illegal in every state 2) Mandatory monthly pregnancy tests and/or all pregnancy tests are monitored and everything about the customer is recorded and they are immediately put on a suspect watch list. And all abortion clinics in pro choice states are watched and videoed.
  11. They take the test at home, find out they are pregnant, make a vacation to a pro choice state and have an abortion while there. How will their anti-abortion state know they were ever pregnant?
  12. Call me when Christians here are stoning women to death. Islam does that every day.
  13. Yeah, that is what I thought. You punks have to go all the way back and include the Crusades just to try and make a dent in the death and destruction modern Islam is currently causing.
  14. Is the hanging of blacks happening on a regular basis like 50 years ago? Also, were the hangings religiously motivated? Did anyone scream “Jesus Ackbar” before the hangings? You fukkers always like to point to a few deaths as equivalent to the daily massacre the Muslims tally up. You even have to go so far back as Timothy to do it. Well they pull a Timothy on a monthly basis. Like I always say, let’s take a death toll tally. We will use the deaths from Christians here in America for one year against the death toll from ISIS, the Taliban and Islamic dictatorships like Iran, and let’s see who the real barbarians are. You know g0ddamn good and well Christians in America have a long way to go to catch up. Thanks for playing. You lose.