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  1. Because that is not realistic. Drones are real and the US has a fleet of them. They could easily spare a number to patrol the skies above the border at a much lower cost than a wall or any sort of landscaping. Let the illegals and smugglers take the chance of waking across the empty border. They may make it or a drone may blow them up.
  2. I’ve said for a long time that instead of a wall, just have a shiiiitload of armed drones patrolling up and down the border with shoot to kill orders. Problem solved. No need to cut though a fence. Just take your chance on getting blown up from a drone so high up you don’t know it is there.
  3. Which is why I never advertise my politics on my vehicles or what I wear; that and bumper stickers of any kind look trashy.
  4. I saw it yesterday.First the good: The first scene in the movie is a technological wonder. They took all three of the main people, Sarah, John and Arnold, from the second film and created a brand new scene with them looking EXACTLY like they did in the 90s. Wow! After seeing that, I bet they could make an entire movie with any actor, at any age, dead or alive. I bet they could remake The Crow and have it star Brandon Lee again and make it look flawless. The bad that I don’t think is bad: Some have a problem with the half human half machine “good” terminator being a very butch female. I don’t see an issue with her. They had a “bad” terminator chick in the 3rd film, and that worked out great. The horseshiiit (major spoilers):In the first scene, they kill teenage John Connor from the second film immediately; another Arnold that was sent back in case the T-1000 failed. Next scene 20 years later, the new John Connor role is now a Hispanic teen female in Mexico. They have to sneak into the US to meet up with Arnold’s terminator in the first scene that killed John, and this point it is driven home several times outright by making a point she is an illegal Latino female who is the savior of humankind. They do this several times in the movie, so it is very purposeful and very SJW dominated. Apparently strong characters like Sarah Conner being played by Linda Hamilton and Ellen Ripley being played by Sigourney Weaver isn’t enough for SJW; they need to really go that extra mile of “white men bad, minority female, gay and or trans good”. The movie is bombing for it’s $200 million dollar budget.
  5. Pretty sure they are defining it how our anti-gunners are: all semi-automatic rifles, shotguns and pistols.
  6. Six weeks to go to turn in all the assault weapons, and the compliance has only been 20%; about 19% more than a Democrat would get here in the US. I guess the people over there realize it doesn’t help their cause to hand over all their modern guns to the government and live at the government’s and criminal’s mercy. https://bearingarms.com/cam-e/2019/11/04/new-zealands-gun-confiscation-shaping-massive-failure/
  7. I don’t have a problem with her using a rifle. Fukking illiterate c0ck sucker. I was pointing out it isn’t smart to shoot shotguns without stocks using heavy loads.
  8. The ones using a shotgun, that has no stock, with a heavy load are asking for trouble. I get your point, but they should try a shotgun with a lighter load and a stock for support. Unless you are a big dude or have a very good grip and ready for it, firing a stockless shotgun with shells heavier than bird shot is asking for trouble.
  9. Gun owners can’t legally comply with the demand to sell their guns to the government. The reason for this is the Democrats demand we pass a background check for our guns and the government would not pass the same background check I had to pass to purchase my guns with the violent and bloody history the government has. Therefore, it would simply be unethical for anyone to sell their guns to the government.
  10. Well good. Then you would be against using the police to, under the threat of deadly force, go and take guns from gun owners that refuse to sell them to a government with a history so violent it would not pass a background check. Glad to hear it.
  11. So you are against people ending their life if they choose or you would prefer if they do it, that it is a painful method rather than a painless method?
  12. Dude, if someone really wanted to harm you, they would do it smart. If you are gonna sit in your house waiting for them, then they would set your house on fire, set up position and wait for you to come out or burn to death.
  13. Didn’t realize this was already posted, you beat me by an hour. You know the lefties are fuming over it. Better the family be dead than use that AR. Besides those burglars were good boys only wanting cookies and on their way to church.
  14. I’m sure these two burglars would have voted for Beto and Swalwell’s idea of taking these guns from gun owners with the implied threat of death from the cops, while completely ignoring the gangbangers of Chicago and other inner cities: https://www.foxnews.com/us/florida-pregnant-woman-ar-15-burglary ”A Florida woman who was eight-months pregnant and came out wielding an AR-15 rifle reportedly saved her husband and pre-teen daughter last week from a pair of violent intruders who'd broken into the family's home — with the gun-toting matriarch fatally striking one of the men, who was later found dead in a nearby ditch.”
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