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  1. Everyone that threw bottles, rocks and bricks and incendiary bottles at the cops should have been shot out of fear of the life of the officer. Had they come storming into my neighborhood, I would have defended my property with deadly force. Here in Missouri, that would be fine; and I have a lot of those guns you don’t like so much to defend my property with.
  2. I can and will. Mobs are mobs. Trying to justify rampaging year long BLM and ANTIFA burning and looting and turning Seattle and Portland into Mad Max is ok because, “it wasn’t insurrection” is insane. Let me come over to your neighborhood, as your leftwing mobs did in Portland, and trash the place. When you speak up, I’ll say “hey, it wasn’t insurrection so it’s ok.”
  3. Their income will start to dry up fast. They better have good portfolios, cause without money they would never have been much in life. If they were not born rich, they would be a haphazardly couple living in a section 8 dump fighting over the last Pabst Blue Ribbon.
  4. The protests this summer causes looting, burning, the take down of a police station and the take over of part of Seattle. The cops would have been within their right to unload on the unruly, fire starting, rock throwing mobs.
  5. I would agree. The riots this year gave lots of cause for police to open fire on the lot of them.
  6. If by peaceful protest you mean storming the Capitol, helping break through doors and getting shot trying to climb through the window of a door into the last line of defense for the members of Congress in the building fearing for their lives from the angry mob there to kill them, then sure, she was peaceful.
  7. Your bowl of cheesy poofs is getting low, better have mom come down and refill them for you while you crap in a bag for her.
  8. Dumb dumb Ashli is a rotting corpse, because she decided to throw her life away at 35 and storm the Capitol. She didn’t learn anything, because she doesn’t know she is dead; maybe she will serve as a lesson for alive members of the militia movement that seems way less competent than the Irish IRA. 15,000 National Guard is a lot of man power to make a whole pile of Ashli copy cats.
  9. ...Trump is the most impeachable President in history. His impeachments are so tremendous; the biggest, most beautiful impeachments the likes of which have never been seen before. When it comes to impeachment, people are saying Trump is the ultimate.
  10. Trump is going to be impeached again, convicted in the Senate, removed from office, investigated, arrested, tried, jailed and bankrupted. Get them panties down boy! I said squeal!!! Eeeeeeeeeeehhhhhh!!!
  11. Trump is screwed. He needs to resign now or he is going to get impeached and convicted.
  12. If Mitch is ok with it, then the Senate has the votes now. I am guessing the corporations denying campaign donations over Trump associations, is what has made McConnell turn. Assuming this is true.
  13. I wonder if this means there are enough votes in the Senate to convict.
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