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  1. If we are not allowed to bring up Islamic terrorism in other parts of the world to make a point about Muslims here, then you all do not get to point to white nationalist acts in other parts of the world to trash Trump.
  2. Then why treat Islam with such kids gloves. The left acts like Muslims are an extreme minority. They are the 2nd largest religion in the world; so stop acting like they are a small minority in desperate need of protection.
  3. That is gobblygook. Efficiency for a firearm means how easy is it to shoot, how accurate, how to maintain and standard ammo. Accuracy means deadly. Effective means hitting the target. Hitting the target means deadly. Hence, efficiency and deadly are the same fukking thing.
  4. Wow, we have something we can agree on. The Old Testiment god is a ruthless, merciless, narcissistic, power hungry mass murdering psychopath.
  5. A guy did just that and got arrested for it. He even mentioned Biden’s comments. Guess ol Joe forgot to mention firing into the air is illegal and that warning shots show you were not in fear for your life.
  6. Agreed. I also feel the 1986 registry closure on full autos should be reopened. You should be able to buy a brand new M-16 or one of the new inventions since then; like an auto version of the Kriss rifle.
  7. Not making an arguement. I already own what I own. I spent my money on it, it is my property; so it isn’t going anywhere. That is my argument.
  8. I don’t hunt. ARs, AKs and all other kinds of semi-autos are damn fun to own for the range, and they are great for home defense. Any argument that says “no they are terrible for self defense” means then you should not want the cops to have them either, as self defense is what the cops do. Any argument that says these guns are only good for killing as many people as possible means you should not want the cops to have them either, as they are to serve and protect not kill as many people as possible. So wanting to ban everyone from having them but the the same cops you lefties hold protests over for being violent and abusive is hypocritical.
  9. AR-15 is like Kleenex, it is a brand that is used as a generic term for every brand that is basically the same thing.
  10. World wide total numbers, Islamic terrorism has more frags than white nationalist terrorism. To the rest of you: Killing the enemy in a war doesn’t count. That isn’t terrorism, that is killing enemy combatants. You know you are full of shiiiiit when you try that line of “debate”.
  11. No I don’t. I’m an atheist.
  12. They aren’t leading. Islam still has a vastly superior yearly kill rate.
  13. So what? I’m sure child murderers are terrified when SWAT shows up. Terrorism!!!!!