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  1. The lying biiitch retweeted this: Idiot didn’t bother to read it past the first sentence. That is some funny shiiiiitt.
  2. Maybe also open a “try some bacon” booth next to them as well. Free Speech and all.
  3. ...”Try a hijab on” booth, I want someone to set up a “Try a crucifix on” booth right next to it and see what happens. See if they defend that booth as much as they defended the hijab booth against Miss Michigan. I guess all our women are bigots now if they refuse to try on an Islamic symbol. The new liberal tolerance definition: to tolerant Islam is to be apart of it; anything less is bigotry.
  4. Yes you do. Eric Swalwell ran on a platform, which the others don’t seem to have an issue with, on making it mandatory for everyone but the cops to sell their semi-auto rifles to the government or be arrested after the deadline or killed if they try to resist the taking of their guns after the deadline.
  5. Almost. Christianity isn’t still stuck in the dark ages. Dumb as shiiitt as is any belief in a sky fairy, but they woke up. Islam still thinks it is the dark ages. Hanging, stoning, cutting off hands, wife beating, killing women for being raped.
  6. They got the chant wrong. What they should have chanted to Jihad Jane was: ”Send the pedophile Mohammad worshipping sand nigg3r back.”
  7. If it is part of Islamic law, which the government adheres to, to execute gays, then yes. Saudi Arabia, Iran, etc... gays get the death penalty. And before your ignorant a$$ says “well a gay or two have been murdered here”, that was illegal and not part of our law.
  8. And only a left winger would declare all criticism of Islam as hate speech, while at the same time throwing out all the criticism they want at Christianity. The hijab is a symbol of oppression of women, and Islamic countries do throw gays off buildings. Ignoring that and calling the mere mention of that “hate” make you look blind, deaf and dumb.
  9. Because they sometimes refer to it as a religion, but then call people racist for criticizing it.
  10. Those tweets were not racist. Apparently America wants to be like Europe and Canada and penalize any criticism of Islam. Edit: and how are they racist? Is Islam a race or a religion?
  11. Kevin Spacey isn’t guilty as the charges have been dropped. They need to redo that horrendous last season of House Of Cards. Take what they put out and throw it down the deepest hole on Earth.
  12. As far as the left is concerned, Chicago doesn’t count and does not exist. Because we always bring it up, they feel it doesn’t count. That is how it works in their mind. If you keep bringing up a point they don’t like, then it doesn’t count. Every time you point out these violent Chicago weekends, lefties shrug and go “oh the Chicago talking point again”, as if all their shootings and killings can be dismissed with that response.
  13. We need to take the left wing tactic here. The left likes to call someone racist, then say any denial is proof of being a racist. So we need to make accusations of leftwing people and then say any denial is proof the accusations are correct. I believe the leftwing tactic here is the Salem Witch Trial tactic. An accusation made is proof of the truthfulness of the accusation.
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