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  1. She wants the police to deal with it? Does she think the result of one dead criminal would be different?
  2. One Long Password: ArmedState/UnarmedPeons/ComplyOrDie
  3. The left finds that offensive. So, Chop Suey Fluey it is.
  4. This dude is awesome. The day after Joe threatened him, he bought an AR-15 and engraved it as an AR-14 (as Joe is too stupid to know what it is really called) and engraved “Joe is Full Of Shit” in it. https://mobile.twitter.com/jason_howerton/status/1238650031030308864?ref_src=twsrc^tfw|twcamp^tweetembed|twterm^1238650031030308864&ref_url=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.discussionist.com%2F10152149599
  5. Neither, it was a dead cat making its second bounce.
  6. They need to halt trading for the next couple of weeks. Make it impossible to sell everything, which in turns makes everyone else lose money. Give all these panicky fukks a couple of weeks to cool off.
  7. Let’s try this. Try making a Facebook post with that exact same wording but directed toward the President and things he wants to do, and see what happens. When the Secret Service show up, then you will understand.
  8. The GOP is blocking the bill. Good luck stopping a pandemic when you won’t give the vaccine to those that can’t afford your price. Maybe the GOP should pass a bill that says all infected poor people should be executed and the bill for the bullet will be sent to the family and that bullet will cost $1,000,000 for “reasons”.
  9. https://www.rawstory.com/2020/03/gop-blocking-coronavirus-bill-because-it-limits-how-much-drugmakers-can-charge-for-a-vaccine-report/#.Xl7vwDwcKJ8.twitter This is pure evil. If someone infected can’t afford the arbitrary high price you want for it, then they will continue to infect other people and/or die. If that happens, the pandemic won’t stop. So if you want an obscene amount of money from people for the vaccine and you refuse to give it to those that can not afford it AND you want to stop the pandemic, you will need to start executing all the poor infected people that can’t afford your outrageous prices. So what will it be? Get the vaccine out there, even for free, in the name of protecting the population of the WORLD or be greedy and let the pandemic continue because Billy Bob can’t afford your vaccine?
  10. Down around 4,000 from the high. Where the heck is the bottom? The panic sellers need to stop this shiit. I’d say freeze the market, but that would just make it worse and drop another few thousand as soon as it opened again. We have to ride it out until the collective market gets their minds back.
  11. You mean like how the Democrats in Congress threatened the Supreme Court, if it didn’t vote the left wing way on gun cases; because they were unhappy that they know 5 votes are for the 2nd, while 4 are against it?
  12. It must be very hard for you to have to face the reality that you are a sexist. Your extreme position on transgenders, if allowed to grow beyond what it currently is, would result in real natural born women being unable to compete in women’s sports. I can’t think of anything more sexist than that. The only reasonable conclusion is that you hate women. Own it.
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